Jeep Liberty2003
$ 29
per day
Jeep Liberty
Too much Jeep for one driver, so me and my human have agreed to an open relationship. I may be a 2003, but I run smooth as a baby's bottom, and don't look a day before 2011; ka-chow! I'VE GOT ROOM FOR FOUR, MY REAR SEATS FOLD DOWN; I CAN HAUL A LOAD. This cougar...ummm Jeep, is ready to ride. Vroom...Vroom!

I AM NOW; APPLE, BLUETOOTH, USB & AUX FRIENDLY! Pair w/my Pioneer sound system to stream your music, enjoy hands-free calling, or control your IPod/IPhone. Let PANDORA know how you feel about their music; you can thumbs up/down, create a mix station, etc., all via the receiver. If you are not a fan of pink (color the Pioneer illuminates for my human), you can change the glow to suit your mood. My human leaves the instruction book in my drivers side door, she will also provide on-site instruction if requested.

I AM EQUIPPED WITH AN IPASS which you are free to use, if you reimburse my human for the tolls.

There is some kind of RACK ON MY HEAD, but my human isn't sure what it is (silly human). All my insides are NEW; TRANSMISSION, ENGINE, AND ALL THE STUFF THAT CONNECTS TO THE TRANS AND ENGINE. I WILL SPARKLE WHEN YOU MEET ME, please return me clean, or the human will charge a $20 cleaning fee.

I live 3 blks from orange line, 1.5 miles from pink line, and less than two miles from Metra. My human and I CAN MEET YOU AT ALL THOSE LOCATIONS I'm also only a short 3 miles from downtown Chicago. Talk to the human if you require downtown pick-up. Oh yeah, ME AND MY HUMAN WILL MEET/DROP OFF AT MIDWAY AIRPORT!
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • All-wheel drive
Car location
Chicago, IL 60608
Chicago Midway International Airport