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Porsche 928S 1985

2 doors
4 seats

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Car is a 5 speed manual 928S with about 76k miles. The car is in immaculate shape with just a few dings on the front left corner (someone backed into it when it was parallel parked on the street a few weeks ago). The car has a dealer plate on it, but is not a dealer car. It is apart of my family's private collection and we trade cars every now and then. This is my personal car (owned outright and clear). Car has bluetooth functionality and a great sound system. Car drives and acts as if it is a day old from the factory. Very fun, rare, and unique looking car. Things to note: -This car is VERY fast. It has a good ol' V8 You can easily oversteer/ lose the rear end if not careful. Especially if it is raining, car tends to lose traction so please be careful and DO NOT CRASH. -The car has a brand new clutch/shift linkage so it is as smooth as it gets. Pulling from 2nd gear to 3rd gear is truly the best part of my day when driving this car. -The car is really loud as it has an aftermarket exhaust that makes it louder as well as an aftermarket flywheel that tends to chatter. -Please DO NOT REDLINE! The car is sensitive to redlining, and you could damage my tension belts, etc. The car will let me know if it has been redlined or driven in excess of 110 mph. -The car sits low, so you have to watch out for ditches and hard bumps. It bottoms out occasionally, and you'll definitely hear it. However, this is normal as I do it every now and then on accident.


Must be 30+ to book
Manual transmission
USB input