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Tesla Model 3 2018

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Tesla Model 3 Long Range version (310 miles): - Enhanced Autopilot with FSD hardware - 10 minutes away from SFO, 5 minutes away from I-280, one traffic light away from 101 - Premium interior and sound - Heated front and rear seats - FasTrak toll tag, FasTrak Express Lane, and carpool lane sticker for solo driving in HOV lanes - Ceramic heat-reducing dark tint for privacy and comfort - Web browser and streaming music Interested in renting but don't have a Turo account? Use my code for a discount off your rental: Test driving this because you’re considering buying a Tesla? You can use my Tesla referral link for free Supercharging: My car has a special ceramic tint that blocks 60%+ of solar heat, so you won't burn up like in most Model 3s. I also have a FasTrak toll pass, FasTrak Express Lane pass, and HOV carpool lane access at all times. Please let me know how many times you crossed the toll or express lanes or used the Supercharger during your trip as you are responsible for the charges. The car is super conveniently parked in SF at a dedicated garage about 15 minutes from SFO Airport and one traffic light away from Highway 101. Get familiar with the car before you drive. Check out these short videos from Tesla to help you get the most enjoyable experience: General terms: Renters are required to upload full and complete photos of the car, odometer and their license(s) to the Turo app before and after the trip. Car is required to be returned clean and charged with at least 250 miles remaining charge. Not returning the car with sufficient charge will incur a $50 fee unless you purchase the prepaid recharge option. Trips of 2 days or longer are required to pay the standard $20 cleaning fee at the end of the trip. No pets, smoking, vaping, food or drink in the car during the rental. Any spills, smells, hair or damages to the car will incur heavy cleaning charges, so please keep it neat!


Automatic transmission
Audio input
Long-term car
USB input
Toll pass
Heated seats
Full Self-Driving Hardware
Tinted Windows
Premium Interior
Rear backup camera
Automated Parking Assistance
Premium Sound System
Free Streaming Radio
Autopilot 2.0
Enhanced Autopilot


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
Prepaid EV recharge
Save time & make dropoff a breeze by adding this Extra, which allows you to return my car without fully recharging at any battery level above 10% or 30 miles. Otherwise, a $50 recharge fee applies & also on returns with less than 80%/200 rated miles
Post-trip cleaning
Return the car hassle free without worrying about cleaning up after your trip! This will be charged at the end of your trip unless you get it waived--ask me how! Does not cover upholstery damage, spills, stains, pet hair, or smoke removal.
Unlimited mileage
Going on a long roadtrip? Expecting to use a lot of miles when you rent? Save money and buy unlimited miles. Drive all you want without worrying about overages!

Parking details

My car is located in the SF General Hospital parking lot, on the ground floor, closest to the corner of 24th and San Bruno Ave. Please use the key card to exit and enter. Do not pull a ticket when you return to the garage. You will be charged for the amount of the ticket. The car is to be parked either in one of the Getaround spots or ideally in the covered area near them, on the first floor. If there are no covered spaces available near the front, park in a Getaround spot. Please do not park in any other car-share service's spot. Only regular spots, non-branded spots and Getaround spots are allowed for parking. Please be certain to confirm that the car is parked in the proper location prior to ending your rental, as you will be responsible for any and all tickets, towing and/or re-parking costs associated with leaving the car at the wrong location upon check out. If you can't find the car, contact me and I can help to provide the exact location of the car.


Since this car differs so much from regular cars in so many ways--even from other Teslas--please stop and watch the how-to video clips from Tesla: These only take a few minutes to watch and you'll be happy you did. You'll spend more time enjoying the car rather than figuring out how to use it when you get there. You don't want the car smelling like smoke or being dirty when you rent it, right? Neither does anybody else. So, to help keep the car as an enjoyable of an experience as possible for the next renter in the community, please return the car in clean condition and in a way that you yourself would want to rent it. There is no food, drink, smoking (including vapes or electronic cigarettes), or pets allowed in the car. Any evidence of smoking (smell, ashes) or pets (hair or fur) will incur a $500 cleaning fee to be charged to the renter. Rentals of two days or longer are required to pay the car washing fee ($20). You are required to return the car with at least 230 miles of charge and responsible for the charging costs associated with your rental. You can use the Tesla Superchargers and I will bill you for all Supercharger visits in bulk after your rental. Superchargers can be found on the GPS system in the car. For 3rd party apps like ChargePoint, download their apps, set up an account and use the map to find a charger nearest to your nearest location. Any rental returned with less than 230 miles of charge will be charged a $40 recharging fee. You can avoid this by prepaying for charging or by just being kind to the next driver and recharging before you return!


  • How do I open the door? How do I lock/unlock it?
    To open the car door, push on the wide part of metal handle inlaid in the door. The skinny part should pop out. Grab it with your hand and pull it open to open the door. To open the door from the inside, push the small black button with the thin white line on it, located on the inside door handle near your thumb area. To lock and unlock the car from the outside, touch the keycard pouch to the area on the door panel below the side-view camera. To lock or unlock from the inside, push the lock logo on the touchscreen.
  • How do I turn on Autopilot?
    Push down twice on the shifting stick towards the Drive position when you see a steering wheel logo on the screen. Here is a short video clip from Tesla to better understand: IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: The "Autopilot" and "Full Self-Driving" features of the car do not mean that the car will drive on its own...yet. Tesla is working on that but as of right now, these are safety and convenience features meant to ASSIST the driver, not take over. They do not give the driver the ability to text while driving, drink and drive, or otherwise not be alert and control the car. These features will NOT work at red lights or stop signs as of this writing. Please only use Autopilot on the freeway and keep your hands on the wheel. Please obey all traffic and safety laws when using Autopilot, and be prepared to take over the vehicle at a moment's notice. On the page with the video from Tesla, you will also find other short video clips on how to use various features of the Model 3. Please be sure you watch these before your rental not only for your safety, but to truly enjoy the Tesla Model 3 experience! Once you're familiar with how the car works, it's really, really cool and fun to drive.
  • What should I know about charging the car?
    There are three things you should know: charging times, charger types, and battery health tips. Charging electric cars can take a long time. Most standard chargers replenish 20-25 miles of driving range per hour. So, if you need to add 200 miles of charge for the next day, you should do it overnight because it'll take about 8 hours. Tesla Superchargers, on the other hand, can refill 50% of the battery in 30 minutes. If you're pressed for time and need to get battery range fast, the quickest way to refill the battery and avoid the fee is to go to a Supercharger. Here is the secret trick to EV charging: charge whenever you park. If you do this, you’ll almost never have to worry about running out of battery life or having to stop somewhere to refuel. Most places in the Bay Area either have charging spots there or nearby. Get the Chargepoint app to find and use available charging stations and park at one wherever you go: grocery stores, shopping, hotels, eating out, etc. 3rd Party charging stations require the adapter, Tesla Superchargers don’t. Those ones are found on the car’s GPS (red lightning bolts). Please avoid Supercharging frequently. The closest Tesla Supercharger is in Daly City. If you need the home charger, it’s in the front trunk. Please return it there. There’s a $600 fee if lost. You are responsible for charging the car during your trip and returning it back with enough charge. You are required to return the car charged back with at least 230 miles or there will be a $50 fee. You can avoid this by buying a prepaid recharging add-on before the start of your trip and return the car with at least 20 miles on it. Unless you are driving on a long trip, the battery should not be charged past 80% for regular daily use type driving, so please don't try to keep it at 100% all the time, there's no need. Please also do not Supercharge the car frequently, and reserve that for when needing to fill up the battery when it is close to depleted or loading up before a long drive. When you return the car, it must have at least 230 miles of remaining charge. Lastly, renters are responsible for all charging costs during their trip, and will be billed for supercharging charges after the trip.
  • Can I machine-wash the car?
    No. This car MUST be taken to a hand-wash center or touchless NON-machine wash car wash. It cannot be run through a machine, as that can damage the wheels and transmission. If you are washing the car, please also be sure that the washing center does not use ammonia-based glass cleaners as it will damage the lining on the windows.


36 ratings

This was my first time driving a Tesla. Jesse was very helpful and provided a bunch of information to make the drive smooth and enjoyable. The car was clean and in great condition.

Dario V.-Jun 3, 2019

Jasmit was responsive, flexible, and very clear in his instructions and communication. This was a great experience!

Steven S.-May 20, 2019

Great Experience with Jesse’s Model 3. First time with a Tesla and J was super helpful with the details. This was a combo rental and test drive car for me - thoroughly enjoyed it. The superchargers are readily available so no range anxiety at any point. Highly recommended!

Armando V.-May 20, 2019

Not only the Model 3 is an amazing experience, but Jessie has also been very responsive, nice, and efficient. The car has all options you want to experiment. Keep in mind there are many pictures to take at pick up and drop off.

Alexis I.-May 14, 2019

Great rental. This car is special and a joy to drive. Simple working with owner. 10/10 would rent again.

Aaron T.-May 13, 2019

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