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Lexus RC F 2015

68 trips
20 MPG
Gas (Premium)
2 doors
4 seats

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Archie All-Star Host
321 tripsJoined Aug 2014
Typically responds in 2 minutes
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Description $25 Dollars Credit on the link above. 20 Inch Forged Volk Racing Ultra Track Edition Wheels. 20X11 Rear With 295/30/20 Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires. 20x10 Front With 265/30/20 Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires Custom Matte Charcoal Grey Color Lexus, RC stands for “Radical Coupe.” That face certainly is, especially coming from a carmaker typically known for selling Camry-based snooze-inducing luxury SUVs. The Lexus RC itself is a rear-drive coupe that was originally supposed to be the two-door version of the IS compact sport sedan, but ended up being an entirely different car much the same way the BMW 4 Series isn’t just a 3 Series with two fewer doors. The RC goes even further. It isn’t a two-door IS, it was built using three— yes three—existing Lexus vehicles. It’s a god-damn Frankenstein. The front end was ripped out of the GS midsize sedan for handling purposes, says Lexus. The mid-section comes from the last generation IS convertible, for its chassis rigidity and short wheelbase, and the rear, well that’s all the current IS. On to the RC-F: it’s heavily modified by Lexus’ F performance division, which isn’t quite AMG or M but still does interesting stuff. A naturally aspirated, 5.0-liter V8 and an eight-speed automatic transmission were dropped under its hood. 19-inch BBS aluminum wheels, stickier rubber, a stiffer suspension, massive Brembo brakes, and cooling ducts were grafted all over its body to complete the performance package. What you end up with is a juicy ragout of Lexus parts that holds together using new-age laser welding techniques and fancy adhesives. The seats. OH MY GOD THE SEATS! Insanely comfortable. Stunningly attractive. Smooth. Soft. Warm. Cool. Aggressively bolstered and relaxing as hell. This is what Lexus does best; a car in which you could basically live in. The cabin is as quiet as a vault, the suspension, when set to Normal mode, is soft and compliant. The Mark Levinson sound system is absolutely epic. It’s all beautifully well crafted in there, like a Lexus ought to be. There’s no turbo lag, no laggy throttle response, just a raspy intake note with a satisfying growl released from the quad exhaust pipes has tons of grip, so the car hunkers down and launches hard. The end result, according to Lexus, is 467 HP and 389 lb-ft of torque. Acceleration to 60 mph from a standstill is achieved in a claimed at 4.3 seconds. Yet it does so with a face only Godzilla’s mother would love. Whatever you think of it, admit it: this thing looks like nothing else on the road at the moment. But the fundamental reason why this car matters a lot, for me at least, is the fact that it’s the only fast luxury super-coupe out now that comes with a naturally aspirated V8. That’s becoming increasingly rare in the segment. Even Mercedes-AMG has dropped its 6.2-liter brute in favor of a twin-turbo V8. The RC-F may look like it’s from 2045 Tokyo, but its drivetrain has one foot solidly grounded in the past. The RC-F has a trunk and it’s decently sized for grocery bags and other useless cargo you need to carry around. It’s daily-able. A knob dial on the RC-F’s center console allows you to calibrate the car to different drive modes: Sport and Sport Plus. The latter is where you want your Gundam fighter jet on wheels to be, as it radically stiffens up the adjustable dampers, hardens the steering wheel and opens up the active exhaust. The interactive gauge cluster’s center tachometer changes color, increases the size of the fonts, and adds flashing shift bars on each side. As the revs climb, the retractable carbon fiber wing pops up in the rear-view mirror, and the engine suddenly starts to bark, sounding twice as loud. Is this a simulated engine sound? It’s not. It’s a sign the intake noise flap has just opened. What I’m hearing is all motor. And it’s totally gratifying. In the higher rev range, the engine note mutates into a deep, constant and linear mechanical bellow until that V8, seemingly unstressed, crosses the 7,300 RPM redline and hits the limiter in a Lexus-appropriate butter-smooth demeanor- GRAP - PEPAP. My ears are wet. Are they bleeding? No. They’ve just experienced an aural orgasm. I pull the right paddle shifter, the automatic gearbox hands me over another gear on a silver platter. The RC-F tightens its necktie, and the entire process is repeated. ⚠️🚭🚭🚭NO SMOKING! 🚭🚭🚭⚠️ We will charge up to $250 to get the smell out the car. Why book a car from me? ✅ All of my cars will be Hand Washed and Vacuumed 1 day prior to pickup. ✅ Once your reservation is booked I will not cancel it. ✅ I always provide a five star treatment and satisfaction. ✅ I always make sure all my cars are well maintained for a trouble free experience. ✅ All fluid levels are checked and topped off before your trip starts. ✅ Only the best tires for safety and performance on the road.

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Please take a moment to read. There are some rules and guidelines for renting this car. - Premium 91 Pump Gas only. Please provide a copy of the receipt for confirmation. - Guests must return the car Hand Washed and Vacuumed For The Next Renter. - No smoking in the vehicle. This will result in a big fine and neither of us want that to happen. - Please no eating or Drinking in the car. Any sign of spillage will incur a $100 fine. -The car is extremely low so please be careful when parking close to a curb. Each wheel will be photographed before and after and any curb rash will incur a repair fee of $200 per incident - Absolutely no racing of any kind. All High Performance cars on TURO have monitors or apps that monitor and regulate against this. I know it's a sport car and i want you to enjoy it, but keep it legal. -No smoking, Fragrances or air fresheners of any sort in the car. Turo charges up to $250 for smoking or any evidence of smoking in the car. - The car is equipped with an OBD2 Tracker that monitors reckless or off-road driving guest may not tamper with, disable, or remove any devices from the car. If a guest tampers with, disables, or removes a device, Turo, at its discretion, will take proper actions. These may include, but are not limited to, suspending the guest’s Turo account, referring the guest to law enforcement, charging the guest an administrative fee of up to $5000, and/or invoicing the guest the true cost of repairing or replacing the device(


  • Can you take rented cars to the track?
    *******Racing on a drag strip, road course or the street is strictly prohibited.******** The car has a GPS based system that will document any hard acceleration/braking so in the event that something is damaged by abuse it will be easy to prove. Engaging in any Prohibited Uses with a vehicle rented through Turo will be grounds for fines, suspension and/or cancellation of your membership. Engaging in any Prohibited Uses will also eliminate any coverage for the renter for any claims related to physical damage.


70 ratings

Great trip! Helpful host!

Daniel S.-Jun 16, 2019

Very cool and comfortable car, highly recommend!

Reginald R.-Jun 7, 2019

Great host

Javier C.-Jun 3, 2019

Archie hands-down made my first Turo experience amazing and worry-free. He was an absolutely outstanding host that proactively checked in on us to ensure everything was going smoothly and was immediately reachable when needed. The RC F itself was amazing. Will definitely be back to rent from Archie again. Thanks for enabling us to have an amazing Memorial Day weekend!

Wells C.-May 28, 2019

The rental of the RC F went great. Archie is a fantastic person and checked up on us frequently. Would definitely recommend and rent again.

Kevin C.-May 8, 2019

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