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Aston Martin DB9 2005

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"There are cars that attract attention because they look silly or have simply never been seen before. But none has had the instant effect on so many people from so many different backgrounds as does the DB9 Volante. This is more than just an attractive car: It's the rarest of things: a convertible that's at least as good looking as the coupe on which it's based. More astonishing still, its looks aren't even ruined when the fabric roof is up. So there you have it: The Volante is the best-looking convertible on the market." -Motor Trend But this car isn't all beauty. It also has muscle. This is one of the most high end exotic cars on Turo and with a 6.0L V12 engine, paddle-shifters, and dynamic stability control this car is as thrilling to drive as it is beautiful to look at. If you can find an exotic car rental agency in LA renting a DB9 for less let me know and I'll beat their price. Get behind the wheel of this car and you will feel like James Bond, I guarantee.


Must be 25+ to book
Automatic transmission
Long-term car