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Tesla Model S 2014

65 trips
4 doors
5 seats

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Arshad All-Star Host
65 tripsJoined Juni 2017
Typically responds within 1 minute
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************24 HOURS CHECK IN AND CHECK OUT*********** WANA PICK ME UP EARLY MORNING AND DROP ME OFF MIDDLE OF A NIGHT NO PROBLEM!! ***If you have any questions before renting please call or text your FIVE STAR host Arshad @ 972-693-8786 **Every little bit helps!! Get $25 off with my referral code if this is your first time renting on Turo. ******Become a repeat customer, SAVE $$$ and ENJOY MORE. Call or text your FIVE STAR host Arshad @ 972-693-8786**** Tesla Model S 60 comes with 208 miles of range with about 190 miles at current time!! The car comes loaded with every amenity you can imagine and is a beautiful black that never fails to turn heads. There is also plenty of cargo space with a front trunk in addition to the rear trunk. Supercharger enabled and ABSOLUTELY ZERO for gas!!

Business class

This host caters to business travelers.


Automatic transmission


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
Phone mount
This works for almost any phone. This includes a car charger as well. Glove box has three different kind of cables that work for Iphone the latest model and other two work for most andriod phones. Please put them back in the gloves box once done.
Free1 available
Post-trip cleaning
Return the car hassle free, without worrying about cleaning up after your trip. Does not cover upholstery cleaning, spills, stains, pet hair, or smoke removal. $9 totally worth it!!
Unlimited mileage
Never be concerned for going over milleage limit which is 100 miles/day.
Prepaid EV recharge
Save time and make dropoff a breeze by adding this Extra, which allows you to return my car without fully recharging. Please return with at least 65 miles of range. There will be a reimbursement request for $50 if you want this service post trip.

Parking details

Car is parked in the visitor parking spot off of Sagebrush Lane. If you have any trouble please give me a call at my cell: 972-693-8786


Please No Pets, No eating and No smoking. Food smells or spills will be charged a cleaning fee of $250. Smoke smells will be charged a $500 fee. Please return the car with at least 150 miles left in the batery. Vaporizers & Electronic Cigarettes are NOT allowed in the car. If there is any smell generated via Vaporizers & Electronic Cigarettes you will be charged a $500 fee. YOU CAN'T SMOKE IN THE CAR PERIOD!!!


  • Charging
    You can charge for free ONLY at Tesla Super Chargers.. is a useful resource to find local charging stations. The home charging cable will be in the trunk to use for charging via a 120V outlet of a NEMA 14-50 outlet. See for more information.
  • Is there an age limit to rent this car?
    Unfortunately there is. You have to be 24 or older to rent this vehicle.
  • Video, providing information about the operation, of a Tesla Model S
    Always assume that the last 40 miles of charge is not there. If the remaining charge shows 200 miles, you should plan on getting to a charger in 150 miles. The displayed range is under ideal conditions - 55 mph on a freeway, at warm temperatures. Take every opportunity to charge at a supercharger. Even if you have 120 miles left when you are near a supercharger, please go ahead and plug it in for a few minutes. It might save anxious moments later. 3. Use waiting times to charge. On long trips, take breaks at superchargers. Never cut it close. If the car runs out of charge, it will have to be towed on a flat bed truck (AT YOUR EXPENSE). If no supercharger is found, it is preferable to use 220V electrical sockets. These have the NEMA 14-50 or J1772 connectors. They typically charge at 20-25 miles an hour. The 110V chargers will give you just 5 miles an hour. 6. You can use the GPS in the car to find chargers. On a PC or phone, you can use this link:
  • Get $25 off with my referral code if this is your first time renting on Turo
  • Closet Tesla Supercharger from the location of car
    National Harbor (Maryland) 100 National Plaza, National Harbor MD 20745
  • Can I mess with current car settings? Can I trun off Mobile Access and other features?
    Please do NOT and NO!!!
  • Speed limit ON
    Max: 85
  • What if I let the battery go out of charge?
    There’s going to be $500 penalty. This kind of event affects the battery life of the car.
  • How many miles I’ve to bring the car back with left on the battery
    Whatever miles you picked up the car at. For instance if you picked up the car at 150 miles on the battery you will need to bring it back with 150 miles left on the battery. If you fail to do so there will be a $50 convenience charge applied at the end of rent. You can avoid this by taking advantage of prepaid EV feature under extra!! Totally worth it specially in DC.


53 ratings

Magical. Your customer service and car are impeccable. Will do business with you again. Would recommend 100%.

Allison M.-9. Juni 2019

Arshad is a excellent host. Everything about my first turo experience was awesome. The car was amazing and the customer service is better than chic-fil-a! A five star host for sure. Arshad has a genuine spirit and positive energy that you can feel before you even meet him. Thank you for making my daughters 8th grade formal a night to remember. Especially for me being the dad and the chauffeur! I gotta get me a Tesla!!

Anthony Christopher B.-6. Juni 2019

Owner was 30 minutes late. Car was dirty (multiple eye witnesses) and wasn't in the best condtion (small dent in driver door and passendger side rims badly scratched). Had to pay additional fees to get outside of car cleaned by my salon owner errand man. Issues while driving such as dropping mileage while in parked position and car shifting gears while driving. To drop car off in time after getting lost and driving an additional 45 mins because of missing a pivotal turn and going through back woods after a big rain storm, I returned external car muddy and uncharged 10 mins before deadline (10am). As my ex-husband is my witness, I asked owner if he wanted me to take it to get cleaned and charged (charging station was 3 miles away). He said no, that it was ok he would do it because his next customer wasn't due to arrive until 12noon. The owner, however, did state that I would be charge additional fees for going over mileage (technically the car was sitting in park and dropping mileage while waiting for my daughter during prom and after party. I didn't know how to cut the car off without getting out and locking the door.). Later that evening, found that I was charged an additional $201 for going over mileage, returning the car dirty and not charging the car. Needless to say, I won't be renting a car no time soon, especially not a Tesla!

Jonte W.-4. Juni 2019

I have the upmost respect for Mr. Arshad. He truly helps me in my endeavors as it relates to using his vehicle and the support. I recommend using his Tesla S for sure!!! Very reliable vehicle and people always thinks it's a 2019 -2020.

Terrell K.-1. Juni 2019

Arshad was great. He left he FaceTime me to help with the car. I still couldn’t figure it out and he left his job just to help me.

Sherelle A.-18. Mai 2019

Car Location
Laurel, MD 20724

Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport
Washington Reagan National Airport
Washington Dulles International Airport