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Yugo GVL 1989

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This is one of the last Yugos still operational in the US. If you don't know what a Yugo is, you don't want to rent this car. It is terrible. Notoriously, phenomenally, stunningly, terrible. Which is why it is so much fun. It's hard to believe such a vehicle was ever mass produced. This particular Yugo has both provenance and a record of successfully getting from point A to point B much of the time. It was purchased by Edmunds in Idaho in 2015 and driven nearly 1000 miles to Los Angeles, where it had a bit of mechanical work done. It was then driven to Pebble Beach where it won the Kommunist Kar Class at the Concours d'LeMons that same year. After a year in Edmunds' long term fleet following its big win, I bought it at auction via Bring a Trailer. Also, it has some pretty killer pinstriping and graphics on the side. So that's a bonus. I just finished installing a new ignition switch so that you have a better than average chance of starting the car most of the time. I also had the front seat belts replaced so that you can safely (whatever that means in a Yugo) strap in 4 people. The Yugo has its own Instagram account: wego4yugo. Renters will be encouraged to take photos of their adventures and post them for the Yugo's fans. Start following now!


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Santa Monica, CA 90403