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Honda Accord 2017

2 trips
30 MPG
4 doors
5 seats

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Brand new 2017 Honda Accord Sport, all white with beautiful black interior. This car is great on gas, perfect car for your every day go to destinations, driving in the city and lengthy trips!


Automatic transmission
Audio input
Pet friendly
USB input


3 ratings

HORRIBLE and VERY DISRESPECTFUL BEHAVIOR! What happened that prompted us to write this review ? Me and my girlfriend booked Kiara's car on Thursday from Friday morning 1pm till Monday morning 1pm. Turns out the address listed on her profile to pickup the car is wrong! Kiara actually lives somewhere farther. We ignore this as trivial, and collect the car near her workplace. on Sunday morning my girlfriend gets a call from her family that we have to urgently get back to seattle. So, we decide to cut our trip short to check on her family! Sunday morning we text Kiara that we will be returning the car early and will reach by 3 pm. She messaged and agreed that its fine if we return the car at 3pm. We change our trip length using Turo application to 3pm on Sunday. Suddenly Kiara responds to us that 3 pm will NO LONGER work because there i NOBODY at home. We asked if there is someone else who can help her out - Kiara refused. We asked if we can leave the car parked (like 4-5 previous Turo hosts have allowed us to do in the past!) and Kiara says THERE IS NO PLACE TO DROP THE CAR because she lives in a building where its on the road. We understand! If there is no place to keep the car with keys hidden, then there is no place - Understood! We ask her if there is any other way she can think of - she says she cancelled her party (she had to go there and help out) and will be at home to receive the car - Great! We could not think of enough ways to thank Kiara at this point. Then we ask Kiara if she can accept the trip length change request that we sent her earlier! Kiara refuses to accept it saying - 'The trip length will have to remain the same because there is too much going on right now!' We got confused. Kiara refused to accept the new trip length even though she changed her plans to take her car early from us. We ask her 'what does she mean that the length has to stay the same'. She does not give any relevant response and gets angry on us over text saying very mean and disrespectful things to us about doing this We keep our calm and respond politely on her every insult with 'please' and 'sorry' On our way back our GPS signals that our ETA has gotten pushed by 15 minutes due to traffic We inform Kiara that we are running 20 minutes late (we added 5 minutes just in case for buffer) This causes Kiara to just EXPLODE on us over texts and phone. She says many embarrassing and rude things to us while we keep responding with 'please' and 'sorry' like any civilized person. We even tell her that we are driving right now so we cannot text much but we can talk in detail when we reach her place. She says mean things again back to her and asks us to change the trip length back to Monday 1 pm like original length. She says she will stay at home for us extra 20 minutes. We try to calm her down again with our polite messages filled with 'sorry', 'please' and 'thank you'. She keeps on arguing and yelling at us over text and phone When we tell her that we are about to reach, she informs us that

Rohit ..-Jul 3, 2018

The owner cancelled this trip 19 hours before it started. This message was automatically posted by Turo.

Turo-Nov 29, 2017

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Seattle, WA 98118

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