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Tesla Model S 2016

68 trips
4 doors
7 seats

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Trevor All-Star Host
138 tripsJoined Mar 2018
Typically responds in 2 minutes
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Discover for yourself why there is so much buzz about Tesla. Pay $0 for gas. This is a gorgeous red $112,000 Tesla Model S 90D Long Range with black leather and loaded. • Quiet, instant acceleration (4.2 sec 0-60; • feels like you're flying a fighter jet), • safest car ever made (NHTSA), • seats 5 adults + 2 kids, • tons of storage space front and rear, • handles wonderfully with extremely low center of gravity. • Massive 17" touchscreen, • Panorama tinted sunroof covering entire roof; • adjustable air suspension; • winter driving package including heated steering wheel, all five seats, rear-view mirrors and wipers. • Bluetooth, USB chargers, etc. Autopilot. If you are on a long freeway drive, you'll be amazed at how much less fatigued you will be when you arrive, with autopilot doing the steering and active cruise control for you. It's a completely new experience in driving! The 17" touchscreen screen (that's the size of two iPads!) features huge navigation maps, web browser, streaming music (Slacker), podcasts (TuneIn), contacts/calendar, rear camera, energy use, smartphone interface, etc. No other car on the market has anything close to these kinds of driver aids and amenities, and on such a large, easy-to-use screen. Enjoy other great features such as asking the car to play virtually any song, or saying your destination to the car and having it bring up directions for you instantly, as well as predicting your starting and ending charge level, suggested stops at chargers, their locations, etc. Check out all three of our Teslas here on Turo: Model S 90D, Model X 90D, and Model 3 Performance AWD. Click my profile and then select “Trevor’s Cars”. We absolutely love driving a Tesla, and hope you love it as much as we do! Thanks for looking at our page here on Turo. Comes fully charged with ~280 miles of range. You can charge it at any Tesla Supercharger station for free or at any FREE or paid Level 2 charger (necessary adapter provided). You can bring the car back on close to empty, so you save a lot in fuel expense and hassle vs other car rentals. Note: we use a wonderful company called Hassle Free Car to manage our Turo listing, so your initial replies will be from the awesome team at Hassle-Free car. Location: the car is at a gorgeous, brand new $36M covered parking facility 7 minutes from Denver International Airport called Fine Parking. Be sure to enjoy some free popcorn by the fireplace in the lobby. If you live locally here in Colorado, there are of course many ways to get to DIA: by Uber, train, RTD bus, Airport shuttles, etc. If you are booking a longer trip (5 days or more), and airport pickup won't work for you, message me and we'll see what we can work out. --- This car is located at FINE AIRPORT PARKING - 7 minutes shuttle ride, and cleaning is always included! --- ------ DELIVERY & RETURN AT DEN FINE AIRPORT PARKING ------ The car will be made available at the brand new, state-of-the-art facility, FINE Airport Parking, just 7-8 minutes from the airport with shuttles running constantly. To catch the shuttle from the airport, go to LEVEL 5 (the same level as baggage claim) and proceed out to ISLAND 5. Look for a yellow and black FINE Airport Parking Shuttle near the Off Airport Parking area. If you don't see one, hang out for a few minutes and a shuttle will pull up shortly. The shuttles do run 24/7. When you get on the shuttle, let the driver know you're picking up a Turo car and they'll take you right to it. To return the car just bring it back to the FINE Airport Parking facility and the attendant up front will point you in the right direction to park. As soon as you're ready to go, a shuttle will take you from your car right up to the airport terminal with little to no wait. ------ PETS ------ Pets ARE NOT allowed in this vehicle at any time - to both protect the vehicle and help future renters with specific allergies. Any pet hair and pet dander found in vehicles may incur additional fees. ------NO SMOKING OF ANY KIND------- ------ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED ------ We do everything we possibly can to make EVERY renter happy with their experience. If you rent from us and you have a wonderful experience, please do us a HUGE favor and leave us a 5-STAR REVIEW. If you rent from us and something wasn't quite to your satisfaction, PLEASE let us know as quickly as possible through the Turo message feed so we have the opportunity to make it right.

Business class

This host caters to business travelers.


This exclusive car has additional safety checks for guests under 30.


Must be 25+ to book
Automatic transmission
Audio input
All-wheel drive
Long-term car
Child seat
USB input
Toll pass
Snow tires or chains
Heated seats
Black leather seats
Full-roof panoramic sunroof.
Huge 17" touchscreen.
Heated seats (all five)
Heated steering wheel, wipers, mirrors
Streaming internet
17” web browser on central screen
Streaming Slacker internet radio
TuneIn Internet Podcasts on 17” screen
500HP, Dual Motor AWD, 0-60 in 4 secs
Pay $0 for gas. Charging is free.
Special ordered multi-coat red
Tons of storage in trunk, plus 60/40
Additional storage in front trunk.
Voice and map GPS on huge 17” screen
Voice commands for music
Say destination, Nav plots out for you
Two motors, fully redundant.
Air Suspension


Add optional Extras to your trip at checkout.
Child safety seat
Booster seat for 4 years old and up.
$12/day1 available

Parking details

If you are bringing your car, parking is available for vehicles left behind during your trip. Please visit to reserve your space!


DO NOT WASH No pets. No smoking of *any* kind. No need to return car full. We'll charge it up for you when you return. No racing or reckless driving.


  • How do I get in? The door handles are flush to the vehicle?
    The car will automatically unlock and door handles will pop out as soon as the car senses the fob. You don't need to click the fob. Just leave it in your pocket or purse. If for some reason the door handles don't pop out and you do have the fob with you, simply press on a handle, and it will present to you.
  • Since it has no key, how do I turn it on?
    As soon as the car senses the fob, it automatically unlocks and turns on. Just put your foot on the brake, put it in gear, and you're off!
  • When I lift my foot off the accelerator pedal, why does it feel different than other cars?
    Electric cars use regenerative braking. As you ease off the throttle pedal, the electric motor slows the car down. Ease off just a tad, and the car slows down only a little; lift your foot off completely, and the car slows down a lot, as though you had your foot on the brake. You'll soon find that you rarely need to use the brake pedal!
  • How do I use the Nav?
    By voice: press and hold down the voice icon button on the right side of the steering wheel, then say "Navigate to ________", stating either the address, the name of the business, or just the town, if not going to a specific location in a town. Examples: "Navigate to 123 Cherry St, Denver, Colorado". "Navigate to Vail, Colorado." "Navigate to Starbucks".
  • The toolbar icons at the top of the screen just disappeared. How do I get them back?
    It does this automatically to give you the largest possible navigation screen. Just tap the map screen anywhere, and the top toolbar will re-appear.
  • How do I make an app on the touchscreen full size?
    Swipe the app up or down.
  • Where is the parking brake?
    The car sets the parking brake automatically when you park. If you need to engage it manually, press firmly on the brake pedal until you see the gray icon on the dash behind the steering wheel.
  • How do I lock the car?
    Just walk away, with the fob in your purse or pocket. Alternately, you can click the top of the fob, and you'll see the door handles go in flush to the car.
  • How do I find charging locations?
    Touch the lightning icon on the right side of the navigation map, and you'll see all the locations of Tesla Superchargers. Touch any of those dropped pins, and the Nav will start the route to that location.
  • How do I charge?
    At the top of the screen, touch the lightning icon. Then touch "Open Charge Port". The charge port, at the back left side of the car, opens. Take the charge cable and insert it all the way into the port with a firm push.
  • How do I stop charging?
    On the charge cable handle, there is a faint button that is flush. This is a little hard to find at first. Press and hold it it until the LED lights around the charge port turn to light blue. Then pull the charge cord out of the charge port.


56 ratings

Trevor was outstanding. Great to do business with.. highly recommend

Ed N.-Mar 28, 2019

Trevor was very responsive, and the experience was fantastic. If your in Denver, his Tesla is the best value hands down. Book his car. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Luca B.-Mar 13, 2019

Awesome and exceptional! I can’t speak highly enough about my experience renting Trevor’s Tesla! Because I am a Tesla owner, I already know the car is amazing. And because I am a Turo host, I now know Trevor is amazing too! My sincerest of appreciations for accommodating my quick trip on short notice! Communication and details were above and beyond - making for the most convenient and smoothest of trips I have ever had! I strongly recommend Trevor and his Tesla and most definitely would rent from him again!

Levi B.-Mar 7, 2019

I was excited to drive a Tesla, and the overall experience was good. Unfortunately there were a few technical issues with the vehicle. The charging door was in malfunctioning which lead to an alarm for a good portion of the drive. Not a big deal, and if that were the only issue this would have been a five star review. The front passenger door did not open from the outside. Horribly inconvenient to have a passenger wait outside until I could enter the vehicle and open the door from there. Had this not been in the higher price range of the Tesla S rentals, again this could have been forgiven. Great car, disappointing experience. Additionally, the car was not as clean as I would have expected at this price point.

Christopher E.-Feb 26, 2019

Trevor is the ultimate Turo host. The car was great and any questions were answered really quickly. What a fun week!

Matt O.-Feb 21, 2019

Car Location
Aurora, CO 80019

Denver International Airport