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The car

Ford Fusion 2008

44 trips
24 MPG
Gas (Regular)
4 doors
5 seats

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Slick Cars LLC
Joined Jan. 1970


Click to get $25 off your first trip. Please read the description and ensure that you are in agreement with the known issues before booking. Please realize that our cars are a bit older and have a lot of miles on them. Most of the time we are the cheapest cars in our area. Our cars are meant more form getting to point A to point B without any bells and whistles. Please have your expectations tailored down when renting from us. All our cars are serviced often and well maintained. Just be aware that they will have some obvious cosmetic issues and some items not functioning. We'll address the items we are aware of in each of our cars description. Known issues with Car: - Radio works but volume dial is very sensitive and can increase and decrease volume rapidly. Turn the dial slow - Noticeable wear and tear in the interior and exterior of car (Renter is never responsible for pre-existing damage) - Airbag light flashes on and off at times. Just a sensor issue. - AC vents work, but they are a bit damaged - Dark window tints ***LONG TERM RENTALS WELCOMED*** If you need any additional accommodations (like more miles or pricing), please send an email to or call/text our number. You can check out our other cars at or click on our profile link. ***QUICK AND HASSLE-FREE PICK-UP AND DROP-OFF*** For pick-up, the address where the car is located will be sent to you after a remote license verification. After verifying your identity, the code to unlock the lockbox containing the keys to the car will be sent to you. For drop-off, please park the car in the same location where you picked up the car. ***FAIR TOLL TRACKING*** Pay for only the tolls you incur. Tolls will be added to the rental bill at the end of the trip. Our toll account is tied to the license plate of all our cars and will automatically bill our account WITHOUT A TOLL DEVICE IN THE CAR. So feel free to drive through the FasTrak lanes without stopping and paying for the tolls. ***MECHANICALLY RELIABLE WITH COSMETIC BLEMISHES*** We specialize in finding and renting out only mechanically reliable cars that often times come with some dings and scratches. This allows us to pass the savings to you! So please have reasonable expectations when renting the car as it is not brand new. It is reliable transportation at an economical price. ***MINOR SCRATCH PROTECTION*** The benefit of renting our cars is that we provide this protection for FREE. Since our cars comes with dings and scratches already, any minor scratches won't dramatically affect the value of our cars. Renters WILL NOT BE CHARGED FOR ANY MINOR SCRATCHES incurred during the rental period. Minor scratches are thin scratches to the exterior body of the vehicle that is 3 inches in diameter or less. ***24/7 ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE*** Even though our cars are mechanically reliable, we also know that life is unpredictable. To cover all the uncertainties, our cars are covered under Turo's 24/7 Roadside Assistance plan. This means if anything goes wrong, you can call Turo anytime and they'll send someone to come look at the car.


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Long-term car
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