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Ford Focus 2006

8 trips
27 MPG
5 doors
5 seats

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We are happy to list our 5 door hatchback Ford Focus. This car has had two owners, my dad who bought it new from the dealership, and me. It's been a great car and more than dependable. I brought it up to Alaska about 5 years ago and we use it primarily as a spare 'town' car when we don't need our SUV. It has seen plenty of adventure, but doesn't have too many hard 'Alaska' miles on it. The back seats fold down to accommodate lots of luggage. We keep it clean, but do have a dog that travels with us, so it's not squeaky clean. The CD player doesn't work. I can throw a bike rack on it if you prefer. My wife and I were inspired to list our vehicle after we had friends and family up for Alaskan wedding last year. We saw firsthand how the rental car companies were fleecing people up here with exorbitant prices. We like the idea of helping backpackers, explorers and people looking to do Alaska 'on the cheap'. We're happy to talk through your trip and adventure ideas so you get the Alaska experience you're looking for.


Automatic transmission
Long-term car