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Plymouth Duster 1972
The Duster is not a car. The Duster is an experience. You are not renting a conveyance you are paying for a time machine. This car is lit TF up. It weighs more than an Abrams tank and drives like a deep sea fishing vessel. From the moment I first laid eyes on her brown, frumpy frame—crafted out of the finest US steel in Andrew Carnegie’s private reserves, I knew my visit to the PNW would be much like a weeklong re-enactment of Dazed and Confused. As I sat on the vinyl bench seat, my jeans tightened while a lit cigarette magically appeared in my mouth. I instinctively flinched, anticipating a parents’ backhand. The nostalgic smells were accompanied by the hypnotizing sounds of a pre-earth day internal combustion engine and a pre-smart phone AM radio. After manually rolling my window down I checked the glove box where I found a pint of warm scotch, a snub-nosed revolver, and $6,000 in various Latin American currencies. I didn’t ask any questions I simply grinned and shook my head. I dropped the Duster into drive and began my journey. The car ran smooth and Amelia was a great host. Have fun in this old school smile machine!
KRuss M. - July 11, 2018
Plymouth Duster 1972
We had a blast driving down the Oregon Coast in this car! Ran great!
Liz O. - July 4, 2018
Plymouth Duster 1972
Great experience driving this!
Boris Z. - August 2, 2018