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AM General Hummer Humvee M998 1988
Easy, fun, and a great adventure!!! Easy— great, fast, clear communication from Matt (thank you!!!). Felt totally prepared and had all info in advance. My first Turo rental and I had a lot of questions!! Fun!! — this truck is awesome. The videos Matt provided on the small things that are different from a standard car were helpful so we were able to just have fun!! We cruised Palm Springs which is the perfect backdrop for this beast of a truck! The sound system is high quality and we could stream music via Bluetooth which was kind of surprising in what otherwise is a purely functional vehicle. Adventure — it’s not a regular rental car. It’s an experience and an adventure. Heads turn!! People want to talk about the Humvee everywhere you drive as it’s so awesome but also authentic. This thing is not for the shy driver but someone who wants to have a blast and make a statement! Wish I could rent it again for the music festivals. Lots of room for storage and leg room for friends in the back.
Hope H. - April 4, 2019
AM General Hummer Humvee M998 1988
My son and his team of student filmmakers at NYU needed a military looking car for a short film taped in Bombay Beach, CA. I had to reserve the car in my name, pick-it up, drive it to the scene for filming and return it back, but I didn't control the time. Matt was great in allowing the student producer to make an agreement to reserve the car knowing some details can change. This was a super important project that makes a difference in few college students' careers. As proud parents, my wife and I were nervous about every detail and wanted to help in every way we can. Matt made it less stressful with quick communication, flexibility, understanding and trusting us to work together for the success of a college project. The Humvee did the job beautifully and was returned back to Matt in great condition. We value the prop. We believe this film will win awards as some 20 students worked so hard to make it happen. You will be driving not just a neat looking Humvee, but a celebrity one! Thank you, Matt. We truly appreciate how understanding and nice of a man you are. Best wishes to you and the Humvee.
Hazim P. - March 25, 2019
AM General Hummer Humvee M998 1988
Wow, couldn’t have asked for a cooler ride. “The only car with unlimited miles on Turo in LA,” was the reason we booked this beast. It turned out great. Definitely not as complicated as it sounds to operate. It kept up on in the carpool lanes @ 70-80+mph! Very good handling! The looks came from all angles. No AC was NO PROBLEM. HUMVEE is as describe and Matt was super responsive to any questions/concerns I had!my only regret is not renting it for longer... will definitely rent again soon! THANKS MATT!!
Dawson J. - August 23, 2018
AM General Hummer Humvee M998 1988
In the environment of L.A. road rage, the Hummer is your trump card. I found it more manageable than expected and could place it in my lane and parallel park. Frankly, a large SUV would have been more difficult. This was a bucket list experience for me and I'm glad it is now fulfilled.
George L. - August 31, 2018
AM General Hummer Humvee M998 1988
This Humvee is the real deal! Nothing like getting to experience a true ex-military M998 Humvee. Matt’s truck is surprisingly easy to drive, and you’ll get tons of waves from people who appreciate this vehicle’s history and capabilities. Pick up and drop off were super easy, and Matt was incredibly helpful throughout the process. Would definitely rent again. Thanks!
Ethan T. - November 20, 2018
AM General Humvee 1987
This thing turns heads everywhere you go and drives like a real truck. Definitely love all the random additions Mani has added to this truck. Will be renting again for sure
ZOEB F. - February 6, 2019
AM General Humvee 1980
It was a BLAST. Highly recommended!
Long N. - August 30, 2019
AM General HMMWV 1988
Very very cool, this car is meant to be driven in the Miami ocean drive. Highly recommend Joe’s HMMWV.
Bhuvan C. - May 19, 2018
AM General Humvee 1989
Real deal Humvee was awesome!my son and his friends had a blast. Deryl and his wife are great. Marked this vehicle in my favorites. Will definitely rent from them again.
Carlos L. - June 2, 2018
AM General Hummer Humvee M998 1988
The Humvee experience is great and driving Gracie around LA was surprisingly easy. The truck is huge but the dimensions are clearly visible. Old school diesel V8 lacks power a bit so you prepare to do "pedal to the metal" pretty often :) Thanks to Matt and Turo for such an opportunity!
Andrej C. - August 27, 2018
AM General Hummer Humvee M998 1988
We had a great time in Gracie, she was outstanding. Matt was a great communicator and everything taken care of. Thank you!
Simon T. - December 6, 2018
AM General Hummer H1 1980
Great service. Great owner. Highly recommend
Al B. - August 14, 2019
AM General Humvee 1987
The Humvee was awesome. It gets the people going!
Jesse M. - March 29, 2019
AM General Humvee 1980
Mike was great to work with and the Humvee was a blast to drive around in!
Ryan S. - May 27, 2019
AM General Hummer Humvee M998 1988
Amazing day in the desert shooting w friends. Gracie was the perfect ride for the occasion. Matt was very helpful and Gracie looked and ran great. Can’t wait to book her again for the next desert adventure
Mike B. - April 23, 2019
AM General Humvee 1987
Awesome Humvee, you don't get a chance to drive one often or ever !, owner is really cool as well. Perfect overall.
Matin N. - May 16, 2019
AM General HMMWV 1988
Joseph is very cool to work with, he got some nice rides.
Kenny R. - May 5, 2018
AM General Humvee 1989
Deryl was very accommodating. Picked us up from MIA airport, on time (early in the morning) and was detailed explaining how The General worked. He was flexible with our schedule and the cool factor of the General AM was off the charts. HIGHLY recommend it for cruising around Miami/South Beach with your crew. We loved it and Deryl was great.
Michael R. - July 10, 2018
AM General Hummer Humvee M998 1988
I love the Humvee jus needs better sound system
Marvin B. - September 2, 2018
AM General Hummer Humvee M998 1988
Great experience with Matt’s Humvee! Matt was really supportive during the process and we had a fun time driving Gracy outside LA.
Kaourantin D. - August 1, 2018
AM General Hummer Humvee M998 1988
Gracie the Humvee was awesome. Got a lot of compliments and thumps up in it. Our kids had a blast riding in it as well. Matt was great, he kept communication with us before, during and even after to see how it was working out with Gracie. Will definitely be getting again soon.
Marta C. - October 29, 2018
AM General Hummer Humvee M998 1988
👍 Awesome Ride for cruising up the PCH and Malibu Mountains 👍
Johno W. - October 20, 2018
AM General Hummer Humvee M998 1988
Gracie worked out great. Matt was terrific to deal with. Great communication and everything worked out just fantastic. Had an awesome time.
John E. - November 28, 2018
AM General Hummer Humvee M998 1988
This was a great experience! The owner Matt is very detailed and easy to work with. I appreciate the clear direction and communication about the pickup/drop off and the instructions for the vehicle. The Humvee was a blast and I really enjoyed it! She ran great and met all my expectations. Thanks so much Turo and Matt for a great trip!!
Tim B. - December 11, 2018