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Mercedes-Benz B-Cl... 2016

4 doors
5 seats

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Mercedes-Benz hatchback B-Class car. Very confortable, secure, fast and quiet. Gets up to 85 miles per charge. Lots of free charging stations around or you can plug it into a regular outlet in a garage. It has laser breaking option which gives a lot of freedom when driving. This car is amazing to drive and a sheer pleasure. Safest and most exhilarating car I have ever owned! If you want to experiment driving a 'quality' electric car, that's a good choice! More reasons why this car is awesome and you should try it: + Loaded with options (Navigation, Leatherette Seats, Parking Sensors, Auto Climate Control) + All electric! + Super speedy (Electric = Max torque from a stop) + Car Charger (Stored in the trunk) + Plenty of trunk space with full of room for 4-5 adults + License Plate is FasTrak registered (drive through the FasTrak lanes and reimburse me later) + HOV-approved stickers attached! You can drive on express line anytime. + Has Michelin special tires that allow: No more Fix-a-flat, no more air compressors, no more spare tires, no more auto jacks, no more tools rattling in the trunk. Thanks for your interest! Michele


Automatic transmission
Audio input
Pet friendly
USB input
Toll pass
Sirius XM radio
Family confortable
must be 25+ to rent
Leather seats
Tesla powered (battery and engine)
Harmon/Karson sound system
Collision prevention assist
Rearview camera 8"


Please return the car clean. Pets allowed but no smoking or vapor. Have fun!


  • How do I charge your car and how far will it go on a charge.
    The car gets up to 85 miles on a charge. At a car charging station, it takes 3.5 hours to go from empty batteries to full. At home, in a 110 outlet, it takes overnight to charge it up. I provide a scan card for Chargepoint stations which gives you access to use them. Some of them are free to use and others charge $1.5/hour. I pick up the cost of charging and you could reimburse me later. So you are driving with easy/low fuel charge. There are lots of chargepoint (and other) charging stations around. Chargepoint has a website and app to help you find them. The cars GPS also will find a charging station for you.


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