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The car

Ford Focus 2012

71 trips
30 MPG
Gas (Regular)
4 doors
5 seats

Hosted by

Derek All-Star Host
110 tripsJoined Sep 2017
Typically responds within 1 minute
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2012 Focus SEL, which may sound not that impressive but It's a great little get around rig that I regularly get 34+ mpg in and fun to drive for an economy styled sedan. (Doesn't look too bad either if you ask me) She's really comfortable and tight with heated leather seats, premium sound system, GPS Navigation, Sync Voice control system, backup camera and a sun roof! (I know right?) It'll get you up the mountain, to the lookouts, even to see the Bridges of Washoe county if that's your thing. The rig is kept extremely clean and absolutely no smoking in it. If something happens and a major mess occurs that needs cleaning, we'll figure it out. Typically that will mean having a place clean it and a receipt presented for reimbursement, but I don't anticipate that will be a problem for you. See the "FAQs" section if you want more information regarding: 1) What two pictures are needed for a blind drop? 2) Need more Miles? 3) Delivery fees? 4) Concerned about possible winter/snowy conditions during your rental? 5) Need Car Seats? 6) Burning Man.


Automatic transmission
Parking Assist - Auto Parallel Parking
360 degree Proximity Parking Sensors


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
Child safety seat
Nautilus® 65 3-in-1 Harness Booster Car Seat ( ) 5-point harness - from 22-65 lb. Belt-positioning booster from 30-100 lb Backless booster seat from 40-100 lb Served my twins well and will help your little ride in comfort.
$15/trip2 available

Parking details

I list the Airport as the home location for a guest's ease of finding vehicles and my preferred general drop off location. I can deliver to anywhere in the Reno and North Valleys area for minimal cost to the guest or most times no charge. I will fill you in on Key transfer after the booking. In person or blind drop options are available with blind drop being most common. Blind drop photo requirements will apply and if you wish an in person delivery and I can work it into my work schedule I will make all efforts to meet that request. You can find full details about blind drops in my Faq's section.


Non-Smoking rig, that's pretty much it. I just try to keep it as clean as possible in my every day life and ask the same. Regarding small incidental damage: 1) New paint chips 1/16th in diameter or larger that do not require the entire panel to be repainted are a Flat $10.00 charge. 2) If the vehicle is returned with a lingering odor (something that does not dissipate by the next morning after pickup), such as when a guest smoked in the vehicle, it's a minimum $50.00 for the extra detailing I have to do to correct the issue. If the issue is significant and requires professional detailing, Turo supports up to a $200.00 fee. 3) If returned without filling it back up with fuel, a $5.00 surcharge will be assessed on top of whatever fuel cost is.


  • What two images do you need for a Blind Drop and what does that mean?
    Due to Instant booking, my delivery method is typically a blind handoff, meaning the Guest and myself will never meet face to face. Turo requires guests to provide host owners with two pictures for remote key handoffs for their insurance protection to be valid. Preferably not before 24 hours of the reservation starting. 1) A close-up photo of their driver’s license so you can verify the date of birth, license expiration date, and that the name on the license matches the name on the trip. (Tell the guest to obscure the first few digits of their license number in the photo for their safety.) 2) A photo of your guest holding their license next to their face so you can verify that the photo matches the person presenting it. Reference the date of birth on the license to help verify identity. The images should be checked into the "Trip Photos" section of the reservation info area. You may send these images to me directly and I will check them in for you if you find that easier. Please copy/paste the following link for details: Please See the "Remote Verification" section.
  • Need more Miles?
    Have a trip going more than 150 miles per day? Let me know that you are planing a longer trip and we can discuss the details. The set miles are based on calculations about maintenance costs and vehicle wear, but are negotiable within a certain degree.
  • Do you have any delivery fees?
    1) Yes to the Airport and Guest Chosen location to partially cover the fuel needed to deliver and retrieve. Round trip is 40 miles and Turo takes a cut of the fee. Similar to the parking garage cost, I pay for half and I ask the guest to pay for the other half. For trips 3 days or longer I will waive this fee. 2) If you require an in person handoff between 10PM – 7AM, I’m going to ask an additional $20-30 fee for obvious reasons.
  • Winter - Snowy/Slick road conditions during reservation.
    During the local winter season I install the highest traction rated studded tires. In addition I have the correctly sized set of chains in the vehicle at all times during the winter months. I provide chains for the guest's convenience and safety. Chains are checked after each reservation. If they have significant wear, a fee will be assessed to cover the percentage of cost for a replacement. Chains run $90, and driving them on bare pavement for just 1/2 of a mile will wear them significantly. Intermittent 5, 10, 50 foot patches of bare pavement may be unavoidable, but worn chains can break at any time and result in significant body/paint damage. This has occurred once and resulted in over $900 damage to the paint of a single fender. For this reason I replace them every time they are over 50% worn. This sometimes occurs in a single reservation, so please be aware if they are used improperly (driven on pavement without any snow/ice/slush) I will request reimbursement. If you have never installed chains and think you may need to during the reservation, I will be happy to run through the procedure with you.
  • You have carseats available?
    Also have 2 convertible car/booster Step 2/3 seats available if you require. I remember how much of a pain traveling with your car seat can be, and they will be properly installed if asked for. The seats cloth parts are removable and cleaned/sanitized each time they are used as you can see in my pictures. I found that it takes enough time and effort I charge $15 per car seat.
  • Burning Man
    My Preference is that this vehicle not be used for Burning Man due to the absolute nightmare it is to vehicles. I do have one other vehicle that I am willing to entertain the use of. Please see my other vehicle listing. If I discover that this was taken to the playa unannounced, I will assess a minimum $500 fee for cleaning and maintenance which will be required after the unique environmental conditions experienced at the playa. A simple car wash and vacuum does not suffice and the maintenance required is broken down in my other vehicle listing. If you were interested in this vehicle for Burning Man and made an instant booking before speaking to me about it, I will cancel the reservation.


64 ratings

This was my first experience with turo and it was excellent! He was quick to answer questions and very thorough!

Atalie S.-Jun 24, 2019

Derek is awesome! Very professional and friendly. Highly recommended.

Johnathan H.-Jun 5, 2019

Derek is the consummate Turo host. He tells you everything you need to know before you need to know it. His car—the Pearl—is immaculate and nice-looking...and also the best value Turo car in Reno. I will use it every time I visit.

Robert P.-May 14, 2019

Very helpful for first time users.

Mary G.-May 6, 2019

The car was great but Derek was even better! I changed my drop off time several times and Derek was very flexible, and even came to help when I locked the keys in the car. Overall great experience.

Kelsey G.-Apr 10, 2019

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Reno, NV 89502

Reno–Tahoe International Airport

Up to 1 mile
Free delivery to select locations for trips of 3 days or longer