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BMW 2002 1976

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r. kwan
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There are few cars more memorable or revered from the 1960s-70s than the BMW 2002. Style, performance and durability were what made BMW "The Ultimate Driving Machine." It set the pace for the modern 3-series, and eventually made BMW what it is today, all because, of the '2002'. Many of these cars were sold in the San Francisco Bay Area and it's been said the greatest concentration of vintage BMW 2002s is found right here. This example, in glorious PASTEL BLUE on Navy, was just brought out from storage, to allow an option for the public to experience such a well known, and appreciated Classic. The exterior paint is the original color, along with the Navy interior. There are some minor dings and dents here and there - as would be expected for a forty year-old car. This BMW '2002' model, has just over 188k miles, and still running strong, with no glitches at all. The interior is in amazing shape with a flawless, one-piece dash, near perfect vinyl seating and original style molded loop carpet. The SUNROOF, is fully operational, and the headliner is intact and clean, free of tears. The instruments light up and function as they should. There is an AM-FM CD Stereo, for the die-hard music lover, to ride into the sunset listening to one of Journey's last hits. The experience of driving a vintage 2002 is like no other. The tall greenhouse and narrow roof pillars open up the road before you. The driving position is properly upright and the shift lever on the Getrag gearbox falls effortlessly into your hand and moves precisely through all four gears. It's not fast, but sometimes it's not *when* you get there, but *how* you get there. FACTS AND THEN SOME; a; This BMW has NO Air-Conditioning, (just organic, free flowing 'adjustable' air vents), NO POWER STEERING, (this can be a 'work-out' for some of you)- NO power windows, NO power door locks, or windows, NO POWER ANYTHING, NO Bartender, Blender, not even a Cocktail waitress,.. but it does have extremely good visibility when driving, and a fun car to drive. For those of you that are used to Power Everything, you may want to adjust your thinking, before considering getting into a Vintage BMW to drive. b; THIS BMW is 39yrs old, and has NOT been restored, but very well maintained, and should be treated as such, with RESPECT and TENDER LOVING CARE, it's like the loving older couple next door- you should not have to slam, force or pound to get what you want done, just gently encouraged. This BMW has been maintained, and will easily get you there. NO OFF-ROADING, BURNING RUBBER, CURB DIVING, OR COMPETITION DRIVING. You will be driving a Collectors' Item, and Vintage BMW. c; YOU SHOULD BE at least, 26 YRS OLD, to rent this car, have a VALID DRIVER LICENSE, WITH PHOTO, and preferably,- a Social Media Profile, Facebook profile, i.e. a LINKEDin account, is ideal, to help secure your credibility, to rent this vehicle. d; a 12 MINUTE introduction to Billy Blue, (this is like a 1st date) upon pick-up. This vehicle is -- MANDATORY to the potential renter, unless you've owned one of these. 'Big Brother' would like to get to know you, too, over Happy Hour, is fine, too. Happy to take you on a pre-test drive, before you actually 'go cruisin',- in a Vintage Classic' towards a beautiful sunset, or that killer Wedding, this summer. e; GASOLINE; driver is asked to use 91ron or ideally SHELL SUPER V-POWER gasoline, only, unless your fingers are broken, and no pumps have this octane level. Chevron, has the 2ND best 91ron octane gasoline for this BMW. that we've found so far. e; If you Qualify for these requirements, and still wish to drive this Classic,- move forward, and i look forward to meeting you, and introducing you to 'Billy Blue'. f; CONDITION OF DELIVERY-RETURN- Billy Blue will be presented, clean, showered and shaven to you, and when he returns, you should have him in the same condition, out of respect to us, and the next driver. Otherwise a $68 minimum cleaning fee will be imposed. g; PETs; unless you have Samantha Snake, Oscar the Octopus, or Gerry the Giraffe, to play with on your trip, ...sorry, no pets allowed, and no smoking 'Cigarettes' in Billy Blue, please. The ashtray is saved for 'gratuities' to the car detailer... Thanks for making the effort. Happy and Safe,- Motoring in whatever you drive, and for sure, if its in this Vintage BMW 2002, - The Ultimate Driving Machine....


Must be 30+ to book
Manual transmission


Please no pets or smoking in vehicle. thank you for respecting this request.


4 ratings

Kwan was flexible, punctual and the car ran like a top! (That is no small detail when it's the car that took my bride and I from the church after our wedding ceremony). Thank you Kwan for a great experience with Billy Blue!

Mike S.-Nov 23, 2016

I rented Billy as a surprise for my husband's birthday. We've always loved 2002's but living in SF with no parking, owning one is just not an option for us right now, so renting one for the day was the next best thing! The car is in great shape for its age and is a blast to drive once you get the hang of it. Kwan isn't kidding when he says that there isn't power anything (breaks, steering, windows, locks...), but that's part of the charm. Kwan himself was easy to communicate with, and he gave us a great introduction to Billy when we arrived. We'll definitely be renting Billy again!

Rachael S.-Nov 22, 2016

Renting Kwan's beautiful '76 2002 Bimmer was the fulfillment of one of my classic car dreams. Not only was the car a fantastic experience, but Kwan himself is a great guy who is passionate about his automobiles. He's a mechanic and classic car restorer himself, so you are receiving a vehicle that is incredibly well maintained, and Kwan gives a thorough overview of the car and its vintage nuances (or as Kwan calls them, OCIs = Old Car Idiosyncrasies). Highly recommended rental, though I suggest you only inquire if you are a safe, conscientious, and confident driver who has respect for older vehicles and are willing to give the BMW the necessary TLC while it's in your hands.

Michael B.-Mar 28, 2016

Kwan is the man. He'll show you the ropes and is full of great destination suggestions

Cameron G.-Mar 8, 2016

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