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Mazda Mazdaspeed 6 2006

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Kamalpreet "kamal"
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This car is unique for me, and that makes me think it would be unique for you. When I was car shopping I realized I had a very limiting set of requirements. In fact there were only 2 other models, not just makes, that I could consider. REQUIRES 93 OCTANE -Performance + smart all wheel drive. Constant operation except for very low speeds and when -the emergency brake is engaged. -Economy. 2.3L Inline 4 engine -Power. 280 lb-ft & 274 HP -Technology. Direct Injection, turbocharging, and heat exchanger (aftercooler). Ten years ago Mazda combined these. Just today it is becoming common for new cars 7/11/16- 4 new competition/summer tires. Synthetic brake fluid 4/29/16- Replaced LF CV axle 4/02/16- Replaced LF bearing 2/28/16-Replaced rear pads, rotors 1/01/16-Shift fork seal, transfer case seals, driveshaft boot, VVT actuator, & more Auto climate control, GPS, and heated seats Sunroof, leather, and AUX input Will provide winter wheels during winter Car is perfectly safe to drive and well maintained, and steadily repaired. RR seat leather is torn.


Manual transmission
Audio input
All-wheel drive
Long-term car


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