The car

Nissan Leaf 2011

58 trips
4 doors
5 seats

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Joined Jan 1970


EV vehicle! 45 mile range. No need for for gas on Kauai. (Please keep in mind a full charge can take 7 or more hours) A slow charger (120V) for home / regular power sources is included with the car for overnight charging. Conveniently located less than 15 minutes from the airport . Keep Kauai Green and drive an electric car. There are many FREE charging stations around the island. Kauai generates almost 50% of it's energy from renewable energy systems. Therefore your EV charge sends money to community solar farms, local biomass power plant, or the owner of rooftop solar panels which keeps more money circulating directly on island instead of off shore billionaires. No fossil fuel needed. Free parking at the Lihue Airport and preferred EV parking stations on the island. +Air conditioning. +Rear View Camera with large screen / GPS +Great Sound System +Battery has a up to a 45 mile range +Charge overnight in any normal household outlet ---110V. 220V hookup is not required!


Automatic transmission
Long-term car
USB input