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The car

Audi A6 2011

3.0T Premium quattro
22 MPG
Gas (Premium)
4 doors
5 seats

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Send a comment if you have questions, happy to get back to you quickly. Delivery: please note I can deliver Jun 25 & 26, but after that not until Aug 21. Gorgeous "phantom pearl" black Audi A6 quattro with the 3.0T supercharged engine (instant spin up, not like regular turbo delay), with paddle shifters and sport mode. 300HP, sport suspension, sport steering wheel. Prestige package with 19" wheels, night-time lighting accents, amaretto interior with wood panels, remote keyless entry, auto headlights, auto wipers. This is a pleasure to step into as well as to drive. It has rear camera for safe backing up, anti-lock brakes, blind-spot warnings, Has GPS/maps, but you'll probably want to hook up your phone for maps. Supports phone bluetooth for calls with steering wheel-mounted controls, and has aftermarket adapter to support bluetooth music from your phone.


Automatic transmission
All-wheel drive
Child seat
USB input
Heated seats
Position Tracking, see FAQ's


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
Child safety seat
We have 2 car seats available, both are Britax quality seats. One can be either rear- or front-facing (Marathon 70), the other is forward-only (Frontier 85) Install yourself or drop by a nearby police station for help..
$25/trip2 available

Parking details

Park in driveway, thank you.


  • Position tracking, or why does the car have an OBD-II adapter installed ?
    The car has a real-time position tracking OBD-II adapter, which reports location of the car to an online service that is visible to me. This can simply be detached if you don't want the car position tracked. But it can be very useful if the car is stolen or towed, or you forget where you parked ! It works independent of any cell phone, and gets power even when the car is off. Unfortunately it's not easy to transfer the online service to you, but if you need help finding the car, you can just ask me. If you don't want it, simply detach it and put in the glove compartment or console between the front seats. Happy to explain where or answer further questions.
  • Emergency brake, how to set and release ?
    It's controlled by a switch just left of the gear shifter, look for a P. To engage it, have the car in Park and lift up for a moment on the switch. You should hear a whirring sound, and the red light on the switch will come on. To release it, put you foot on the brake pedal and push down for a moment on the switch. You should hear a whirring sound and the red light on the switch should go out.
  • Sun roof, how to use ?
    Sun roof is controlled by the circular knob on the ceiling near the rear view mirror. The knob turns and also tilts. To open the sun roof, twist it counter-clockwise for a moment. It will spring back, but the roof will continue opening. To close the sun roof, twist it clockwise for a moment. It will spring back, but the roof will continue to close. To "peek" the sunroof so that a little air can come in, use the rear-facing lip of that same circular knob: - To open it, push up on the lip for a moment. It'll spring back, but you'll hear the rear edge of the sunroof rising about an inch. - To close it, pull down on the lip for a moment, or hold it down until it finishes closing.
  • How open the glove compartment
    Push the big button to right of the center screen.
  • Connecting your phone to the car, for phone or music:
    The car has bluetooth for phone calls, and separately an adapter for bluetooth music. To connect for phone calls and map directions (waze/googlemaps): - put your phone in bluetooth pairing mode Then on the car: - click the "SETUP" button. It's on center console, bottom left of the big circular knob, which is between gear shift and cup holders - on the center screen (where maps and rear camera appear) you should see a menu, and in the bottom right it should say "bluetooth". - around the big circular know are 4 arrow buttons. Use the bottom right arrow button to select the "bluetooth" section.. - the menu will change. Now use the big circular knob to move down the list to "find bluetooth devices" - push straight down on the knob to "click" that option (it's like hitting the enter key) - follow the instructions onscreen... - to back out of any menu, hit the "return" button below the knob. You can just start calls or receive calls on your phone, and the audio should come thru the car speakers. To connect for music: - there is a separate bluetooth adapter (tiny square thing on end of short cable in the glove compartment), to which your phone needs to connect. Easier to explain live. Full disclosure: I find that the iphone sometimes get confused when connected to both the car bluetooth and the separate music bluetooth adapter. It may send audio to the wrong place or to nowhere. If it's too frustrating, and phone calls are more important than music, I recommend just (gently) disconnecting the adapter in the glove compartment.
  • Waze / Googlemaps turn-by-turn over car speakers:
    The car has GPS/maps, but you'll probably want to hook up your phone for maps. The turn-by-turn voice from your phone can come thru the car speakers: - Waze: settings -> sound & voice -> sound output -> "play as bluetooth phone call" - Google Maps: settings -> navigation -> sound & voice -> "play as bluetooth phone call" I don't recommend using "play voice over bluetooth" (which uses the music profile instead of voice profile) because you won't hear anything unless the car is in "media" mode ("CD/AUX"). For instance if you're listening to the radio, or have audio turned off, you won't hear your directions.


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