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Saab 9-5 2010
Jose is a great guy, very easy to communicate with. The 9-5 is in excellent condition and is fun to drive. If you want to try Saab, you got to try this one.
Han X. - December 24, 2018
Saab 9-3 2007
Pearl deserves 10 stars. Everything was amazing. Best car rental experience ever!
Karen Z. - November 7, 2018
Saab 9-5 2010
Great car/ rental. Jose was very communicative and I felt like a stud in that speed machine.
Cameron G. - December 23, 2018
Saab 9-3 2006
An incredibly pleasant experience — James went above and beyond to make sure my trip was successful. I highly recommend all Turo renters in Los Angeles go to James for all your car rental needs!
Tyler M. - May 16, 2018
Jo Ellen
Saab 9-3 2006
Jeremy is awesome, he made it a perfect vacation, I will use Turo and Jeremy’s services every year, polite and on time! I will never use car rental at airport again.. no lines and it’s awesome to be picked up and there when you return!
Jo Ellen F. - June 17, 2018
Saab 9-3 2007
All communication was prompt, easy, and helpful. The car was spectacular. So much quicker and simpler than car rental companies and the car itself was so much more fun than a generic rental sedan. If I could do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing. Highly recommend - Pearl is the best!
Matthew J. - November 12, 2018
Saab 9-5 2011
William is a real easy guy to deal with. Explained features of the car and mention some cool places to see in the San Diego area. William is a two for one deal - rent a car and get free trip advisory info!! If I need a vehicle in the future, I would rent again from William for sure!
Robert V. - November 14, 2018
Saab 9-3 2008
Mustafa was a great to deal with. His 9-3 is still in good condition and is very fun to drive. Saabs are definitely a fun car to drive and o highly recommend renting from Mustafa. He was convenient and punctual.
Brant C. - January 26, 2019
Saab 9-3 2006
Transaction was easy and the Saab 9 3 was exactly what we wanted. We did not get to meet Joseph but his father was very pleasant and helpful when picking up and dropping off the car. We would rent Joseph again.
Spencer P. - July 21, 2019
Saab 9-3 2008
JaJa's Saab 9-3 was perfect for my trip to visit NC as I was able to enjoy some early Summer temps with the top down ! JaJa met me with the car at our designated time and kept in contact with me throughout the trip. Turo will be my rental car choice moving forward.
Jim H. - April 15, 2019
Saab 9-3 2008
I highly recommend David and the Saab. This was the first time I’ve rented through Turo and the experience was simple, convenient and cost effective. I was in a bind while my car was in a shop for repairs and I needed to get to a part time job. (I was at risk of losing the job if I missed 2 more shifts.) David was super responsive to my request and easy to work with. The car drove beautifully too. I also have to add that the user experience in the app is great too. Overall this was a pretty seamless transaction and was clutch when I needed it. I am definitely looking for an opportunity to rent with David again soon!
Brigette L. - April 29, 2019
Saab 9-3 2006
The Saab was a pleasure to drive! The car is clean and in excellent condition. We enjoyed the top down time! We liked the car so much we decided to look for one for sale! Scott was really chill. Very communicative and a pleasure to rent from.
Kari B. - March 31, 2018
Saab 9-3 2007
Great coordination with Atul even though he was out of town during our rental. Pick up and drop off was convenient as well. The Saab was great to drive, though it’s getting up there in miles. Overall, excellent car for the price and very easy to work with Atul.
Nishan A. - June 9, 2018
Saab 9-3 2007
Excellent service from Atul. Very convenient pickup and drop off, and he communicated very well. The Saab was a great ride, much better than anything available at a larger rental car company for the price. Thank you!
Thomas K. - June 25, 2018
Saab 9-3 2008
I decided to use Turo after looking for a rental car at DIA. The prices have really gone up in the last few years and I was not excited to pay $450 for four days on an economy car. The price wasn’t the only plus. The convenience of having Jose pick us up at arrivals and drop us off at departures saved us the hassle of dragging our luggage around to a bus and then standing in line at the rental counter to pay twice as much. The Saab ran smoothly. There was a small issue with the automatic door lock but it wasn’t a big issue for me. I just had to reach over to open front passenger door. This was my first rental through Turo and I told all my friends and family while on vacation about this service. I’m home now and will continue to tell everybody back home how reasonably priced and convenient my rental through Turo was. I’d rent from Jose the next time I’m in town if his car is available.
Loretta F. - June 27, 2018
Saab 9-3 2008
Was just looking around for something reasonable to rent while my car was getting body work done for a week and this Saab did not disappoint. Sure it's racked up quite a bit of miles and aside from a few minor cosmetic stuff, the car still looked relatively new. Jose did a great job showing off all the great features of the car and clearly loves his Saab. If your looking for a conversation piece and something fun you won't be disappointed..
Alexander E. - July 16, 2018
Saab 9-5 2006
Took a multi day road trip out and around Olympic national park and mt Rainier (about 3 days of driving) and the Saab worked just fine. It's in good shape for a 2006. Paul had stated it had just been equipped with new shocks, struts, brakes and rotors; the car handled nicely. This was a great deal for the price you pay, would rent again.
Andrew F. - July 21, 2018
Saab 9-5 2010
While not as quirky as older Saabs, it was miles more interesting than your typical Camry rental.
Eric M. - August 3, 2018
Saab 9-3 2007
We rented Pearl’s Saab 93 to attend a family reunion in Holland, Michigan. Pearl is a very good communicator and helped us understand the Turo process, her car and the area we were visiting. As first time Turo users, she helped make our experience comfortable and fun!.
Nick G. - August 19, 2018
Saab 9-3 2006
Very fun car with turbocharged 2.0L engine. You don’t really see SAABs these days so I would recommend to drive it and enjoy the quick car!
Tuck V. - August 31, 2018
Saab 9-3 2006
The trip went smoothly . Renting a car from Eric was a breeze . Car is always ready on time and by far the easiest check in I’ve encountered since using Turo definitely recommend and his Saab is a great car and very fun to drive !
Lenny D. - September 13, 2018
Saab 9-3 2008
For me, it's home away from home getting to drive a manual transmission Saab 9-3 (I have a 9-3 convertible as my daily). I LOVE this car and will certainly rent again.
Jamie S. - September 18, 2018
Saab 9-3 2008
Brittany upgraded us to her GT Ford Mustang as her Saab was in the shop. She was responsive, friendly, and had an easy pick up/drop off method. The car was very fun for our road trip to the Grand Canyon and we would definitely rent with Brittany again!
Alesi E. - November 8, 2018
Saab 9-3 2008
Brittany made this experience simple and enjoyable. Her communication was always quick and she was very helpful with any questions I had. The Saab is a beautiful car. Exterior has normal dings here and there but nothing you'd really notice until you start looking for it for your pretrip photos, interior was immaculate. Would highly recommend renting from Brittany.
Susan R. - November 13, 2018
Saab 9-3 2006
Joseph and his Saab convertible was awesome. I rented the Aero for a day trip with the intention of purchasing one soon. I’m so glad that I did because the Aero model was so much more fun to drive than the regular 4 cylinder 9-3. Joseph was very communitive and flexible to work with. Pick up and return was super easy and overall an excellent experience. Now, I just have to find an Aero that’s in as good of condition as Joseph’s car.
Aimee S. - March 8, 2019
Saab 9-3 2011
Once again, Matt was great and very accommodating. The Saab is a good car and I felt secure driving it in the snow. I will continue renting Matt's cars.
David M. - January 8, 2019
Saab 9-5 2010
I was a first time Turo renter and he made it very simple and easy to use. Really nice car to drive and excellent for Colorado travel.
Joshua E. - June 18, 2019
Saab 9-3 2008
I’ve really enjoyed my ride in that marvelous car, it’s was so unique and different. It has an amazing and smooth feeling and everything is in great condition! The owner was very polite and professional!
Enrique O. - July 26, 2019
Saab 9-3 2008
Too bad Saab went out of business - they packed a lot of cool quirks & features into their cars... even as GM took over. Faiz’s 9-3 is a great ride: fast, stellar fuel economy, and comfortable - definitely a solid ride for a road trip or local errands. 5 stars.
Brad J. - July 30, 2019
Saab 9-3 2008
I highly recommend Carl for renting a vehicle, whether for business or leisure.
James J. - August 6, 2019
Saab 9-5 2010
Great car from Jose and extremely convenient in pickup and drop off!! Thanks again for a great looking car, comfortable and in order ready to drive. Only had to add some tire pressure due to a low tire pressure light. It's AWD and a luxury car so you definitely get what you pay for! The headlights adjust with turns and it has an awesome Heads up Display. XM radio was also a huge convenience as radio stations drop in and out in the Rockies. Recommended!! Thanks again.
Nico A. - August 19, 2019
Zackery Grey
Saab 9-5 2010
Driving Jose's car was a blast. He answered every text and responded promptly. Wish I could give this trip 10 stars.
Zackery Grey G. - August 17, 2019
Saab 9-3 2008
Carl made the trip very easy and convenient. Thank you
Ryan D. - August 20, 2019
Saab 9-3 2008
I’ve written a few accolades about the cars and service Carl provides- because I keep going back to him...because of the cars and service he provides. It’s that simple folks - the formula Carl provides is the right car + the right price + well informed, flexible and friendly service = we all win. I had a fantastic time tooling around in the Hamptons in one of Carl’s peppy convertibles. It was a blast! I’ll be seeing Carl again soon!
Kevin O. - August 29, 2019
Saab 9-3 2006
Amazing trip, Joseph was a great person to deal with and it was an awesome car.
Sammer O. - August 31, 2019
Saab 9-5 2010
Jose was a great host and his car was really fun to drive.
Chris S. - September 9, 2019
Saab 9-3 2011
Quick communications. Nice car, fun to drive a stick rental than auto as that is what we are used to. Will rent from Matt again next time we come to NM. Thank you for your graciousness.
Sylvia O. - April 7, 2019
Saab 9-3 2007
That little Saab was great. Lots of pep and comfortable. Mustafa was great. On time and flexible and I absolutely would use his car again next visit to San Diego.
Pat S. - March 23, 2019
Saab 9-3 2007
Nice car Saab was fun to drive and got great gas mileage. Thanks again
Ivana S. - May 15, 2019
Saab 9-3 2008
Had a great experience renting from Carl. East pick up and drop off and the car worked great.
Jacob W. - May 28, 2019
Saab 9-3 2011
Matt’s car is a lot of fun to drive! I might be one of the only people who didn’t know there is a knob under the shifter to put it into reverse, but Matt went out of his way picked me up from my hotel and showed me how to reverse the car- excellent host! Would absolutely rent from him again!
Kelsee M. - April 26, 2019
Saab 9-3 2007
Mustafa was a great renter. He was very easy to communicate with. The car had some issues when we picked it up which he did acknowledge, but it did not hinder our trip. The car ran really smooth and was a great ride. Would definitely rent from him again!
Alison L. - May 30, 2019
Saab 9-3 2006
Joseph’s Saab 93 was great for my fun drive along the California coast and up to Napa Valley. The car was a blast to drive and it was great that we could drop the top when the weather was right, making taking photos along the way even easier. The V6 turbo provides plenty of power for climbing the steep windy roads when it’s needed. What better way to enjoy the California weather than with the wind in your hair! Joseph was super easy to deal with and would highly recommend his cars for your visits to the Bay Area. Keep in mind that if you have lots of large luggage that you may have a challenge fitting it into the trunk and still dropping the top down. Though the trunk is spacious, it gets a bit finicky when there isn’t sufficient room for the luggage.
Chris P. - June 2, 2019
Saab 9-3 2007
We appreciated the timeliness of drop off and his willingness to give us a ride to our final destination when returned. The car was comfortable and ran well. We would definitely recommend him and would rent from him again.
Stacey S. - May 6, 2019
Lazaro IV
Saab 9-3 2007
Great Rental car was easy and fun to drive! Mustafa was great at communicating pickup and return will definitely rent again from him!
Lazaro IV F. - May 1, 2019
Saab 9-3 2011
Matt was helpful and made the Turo rental super easy! The Saab was fun to drive, practical and enjoyable for our week long trip in northern New Mexico. Would definitely recommend him and his cool Saab!
RICHARD B. - May 11, 2019
Saab 9-3 2008
Very helpful. My flight was cancelled and rebooked for a flight 4 hours later. Mustafa was flexible with the change and still offered to pick me up at the airport. Car was great, much better than renting your basic rental car.
Jacob A. - May 3, 2019
Saab 9-3 2007
Atul was great to work with. Interesting car... would definitely rent again.
Vineeth V. - April 2, 2018
Saab 9-3 2005
Steven's Saab 9-3 was great to drive and his customer service was first rate. Due to a snowstorm in Minnesota, we nearly had to cancel our flight and Steven worked with us right up to the last minute to ensure that we had a few extra days of transportation if needed. I highly recommend Steven to future Turo renters.
Randy C. - April 14, 2018
Saab 9-3 2006
I like this Turo service. This was my first time. I picked up my car, as scheduled and returned it when I was done. No snags or hassles and the best part is I didn’t have to use any of the corporate rental agencies! I’d use Turo again in a heartbeat!
Paul B. - April 14, 2018
Saab 9-3 2007
Pearl was amazing . She communicated awesome . This was our first experience w Turo and we will rent from Pearl again . Pearl was Prompt - met us at the airport curbside - way faster than renting a car w better service . Friendly and prompt-car was clean . The fast exchange was the best . Thank you Pearl !
Lois B. - April 29, 2018
Saab 9-3 2008
Amazing experience, perfect car really great renter overall happy with this
Majd S. - May 12, 2018
Saab 9-3 2007
All went smoothly and way better than standing in line for a standard rental car. It was my first time and all went as I had hoped it would.
Matt K. - June 14, 2018
Saab 9-3 2008
This was a great experience. I don't think I knew before that you could arrange airport pickup/drop-off with Turo and it was amazing. Atul was waiting curbside at the gate when I arrived and then again when I returned to the airport to drop the car. THIS IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN RENTING FROM AN AIRPORT LOCATION OF HERTZ, ALAMO, ETC ETC. Also, the car drives impeccably. So smooth, fast, handles great. Only slightly annoying thing is there was a speed warning set at 55mph- took me forever to find out what the beeping was from but eventually found how to turn it off. Great car, great experience, great price- thanks, Atul.
Andrew E. - June 26, 2018
Saab 9-3 2006
Scott and his Saab are both awesome! Scott was punctual, knowledgeable, and immediately made us all feel welcome. He was reliable and worked with us when we made changes to our reservation. Scott replied to each message we sent almost immediately. He was all around a really nice guy. The Saab was super clean, reliable, and easy to use. This is a perfect Southern California car. The convertible top is the easiest I’ve ever used. The car is zippy and has a turbo so it was really easy to keep up with traffic. There is an aux jack so you can listen to your own music and on and on. I loved the car, period!
Cameron M. - June 28, 2018
Saab 9-3 2007
Great car and very nice owner. Would rent the same car again.
Paul L. - June 18, 2018
Saab 9-3 2011
First time using turo. Steven was great the saab was great. Our flights were delayed but Steven was flexible which was great. Lots of extras included that you don't get in a normal rental and a way smoother way to rent in general. If all renters are as good as Steven I'll deffinately use again
Ian M. - June 21, 2018
Saab 9-3 2007
Great car, fun to have a convertible with beautiful weather on the island. Couldn’t arrange airport pickup, but this was minor inconvenience. Car drives great with the 2.0T engine. Would rent again.
Christopher A. - July 10, 2018
Saab 9-3 2007
At the time I rented the car the gas gauge wasn’t working but it ended up not being as difficult as I thought it would be. Pearl’s communication and the convenience of airport curbside pickup and drop off made up for it too!! All in all, a good experience.
Carmelle B. - July 5, 2018
Saab 9-3 2008
Atul and his Saab were great. Atul communicated well throughout the process, there were no surprises. The car ran great and was fun to drive. It's a solid car for it's age.
John M. - July 8, 2018
Saab 9-3 2006
Eric was awesome to work with. The Saab is so zippy and fun to drive. Will rent again!
Gwen G. - July 24, 2018
Saab 9-3 2007
Pearl was great! She dropped off and picked up the car at our house rental instead of having us meet her at the airport. She was a great communicator and was excellent to work with! I’ll rent from her again next year when I’m back in South Bend!!
Joanne N. - July 27, 2018
Saab 9-3 2008
Craig was very friendly and helpful. The car was so much fun to drive and very well cared for, I had zero issues with the car. Would definitely rent from Craig again!
Holly H. - August 8, 2018
Saab 9-3 2006
Scott takes great care of this classic SAAB! Great ride with the top down. Good value if you want to ride around So Cal with top down. Great communication and service on pick up and drop off.
Adam H. - August 4, 2018
Saab 9-3 2006
Really good and clean car. Would rent it again!
Niels V. - August 12, 2018
Saab 9-3 2007
Everything was great! We loved the car and it was exactly what we needed. Plus it was cheaper than a regular rental car. The convenience was amazing to get picked up at the curb. Would definitely rent from Atul again.
Katie H. - August 19, 2018
Saab 9-3 2006
Once again I just had to rent this car for a 5th day straight Should have opted for the weekly rate but I didnt know I would love this car so much ... but of Course Eric being the great host that he is honored me the weekly rate anyway thanks Eric
Lenny D. - September 15, 2018
Saab 9-3 2006
I found the car spotless and the communication with Eric was great. Everything works fine in the car, I would definitely rent it again.
Javier D. - September 17, 2018
Saab 9-3 2008
This was a great rental. Clean car, reliable and quick too. Pearl was quick with communication as well. Would def recommend this one.
Ryan M. - September 17, 2018
Saab 9-3 2008
Brittany was amazing to rent with. She was responsive and easy to reach. I needed to extend my trip and she was accommodating and provided excellent detailed instructions on pick up and return process. I Will always and only rent with her when I visit the valley. The convertible is the best way to go! Thanks for the great service and awesome car to drive.
Anthony S. - October 20, 2018
Saab 9-3 2006
So convenient & fast bit to wait in rental car lune & fill out all that paper work. Our flight was delayed for our return flight & Jeremy was good to work with us for return time. Jeremy was always quick to respond to text & all went very smooth.
Judy N. - November 16, 2018
Saab 9-3 2008
I had very clear and casual communication with David which is very important to me. David is thorough about collecting the right photos of the vehicle, sharing any details that the renter should be aware, and additionally does a drivers license validation in person. He provides excellent care and service. I will most certainly rent again from him. We had a buddy-buddy like rapport and it just made things all the much smoother. David is highly recommended. WARNING: Make sure your driver's license on file is correct because David will turn you away regardless if you have had to Uber 30 minutes. He was kind to remind me the day before fortunately as I had recently updated my license to an Illinois license. Note: I would most certainly ignore the first review as David is a stand up guy who simply is very thorough about having all the correct checks in place before releasing HIS vehicle into customer hands.
Alan S. - February 28, 2019
Saab 9-3 2009
Had an amazing experience and trip! Stephanie's Saab was in great condition and very clean. Her communication helped make pick-up and drop-off easy. Would definitely rent again.
Kelsey R. - March 4, 2019
Saab 9-3 2008
David was very friendly and easy to work with. The car is in great condition and a pleasure to drive. Will likely rent this car again!
Dalton M. - March 12, 2019
Saab 9-5 2010
Fantastic ski car. Eats up the miles. Great for sitting in traffic but also gets out of it's own way pretty well. Jose was a great host and was able to pick me up and drop me off curbside. Best rental car I've ever had.
James L. - March 18, 2019
Saab 9-3 2011
Is there any better way to go over a snowy mountain pass than in a Saab with a turbo and 6 gears to row-your-own? Awesome ride, and host communication made it a great weekend, and nothing beat the convenient pick up / drop off process. Clean car and confident ride made we want to take it home, and the host made sure it was ready last minute and had information when it was needed. Highly recommend this car/host duo.
Ben J. - November 24, 2018
Saab 9-3 2008
Pearl’s car was great! It was spotless inside and out. She just put new winter tires on it and I had no problems driving in the light snow. Heated seats were good for the cold. She was very communicative and flexible around picking up and dropping off. I would definitely rent the car again! Thanks!
Daniel J. - November 20, 2018
Saab 9-3 2007
Peal’s car is a great rental! I would definitely rent again and also recommend to anyone who wants a safe reliable car.
Kristin V. - November 29, 2018
Saab 9-3 2008
Pearl's Saab was in great condition and a blast to drive. I had to extend my rental due to business needs and she was very flexible with accommodating me. I would absolutely rent from her again!
Blake R. - December 7, 2018
Saab 9-3 2011
This was my first Turo rental. Matt was communicative, helpful, and the car was in excellent condition, clean, and fun to drive. Looking forward to renting with him again.
Nicholson H. - January 17, 2019
Saab 9-3 2008
What a great car. Fantastic mix of comfort and driving dynamics. Atul was a pleasure to work with. I definitely would rent this car again! Can't beat the value for the money with any other rental in the Twin Cities.
Devin B. - September 23, 2018
Dalibor Aida
Saab 9-3 2007
Car was in great condition and pearl is amazing girl, coolest ever, I had a great conversation with her, down to earth and for sure next time I’m going to rent from her.....
Dalibor Aida S. - October 3, 2018
Saab 9-3 2008
Saab was a ton of fun, would rent from again!
Sean D. - January 22, 2019
Saab 9-3 2008
A pleasure to work with, car worked great. I would highly recommend renting a car from him.
Kent B. - January 10, 2019
Saab 9-3 2008
Nice, clean car - mustafa is very friendly and accommodating
Samir S. - June 21, 2019
Saab 9-3 2007
clean car, good on gas& the service is GOOD’
StACEY L. - June 21, 2019
Saab 9-3 2007
Great communication! Definitely recommend renting from her
Dennys R. - June 24, 2019
Saab 9-5 2010
Jose was awesome and the car was exceptional! I will definitely use his car again! Very rare car to find on Turo at a fair price.
Steffan B. - June 25, 2019
Saab 9-3 2008
Great car and Julian is great as well! Best customer service experience ever!
Alonzo H. - June 17, 2019
Saab 9-3 2008
Mustafa’s services were great! Everything went well and the car was great.
Jeffery B. - June 25, 2019