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AM General HMMWV 1989

11 MPG
4 doors
4 seats

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Drive one of the rarest trucks on the road, an AM General M998 HMMWV (Humvee). If you like loud, roomy, and beefy this truck is a perfect head-turner. Not for the faint-hearted she has been reconditioned into a street legal beast. All military interior includes three point seat belts (no airbags), canvas doors and top. Climate controls are straightforward and will keep you warm, but there is no AC. Just take the doors off (30 seconds) and roll, odds are you will end up talking to onlookers at stoplights. It currently is not set up to tow anything other than military trailers. The truck bed is Rhino-lined and with a few seconds to disconnect the cabin canvas, the interior space is accessible. The bed is 48” L x 52” W with extended space in the cab between passengers. Diesel only! Expect around 11 mpg. Please understand that this is a rough and ready military vehicle designed for off-road use. Creature comforts are minimal. If you are looking for romantic moonlit drives with soft jazz and conversation or rapid acceleration and high speeds this is not the truck for you. It will drive loud with mechanical noises more present than other vehicles. Tire noise, suspension shifts, occasional rattles can be significant especially at 55 mph. On hot days the cooling fan will kick on and make its presence known as well. If you are in a hurry, don't bother. HMMWV's are designed with a max speed of 55 mph. While incredibly nimble - it turns and handles like a car and is very easy to drive- it is slow. 0-55 in 30-ish seconds, putting the hammer down doesn't really affect the time. The diesel motor is designed to throw heavy torque not horsepower (speed). Of course, I find all of these things to be positive features! Take special care when driving and parking in crowded spaces and roads. At more than 7 feet wide it is an off-road beast but often does not fit in a standard parking stall or valet spot, let-alone some roads. Please take special care in tight spaces! Feel free to run naked in the summer with the doors off. It is very simple to remove and replace the doors, easier than a Jeep. Just keep track of the parts. Missing or damaged canvas will incur charges. This is a diesel only truck, repairs for diesel systems are astronomically expensive. Your receipt for diesel refill should be included along with your keys at the end of the trip. There is no "park" for the vehicle. The emergency brake is the only device holding it stationary when off. Do not park on an incline. Starting is simple, ensure the drive selector is on "N", turn the key to the "on" position and wait for the "WAIT" light to click off 12-15 seconds. Start and run normally. Diesel motors don't like to be started and stopped frequently, let her run and she will be happier. Please reach out with any questions at any time on your drive. I will do my best to make sure you have a safe and exciting drive. This is by far my most favorite vehicle I have ever owned and it is my pleasure to let others in on the fun.


Must be 30+ to book
Automatic transmission
All-wheel drive


Light off-road use is acceptable with prior notice of location. Bring her back clean and undamaged. Any damages will incur full replacement and loss of use charges.


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Turo-Dec 21, 2018

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Plano, TX 75075