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The car

Ford Focus 2007

125 trips
28 MPG
Gas (Regular)
2 doors
5 seats

Hosted by

601 tripsJoined Apr 2017
Typically responds in 30 minutes


Get $25 off if you are new to Turo by signing up through this URL! Note that this is not a promo code -- you have to sign up for Turo through this URL to get the discount. The app doesn't allow you to copy and paste it, but you can just type it directly into your browser.: Please note that in order to offer you affordable prices, the car is not cleaned between every rental and could potentially be dirty if a recent renter was a slob. Do not rent this car if you are not ok with this. Please be aware that I may not be available to confirm your trip request and send you key handoff instructions between 11:30pm and 7:30am each day, so you should not request a trip between these times. You may pick up the car between these times if you request the trip beforehand, but be aware that I may not be able to answer questions when you pick up the car if you do that. This Ford Focus delivers a fun ride for a small car that's practical in design and price. Being a small car, it is also very fuel efficient and relatively easy to park. It can seat five. The car has been thoroughly inspected for safety and reliability. It was previously a government fleet vehicle that was retired according to a standard schedule.


Automatic transmission
Long-term car
Pet friendly

Parking details

Please park on the street as close to MacArthur Station as possible without parking in a 2 hour zone or a residential permit area. Don't park in a spot that has street cleaning within the next 24 hours -- and preferably not within the next 3 days. You will be liable if the car gets a parking ticket within 24 hours of the end of the trip after parking in the wrong spot.


Please be sure to clean the exterior and/or interior if it gets dirty. There is a $275 fine for smoking, and I wish it were more because it actually costs more than that to clean up the smell. This fine is for anything that emits smoke -- cigarettes, cigars, joints, etc. During the trip, I have to be able to contact you if there are any problems. Please make sure your phone number is up-to-date and don't allow your phone to run out of batteries. If you are very late and I'm unable to contact you, I will have to assume you have stolen the car, and I will call the police to have you arrested. The car has OnStar, so I can easily find the car if I need to. If you get a flat tire, you have to get it patched or else the wheel could get messed up if you continue driving on it. This is typically very cheap and sometimes even free. Please return the car with the gas tank full, or else you will be charged for the gas plus a $25 admin fine. There is a $50/hr late fee that accrues the second you are late, and it is always rounded up to the nearest hour. The second you are late, you will be charged a $75 fine ($50 late fee + $25 admin fee). There is a $0.29/mi overage fee plus a $10 admin fee that is charged on the miles you have driven over the allotted limit. Even though you can't see the FastTrak transponder, you can still use FastTrak lanes. However, you will need to pay me back after the trip for any tolls.


88 ratings

The car is not the cleanest but it’ll get you to where you need to go. I would probably rent again. Thanks.

Juan P.-Aug 26, 2018

Just want to thank Joe for helping me with this rental. It was a huge help.

Darryl B.-Aug 9, 2018

This car should not be rented. It was disgustingly dirty inside and out. The owner said must have been the last renter, but having been an owner/renter, the Focus looks like it’s gone months since being cleaned. There was sand, rocks, trash, and spilled drinks all over the floor and the seats were gross to touch. The front seat cushion also seems to be broken which made the drive uncomfortable and felt unsafe. I hated having my child in the car, but needed to use it for the weekend. I’m disappointed Turo allows cars like this in its service.

David T.-Aug 2, 2018

Joe’s communication was impeccable but the cleanliness of the car negatively impacted this rental experience. The car was dangerously dirty on the outside as much of the back windows were covered with dust or dirt. This dirt obstructed the view of the car’s blind spots making it difficult and dangerous to switch lanes. If the car was clean, this rental experience would easily be rated 5 stars.

Andy C.-Jun 9, 2018

Joe was completely unresponsive to multiple messages. The car was fine, but dirty. Also had a non-functioning window that wasn't mentioned in the post

Mark L.-Jun 5, 2018

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Oakland, CA 94608