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Ford Mustang 1966

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I have an original 1966 Tahoe Turquoise Mustang C-code. I purchased this car from a man in North Carolina. The story is that a women bought the car in '66 for a weekend driver. After about 5 years of little driving, she sadly broke her back. The car sat in her garage for about 35 years until she needed work done around the house. To compensate the contractor, the original owner paid the man with her mustang. The contractor tried to drive it here and then, but after so many years he decided to give up. I purchased the car in February 2017 and started my restoration. Due to the car being in great body shape as having so few miles (35,500), I decided it would be better to keep everything original. I did add non original modifications for convenience such as power steering and power disc brakes on all four wheels; as well as GT Valance exhaust (a personal touch). I also restored the engine, put in new suspension, redid the gas tank and fuel line, and repainted the car to its original color. I am about done with the restoration and can't wait to get the car on the road! I also have the original sticker, receipt, and warranty that came with the car in May 1966!


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