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Tesla Model 3 2018

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Tesla Model 3 ************************************************* Use my referral code for first time rental for $25 credit : ************************************************ This is a Model 3 with the following features: Long range battery 310 miles Enhanced Auto Pilot Premium Package Leather seats Full glass roof RULES and CONDITIONS: Please watch out about scratching the leather in the car. Do not bring in any sharp objects, mud, food/drinks or things that may damage or dirty the inside the car. Keys hanging out of pockets etc will damage/puncture the leather. You will be liable for any dents, dings, scratches or damages to the inside and outside of the car. No pets inside the car unless they are inside a crate. No smoking inside the car No eating in the car. Any major stains or spills in car, you will be charged for an interior detailing. Guest with Children - please refrain from kids touching the main screen as it is the main control of the car. Tesla charging options: 1) Fastest charge is the Tesla supercharging station. Supercharging is not free for the Model 3. Any supercharging fee will be passed on to the renter. 2) There are several regular charging stations around the area if you wish to charge during your rental. Some charge stations are free while others you pay by Kwh. 3) The car comes with a charging cable that works on any electrical socket at home. (110 volt or 220 volt charge) *110 volt typically charges at 4 miles per hour. ** Car will come with at least 250 miles charged so please return the car charged around the same miles as received. A $0.14/mile will be charged if it's below the range received. Washing the car: Please do not wash the car or spray anything inside. Limitation: Do not take the car across the US border to Mexico Do not take the car to any racing tracks or events.


Automatic transmission
Audio input
Long-term car
USB input
Heated seats

Parking details

Your car can be parked on the driveway or the garage. You can also park on the curbside as well.


Please do not disable the mobile access. If the Tesla mobile access is disabled, the car will go into Valet mode and the car will be reported stolen It is not recommended to charge the battery to more than 90%. This preserves the longevity of the battery. If you are renting the car for more than 2 days, please let me know that you are going long distance to get a full charge. When you charging at a Tesla Supercharger, make sure you disconnect the charge station when the charging is done. If you continue to charge after it's done, there will be a idle fee of $0.40 per minute which will be paid by the renter. Tyler mall has free charging which charges at about 22kWh an hour Please treat the car like it is your own. The car will be given to you clean so please return as clean as possible. A $25 dollar cleaning fee will be charged if the car is dirtier than first received. Any signs of smoking will be subject to a minimum $200 restoration fee.


  • Does this car have autopilot or full self drive?
    Yes. The car has enhanced autopilot but does not have the full self drive capabilities.
  • Charging the car
    I would reccomend the plugshare app for nearby charging stations. Some stations are pay per use and some are free. These charging stations can be found at the mall, hotel, shopping center, public buildings or standalone stations. You can also charge at a tesla supercharging station which can be located by using the navigation in the car. You can also charge at home or any location with a 110 volt or 240 volt outlet. If deciding to charge at home with a 110 volt outlet, be sure to plan ahead because the car will charge at the rate of 4 miles an hour.


11 ratings

Tho a trip was wonderful and couldn’t of been possible with out Lawrence. Car is in tip top shape and now I’m going to buy one . Thank you Lawrence for give me the opportunity to experience the model 3 before buy one .

Isaias R.-Apr 28, 2019

Lawrence was great during the entire trip process. I wanted to test drive the Tesla Model 3 for a few days before deciding on a purchase. Lawrence took the time to explain the car's features and controls. The Tesla was in "like new" condition and clearly Lawrence takes care of the car. I enjoyed my time with the Tesla Model 3.

Bill V.-Mar 31, 2019

I’ve been looking into getting a model 3 I wanted to test drive one and found Lawrence here on Turo, he was right on with communication, and flexibility. The car seemed fresh out the dealer.. it was spotless. Thank you Lawrence for letting me drive your gorgeous car! I need to go and get my own now.

Angel T.-Feb 18, 2019

Great guy and beautiful car! Getting mine in two days❤️

Heriberto P.-Oct 11, 2018

Wonderful experience Lawrence provided! Pristine car inside and out. Car was what i expected and more. Would rent again and couldn’t recommend more, especially if you are in the market for a Tesla!

Kyle C.-Sep 19, 2018

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