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Tesla Model S 2014

51 trips
4 doors
5 seats

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Daniel All-Star Host
152 tripsJoined Sep 2016
Typically responds in 4 minutes
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Big sister "Tessy" Model S 85kWh (standard) is available here: Get $25 off your first Turo trip with this link: Summary: -Free Supercharging (Travel ANYWHERE - no gas, no charging costs!), full charge in minutes! -85 kWh battery pack eliminates range anxiety -Rear Wheel Drive (For your safety, keep traction control ON! No burnouts, please!) -Premium Package with High Fidelity Sound and Tan Leather Seats -LTE with Internet Radio -Google Maps with Live Traffic & Navigation SIBLING RIVALRY People naturally assume Jouley is as mild mannered as her older sister, Tessy - especially since they're both Model S's and sport the same 85kWh battery pack. But Jouley hates that. To her, there is no comparison. It's all about bragging rights! She knows she was made to go fast and stand out. She longs for more and settles for nothing less. Though the sisters may look the similar on the outside, you'll probably find Jouley to be a bit more than you bargained for. POWER The first mistake newcomers make with Jouley? Underestimating just how hard she'll throw you back in your seat - even when you think you're ready. Though she lacks the brain-liquefying capabilities of the more modern 100kWh family, Jouley puts out 470 horsepower and 443 lbs of torque - over 120 ft-lbs more than Tessy. The second mistake? Thinking she'll let you get away with 250 miles of range. You'll find her silently begging you to ride her just a little harder and harder each time you step on the pedal. The exhilaration comes at a price: the harder she works to keep you satisfied and smiling, the sooner she needs R&R (rest and recharge)! Know what you're dealing with. SPEED At 4,647 lbs, Jouley's got a hundred pounds over Tessy. A hundred extra pounds of raw, unadulterated talent. With a 0-60mph of 3.9 seconds, you'll find her hanging out with the supercar crowd, with the occasional Corvette and Viper. She still maintains the equivalent of 90 miles per gallon (and like Tessy, she's a 4-door sedan). APPEARANCE Jouley's always dressed for success. She's a deep, metallic blue. She loves wearing her 21-inch high wheels. The slipstream design of her shoes proudly shows off her shiny calipers, painted red. Her carbon fiber rear spoiler sits atop her trunk, subtly complementing her smooth, curvy lines that draw your eyes right down to her... license plate. With her panoramic glass roof, you'll certainly enjoy your adventures with full-view. But please keep your eyes on the road. There's no sugar coating it, Jouley commands attention! EXPERIENCE & EQUIPMENT Looks can be deceiving. Though she's younger than Tessy, Jouley has far more experience putting smiles on her rider's faces. Despite her feisty behavior, she strangely shares her sister's taste for submission (it must be a generation-thing!). She much prefers when you're in control of the wheel, and will never assume to know what you want. No AutoPilot or adaptive cruise control on this one! Jouley is armed with GPS, 4G LTE internet connection (where available) and standard cruise-control, so she can take you anywhere within the US you want to go. Except off-roading. She hates that, too Who says business travel has to be boring? Treat yourself to a better car for your next trip!

Business class

This host caters to business travelers.


This exclusive car has additional safety checks for guests under 30.


Must be 25+ to book
Automatic transmission
Audio input
Long-term car
USB input
Toll pass
Heated seats
Parking Assist (Camera + Chimes)
Panoramic Glass Roof
Leather Interior
Subzero Weather Package
Premium Audio


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
Extra Miles for longer trips, 150 Miles/day
$65/day1 available
Prepaid refuel
Avoid mile overage charges. One block of 150 miles.
Unlimited mileage
Unlimited miles. Drive anywhere within the USA! Cannot leave the continental US.
Post-trip cleaning
This covers Exterior wash and light Interior vacuuming at the end of your trip.

Parking details

Park in front of the townhouse/condominium building on Patience BLVD. Keep the car parked on the right side of the road, and be mindful of the curb. If you have any questions or need further instructions, please contact me.


Like Tessy, Jouley keeps it clean, and expects you to as well! -Absolutely No Smoking of any kind permitted inside Tessy. $200 deodorization fee will apply. Pets are allowed, restrictions apply. Contact me for more details! As per Turo's policy: You are REQUIRED to have your driver's license on you during pick-up, and must allow me to take a picture. This serves as proof that you are the driver. Temporary licenses are NOT accepted!


  • Do you have any tracking devices installed?
    Yes, Jouley has a built-in tracking ability from Tesla and a device that records driving behaviors. By choosing to rent her, you agree to be monitored periodically and not tamper with the settings. This is for your and Jouley's safety. Information collected will only be used to determine the chances of theft and/or provide guidance on charging. Information collected is never saved and deleted upon Jouley's safe return. It is your primary responsibility to make sure you don't run out of charge, however if I notice you are driving out of range from any charging stations on limited battery, I may notify you. No one likes being stranded!
  • Do you charge any fees?
    Nobody likes fees. I will do my best to avoid them, but Turo has the final say. The fees chargeable are outlined as: CLEANING I expect you to respect Tessy. Please keep her in good condition! Cleaning (Exterior): $15 Cleaning (Interior): $25 Pet damage: (amount varies on damage and replacement cost) Odor / Smoking: $200 DAMAGES You must take clear photos of the entire vehicle (inside and out) for documentation upon pickup and drop off. Failure to disclose or intentionally hiding damages will result in administrative fees (in addition cost of damages) EXTENSION / LATE Turo requires you to operate the vehicle only within the rental period. If you are going to be late, please contact me immediately. If Tessy's schedule allows it, you should consider extending your trip on Turo by one day. Otherwise, Turo will charge you a late fee which ends up being far costlier. MILEAGE Please do not exceed the allotted miles on the trip. Keep in mind that mileage fees are assessed PER MILE! If you have a special itinerary or mileage request, let me know BEFORE your trip so I can try my best to accommodate you. Tessy also needs the appropriate amount of time to get ready for any big adventures! TAMPERING As per Turo's policy, you may not tamper with any tracking devices installed in the vehicle. Tessy is always connected to Tesla. However, the internal setting to allow mobile monitoring most always remain ENABLED. No exceptions! TOLLS You will be charged for any toll expenses you incurred during your rental period. Please keep in mind these charges are typically assessed after your rental period has returned. DFW Airport has a mandatory toll charge for entry/exit, but I will waive two charges for DFW airport pickup/drop off. TOWING In the event Tessy needs to be towed (depleted battery, repossession, parking violation, etc), you will be charged all costs related to towing.
  • What are Jouley's favorite hobbies?
    The only hobby Jouley shares with Tessy is modeling. They both love to look good! While Tessy frolics with
  • Where can I charge Jouley?
    Don't worry about range anxiety! There are many charging stations located throughout DFW. I will provide guidance and suggestions. Tesla is building more superchargers throughout DFW, making charging a breeze!
  • Can I do a burnout?
    The short answer: For your safety and Jouley's sake, NO! The long answer: Jouley was made to have fun. If you wish you disengage the safety measures, you MUST let me know ahead of time! I will measure tread depth of all tires and you will be charged additional based on the amount of tires you used during your trip. You must obey all traffic laws and regulations! Jouley is remotely monitored, so any undisclosed driving behaviors causing excess wear and tear will be subject to additional penalty.
  • Can I race?
    Unfortunately, no. While I know it is incredibly tempting to test your limits and skill, racing is strictly prohibited and against Turo's terms of service. Remember, Jouley is remotely monitored - so any driving behaviors that seem to violate the terms of service will be reported to Turo and (depending on severity) the local law enforcement agency.
  • Can I take Jouley to Mexico?
    Unfortunately, no. Jouley is not allowed outside of the USA.
  • Is Jouley speed limited?
    Yes, but it’s for your own safety! She’ll be limited to 90mph: far more passing speed than you’ll need!
  • Do you have a referral code for Tesla?
    Yes! You can use my Tesla referral link for free Supercharging on Model S, Model X or Model 3 Performance. You can also get a 5-year extended warranty on solar panels.


46 ratings

Daniel was great! He explained features tips on where and how to charge it...responds complaints at all !

AUDREY D.-May 26, 2019

Great communication!

Kelvin G.-May 18, 2019

The car was great! Daniel was out of town during my rental but pickup and drop off was still a breeze. Any questions I had were promptly answered. I would recommend this car and Daniel to anyone and will rent from Daniel again when I’m back in the area.

Matthew S.-May 12, 2019

I Loved the car

Myiesha J.-May 5, 2019

Daniel was very flexible and a pleasure to do business with. I loved Joulie from start to finish. I will absolutely be renting from him in the future. Absolutely recommend Daniel and Joulie!

Brian T.-May 2, 2019

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Dallas, TX 75236

Dallas Love Field
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