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Pontiac G6 2007

50 trips
22 MPG
4 doors
5 seats

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306 tripsJoined Apr 2018
Typically responds in 25 minutes


Full loaded Pontiac g6 V6 engine Leather heated seats Moonroof Steering wheel controls


Automatic transmission
Audio input
Long-term car
Heated seats


44 ratings

Was able to use the car for three additional days, appreciate that a lot. However, the vehicle I used should be removed from Turo until it gets a tune up. The host informed me of exterior damage on vehicle prior to approving my request, and I asked if it was safe and if it ran and drove - and I was told yes. Here are the major issues for which I paid $30 a day. 1. The key would get stuck in the ignition!! I was late to work and appointments THREE different times because it would take 15-20 minutes of finagling around until I found the sweet spot. Again, I’m lucky to be aware of the ignition issues that come with a G6 - but even my G6 was at least manageable. The ignition in the G6 I rented was impossible to figure out and it was a different sweet spot every time. 2. The brake rotors were warped; when driving on the highway, the slightest touch on the brake pedal would cause the wheel to jerk to the left and the entire car would shake violently as it slowed down. 3. Needs an alignment; the wheel had to be turned 15 degrees counterclockwise to make it drive straight down the road. 4. The first night, upon finally getting it to start, BOTH headlights were not working!!!!! Lucky for me, I had a Pontiac G6 once upon a time, so I knew if I banged lightly on the headlights they might work. I tried it with this disaster of a car and it got one of the two headlights to work; I drove it the remainder of the time worried that I would get ticketed for having a burnt out headlight. 5. From the first day I picked it up, the change oil soon notification would always pop up immediately after I started the car. The sticker in the windshield said “next service due 07/18/18 or 103166 miles.” Obviously it is now April of 2019. The mileage on the car was 119754. 7. Finally, I don’t think that it has insurance on it! I was pulled over for the out headlight by a state officer, and he ran the plates and informed me that he could not find any insurance coverage listed for the vehicle I was driving. I hate leaving poor reviews for things like this and usually keep my mouth shut. I’m not picky or a snob; cosmetic damage doesn’t bother me one bit. But this was just flat out wrong. When I’m paying $30 a day, I expect my money to get me a car that starts the first time every time, slows down when you depress the brakes, drives straight down the road, and can be driven at night!! I had to work two hours away from my hometown last week, and all the issues were not apparent until after I had arrived at and settled into my destination. It made more sense to me to just bite the bullet and extend my existing agreement instead of driving back to canton and getting a cheaper, safer option.

Kelsey S.-Apr 7, 2019

The host was great and the car got me to where I needed to go!! Definitely will use her again

Imani W.-Apr 7, 2019

The owner cancelled this trip last minute. This message was automatically posted by Turo.

Turo-Mar 17, 2019

Jacqueline was very nice and easy to communicate with at all times on the car. The vehicle had no issues at all and was super warm and clean with I picked it up. I would recommend her rental service to anyone in the future. I give her a 5 star rating! She definitely made my first time trip to Detroit very fast and easy and plan to use her every time in the near future!

Maya F.-Jan 7, 2019

She is the sweetest woman in Detroit!

Jonas S.-Nov 29, 2018

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Detroit, MI 48235

Up to 25 miles