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The car

Porsche Cayman 2007

62 trips
22 MPG
Gas (Premium)
2 doors
2 seats

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Brandon All-Star Host
141 tripsJoined Aug 2017
Typically responds in 1 hour
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Porsche, there is no substitute. If you are looking for a truly raw and visceral driving experience as well as uncompromised refinement at an absolutely amazing price, look no further than my manual Porsche Cayman S. While the Cayman might be marketed beneath the 911, real world results have often greyed the lines of distinction between their performance. Rally driver Walter Rohrl lapped the Cayman S around the Nurburgring 4 seconds faster than the more powerful base 911 Carrera, a testament to the legendary handling of the Cayman. The Cayman S is the ultimate drive-centric choice as it will turn heads around town, carve corners in the canyons, and haul ass on the highway! All this while having the practicality to hold plenty of luggage in its 2 trunks front and rear. While I can go on and on, seeing and driving the Cayman S will allow it to speak for itself. But, to help you make the decision, here is its ultimate winning sports car formula: -Beautiful 2 door, 2 seat coupe proportions -A true 6 speed, 3 pedal, H-Pattern manual transmission -Mid-engine balance as seen in Lamborghinis and Ferraris -295 Horsepower across a wide powerband -A featherweight at 2900 lbs


Manual transmission

Parking details

Parking is shared within the neighborhood so availability will change from time to time. Peak parking usually occurs from the late afternoon into the evenings. For both the pickup and return, the closer the car is to the address the better, but most importantly return the car parked in a legal spot and send me the exact address if it is not directly at the car's location address.


1)This is a manual transmission car! You must be proficient in operating a clutch and shifter. Damage due to incorrect operation will result in a repair charge/claim. 2) No smoking or vaping, it is against Turo policy anyways. If this occurs, you can be liable to pay a smoking fee. 3) Please no pets! I personally love dogs, but take my word for it that fur and smells are a royal pain to get out from carpets. 4) Keep the interior relatively clean, i.e just pick up after yourself! If it comes back a little dusty and needing a light vacuum, then you did a good job :) Anything that comes back in the excessive severity of spills, stains, or pungent odors, expect a cleaning fee. 5) DO NOT WASH THE CAR EXTERIOR! Black cars require extreme care to keep looking great and taking them to a commercial/selfserve public car wash will scratch it in ways that will require me to polish the car all over again and incur a cleaning fee. Returning the car with a dirty exterior is TOTALLY FINE! If you need to remove debris such as bird droppings, it would be okay to spray off, however DO NOT WIPE/DRY. 6)Premium fuel only, please keep all receipts of the refuels. Improper fueling can result in surcharge to drain out incorrect fuel as well as possible damage to the engine. 7) Lastly, I want you to have fun! Please enjoy this car as much as I do! It is a car that is meant to be spiritedly driven and I hope you do! But, please enjoy it responsibly, take it to the canyons, take it cruising, but please drive within your limits and no burnouts, clutch dumps, or any abusive hooning. This car has brought me much joy and I want it to keep doing so for me and the next person onwards.


  • How do I start/stop the car?
    To start: Put the key into the ignition located to the left of the steering wheel and turn clockwise while clutch pedal is pressed fully down, key will return to initial position. To Stop: Turn key counterclockwise, key will return to initial position.
  • Where are the cupholders?
    Press on the carbon-fiber looking trim directly in front of passenger seat and then press the cupholder buttons and they will fold out.
  • How do I adjust the seat/steering wheel?
    -To move the seat back and forward: Pull up on lever under your legs at the front of the seat -To raise/lower the seat: Pump up/down on the silver lever at the side of the seat -To incline/decline the seatback: Press forward/back on the seatback switch -To move steering wheel up/down and forward/back: Locate and pull down on lever under steering wheel on the column, move the wheel to desired position, push lever back up to lock in place.


61 ratings

Car was in great condition, very well taken care of. Also Brandon was very polite and always responded in a timely manner. I am looking forward to driving the car again in the future.

Gary C.-Oct 3, 2018

Great car. Great owner. Thanks!

Christopher M.-Sep 25, 2018

Outstanding car. Surprisingly forgiving gearbox. Low-end torque is very impressive. Turo Valet is super convenient. Thanks, Brandon!

Seju B.-Sep 18, 2018

Amazing car that looks and sounds great. Perfect car for a solo trip or a couple with light luggage. The Turo valet lot is easy to find and use. They complete all the pictures and inspection report which saves a lot of time.

Wayne C.-Sep 18, 2018

The car is well maintained, transmission felt really smooth and clutch was great. Makes an awesome sound, would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a fun weekend drive. Also now has Bluetooth music adapter!

Michael P.-Sep 10, 2018

Car Location
Santa Clara, CA 95051