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Toyota Tacoma 2018
Beautiful truck. Great rental drives wonderful
Brandon D. - January 21, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2008
Best truck rental available. Jonathan is an awesome guy. Very very pleasant to work with.
Dwayne K. - December 23, 2017
Toyota Tundra 2013
Very nice truck and rental experience. Highly recommend A++
Joel W. - January 2, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2012
Michael was great, real flexible. And great truck would recommend for any person who needs a truck rental
Jeremy H. - April 16, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2008
Melvin was a great guy to rent a car from! The Tacoma is great to use! Good communication and friendly!
David E. - March 19, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 1995
Chris was professional and responded to my rental request when several others on Turo did not during a holiday week. Good truck rental, for the price. Will rent again!
Scott D. - November 28, 2017
Toyota Tacoma 2017
Loved our truck rental + very lovely owners! They were kind, great communicators, and provided extras for us to use—umbrella, cooler, etc. I would definitely rent from them again.
Cortney G. - April 9, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2016
Great car rental from James. Would recommend his services.
Ryan H. - March 13, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 1995
I will definitely rent Chris's toyota Tacoma again. Chris is very nice and is flexible and accommodating. I loved her truck and found it to be a perfect size for me (5'5").
Julie L. - December 7, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2006
It was really great to get to rent a truck, let alone a Tacoma for the day trip I took up to the mountains! The 4WD came in very handy and it was a chance to get an extended test drive of a truck I want to buy one day!
Jason F. - November 20, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2004
Easy & wonderful trip - the truck did us well, would definitely rent a car from Q next time we are in Seattle - thank you so much!!
Alexi W. - May 5, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2016
This is the 2nd time I've rented from Robert because the remote handoff process is really convenient. It's the way all car rental should be. The truck was great. My nephew wanted to buy it.
Michael K. - October 25, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2014
This was very convenient. Jason was very responsive, especially when I needed to extend a few days. The pickup and drop off location was easy on the Ewa side of Waikiki (with parking if needed- a huge bonus for anyone visiting). The truck met my expectations. It was a little bigger than I expected, but that would be an advantage for those that need the cargo space. I will gladly rent this vehicle again if the need arises.
Gary S. - March 19, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2006
I needed to move a couch and bring it to a friend and didn't want to go through the hassle of going to rent a truck/uhaul. A friend recommended Turo and my experience with Kasim was great! He responded back super fast and had absolutely no issues. I would rent from him again.
Paula O. - March 3, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2014
Shams was fantastic! Second year in a row we used his truck. Our car seat worked great in the back too. Best car rental option on Oahu. Mahalo Shams.
Alyson F. - March 13, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2014
Easiest car rental experience I’ve ever had. Truck was in great condition and I had no problems whatsoever. Definitely going to rent from Shamsul again when I come back
Aaron J. - July 17, 2018
Toyota Tundra 2008
We decided to rent a car at 1:30pm and by 2:30pm we were on the road! Logan was great with communication and the truck was perfect for a mini half-day roadtrip
Abbie R. - October 23, 2017
Toyota Tacoma 2017
Jared was great, the truck was awesome too. Very nice vehicle to explore AZ, plenty of space for our gear and the enclosed bed was great for mountain bikes. I got compliments on the truck along the way and when I explained it was a Turo, folks were shocked. Never rent a boring car again!
Daniel C. - January 5, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2016
This was my first car rental I have ever had and it couldn’t have been better. Pick up and drop off was simple and easy, the truck was a smooth ride with lots of power for those up hill climbs, if I am ever in Seattle again I will definitely be coming back to Jose and his Tacoma.
Adrian M. - July 22, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2017
Dominic made our travels much easier, the vehicle provided was clean and top of the line. This was at a cost of half of what the car rental places want to charge. We definitely will use this app and Dominic again when traveling to WA.
Darian A. - December 27, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2006
First of all Robert is the nicest guy! Just like family. Super clear communication from the get go. Instantaneous pickup and delivery to the gate at the airport. You just can no beat that. His Toyota Tacoma was clean and had very low miles and was in excellent condition. That Tacoma is an extremely peppy truck, and has a very efficient engine, great gas mileage, in all a very cool thing to drive. Also by the way, I am 6’2” and this sure beats some tiny rental car😄! Thank you Robert! I paid a lot less to rent the vehicle from him than I would have if I had gone to one of the big car rental car companies. I could not possibly be happier with this service. Absolutely FIVE STARS *****!
Michael M. - March 5, 2018
Toyota Tundra 2018
Thank you! This was my first experience with Turo and it could not have been easier! The truck was spotless, super comfortable for the four of us, and made schlepping all ski gear a breeze. The truck handles well in the snowy conditions and pick-up and drop off was easier than any rental car company.
Kathi K. - February 19, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2016
Jesse Jaguar's Sexy Sand color War Machine was hands down the most american land conquering truck I've ever had the pleasuring of sitting in. The truck's seat warmers are only there to evaporate the drops of pee you make from the crowd stopping roar the solid steal engine makes after pressing the 'push to start' button. Rest assured the window wipers work above and beyond expectation to handle the tons of under garnets that will be throw at you during every bump free mile of your trip. This truck makes even the most annoying NJ U turn a thing of past as you can simply scale any barrier while scaring the living tale lights of all vehicles in the on coming lanes as they instantly shutdown out of respect for this majestic mechanical piece of art work. Be for warned, however, that the toll prices will sky rocket due to the need to repair the roads as these indestructible tires demolish and turn the paved NJ roads back into mud and mother earth herself waves and thanks you after every mile. This hell fire created monstrosity is truly a work of heaven and earth and will create an action scene that would make the fast and furious weep with joy out of pure jealously as you simply change lanes. Finding a parking spot also becomes a thing of the past as you can simply put the truck in park and it will automatically ram through the front door and dare anyone to say something to it. Jesse Jaguar truly has the most bad ass truck on the planet and if you are a fraction of the man his mullet is you will rent this truck and experience the rush of staying at an empty 6 flags park for 1000 years while avoiding both dragons and a zombie communist army as you plow over them again and again while enjoying the Superman ride from the comfort of the bullet proof tailgate! Experience the sexual equivalent of Molly that will make you never enter the driver seat of another vehicle again. The tissues in the truck are genital reminder of how thoughtful the legend Jesse Jaguar is as you will need them as your rental comes to and end and have to rethink how you can move on past your glorious time inside his military grade Tacoma.
Colby M. - February 21, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2007
This was my first time with Turo and Josh made the experience so easy! He was very quick to respond to all my questions and the truck was awesome for skiing in Breckenridge. We were able to carry skis and boards and corn hole plus suitcases with no problem. I would definitely rent from Josh again!
Kelly N. - February 23, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2007
You rent the vehicle but you get the owner. Josh was a wonderful accompaniment. His instructions were spot on perfect for pick up and drop off. He remained available and accommodating. The bottled water was a nice and needed touch. Josh's truck is very well maintained and of course it is dependable.... it's a Toyota! The camper suited our needs perfectly and my boys loved it! Thanks Josh. If we are afforded the opportunity to visit the area again we will rent again from you.
John A. - February 20, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2010
Ching was awesome! Great communicator and was on site when returned the car. Very easy and painless so much better then trying to go to a normal car rental place!
Justin B. - May 17, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2018
This was our first time using Turo. It was cost effective & totally convenient. So much better than waiting in a regular car rental line & being hassled at the counter. And the Tacoma was much cooler. Thanks for a great trip!
Sara E. - June 29, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2016
Oscar made our quick trip to Oregon incredibly easy and stress free regarding our car rental. The vehicle was clean and fun to drive! When we come back, we will definitely be renting again from him!
Rebecca J. - July 3, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2014
Most times You will get what you pay for in a rental car. I use to always recommend sticking to the majors including Hertz, Avis, National, Enterprise, etc. however since I tried Turo I have been recommending it to anyone who asks. I just rented a Toyota Tacoma from Surja in San Jose CA for less then I could with any of the regular rental car companies. Everyone I have rented from has been very friendly and easy to deal with no weirdos or scams. Surja is no different but I have to give him a five star ratting as he went the extra mile. Surja is not only a great guy and easy to deal with, He is professional friendly, and fast. Surja had the truck waiting for me when I arrived no lines no waiting nothing. The Truck is a newer truck and ran perfect I had no concerns on my trip regarding the truck rental. I really liked Suraja he is a great testament to what it’s like to rent from Turo and he just like you or me not a paid employee just being nice because he has to be. His truck was clean well maintained full of gas so I didn’t have to do a thing but show up. Surja lets you rent immediately which is particularly amazing and helpful. I also really appreciated Surja being there when I picked up the truck on time and answering all my questions. The last thing you want is to not know what’s going on when your renting someone else’s car. I'm speculating from my own experience that you if you rented a comparable truck here in the Silicon Valley for a few days you would pay around $200/with all fees, not including insurance. If you're buying insurance/waivers, that could double the price. Then you have to wait in lines try to negotiate a better car then the one they try to pass off as the car you wanted. If the person is nice you are lucky often I feel I’m lucky if I make it out the door with a rental I like. Turo is so different it’s easy quick convenient and so much cheaper. The best part is you can try different cars you get what you want and you meet pretty cool people in the process. If your in the San Jose area give it a try and look for Suaja. His cars are great and he is so easy to deal with.
Eugene P. - December 21, 2017
Toyota Tacoma 2007
This was an excellent vehicle for my trip. In terms of value it was much better than any car rental options! Chris was super helpful and available every step of the way to help resolve any issue that came up. Would be delighted to book from him again!
George D. - March 29, 2018
Toyota Tundra 2005
This was our first experience with Turo. On the way to Hawaii our fights were delayed twice throwing our original schedule out the window. Don was very flexible, helpful, and communicative. We will definitely use Turo again and hope we can rent a car from Don.
Adam S. - February 19, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2007
Melvin made it too easy to rent a car from him. A must if you want a great vehicle, and an easy transaction! You will not be disappointed in the car or Melvin for your car renting needs in Kauai! 10/10!
Zach H. - July 18, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2009
I have been a Turo customer and renter for years and renting Pomai Ka'i Toyota was super smooth and easy. His truck was SUPER clean and worked PERFECTLY for my work commute. SUPER CLEAN and no hassle with refilling gas which is always a pain downtown HNL. I had been looking for a clean Toyota to rent for a several days since my car was having mechanical issues. I was stoked when I found Pomai Ka'i's Toyota. It looked clean and was priced right. I would highly recommend renting this truck. Now I find myself sad its no longer in my driveway. Go for it, Connect with Pomai Ka'i and drive away in style!
Matt C. - September 21, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2009
Great all-round reliable truck. We had to make a last-minute extension to our rental, and William was extremely understanding and flexible to our needs. We could not have asked for a better experience. Definitely recommend if you are in need of a good truck with decent cargo capacity. Thanks again William!
Michael H. - January 11, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2012
Great communication and super friendly owner with a cool Tacoma that made our Kauai vacation extra special. We are a family of four with five pieces of luggage. Fit easily in truck cab with luggage in truck bed. Getting around Kauai was super easy in this four wheel drive, air conditioned vehicle. From beach excursions to muddy hikes to the top of Waimea Canyon, there is no where you can’t go in this clean, well maintained truck at about half the cost of a compact rental car. We brought plastic trash bags for our suitcases to keep them dry in the frequent winter precipitation - worked perfectly Highly recommend this vehicle!
Stephen G. - December 26, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2008
Very good experience renting from Carlton! His truck was perfect for our needs and he was able to meet us at the airport coming and going.
David J. - December 28, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2007
Josh's Toyota Tacoma was the perfect vehicle for our snow/ski trip into the Rockies. If the need arises again, I will search for the vehicles that Josh has to offer. He made the transaction seamless and it is apparent he takes care of his vehicles. 5 stars for the vehicle and 5 for Josh.
JJ P. - January 9, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2014
Gabrielle and her Toyota Tacoma are both so awesome. The truck handled everything we threw at it with ease. We took it up to Waimea Canyon and to Polihale all while camping on the beach for 3 days and it was perfect. Gabrielle was so nice and accommodating when our plans changed. I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a car to handle any adventures Kaua’i has to offer.
Thomas E. - January 9, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2018
I had a horrible experience with my first Turo rental and even deleted the app and all it’s content vowing to never again subject myself to such a poor standard of safety and lack of consideration again. But I really needed a truck and had little notice beforehand so I went on turo 😬 and crossed my fingers and got this badass truck from a lot that was packed with nothing but dope cars and trucks to rent from Eric’s lot. I actually was running late on my rental and wen I messaged explaining my situation Eric didn’t hesitate to extend my rental another hour and a half without charging me a late fee☺️. If you r in the South Bay Area I’m telling you to go through this mans site. You won’t regret it! All the way around it was a great trip and thank you again Eric
Kimbra G. - January 7, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2009
Great all-round, reliable truck for moving, hauling or other heavy duty jobs. We needed a last minute extension on our rental, and William was extremely understanding and flexible to meet our rental needs. This rental experience really couldn't have gotten better. Definitely recommend renting Williams's Tacoma if you are in need of a good truck with decent size cargo capacity.
Michael H. - January 11, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2007
Seth is very easy to work with and is super nice and down to earth. The truck is maintained well, and keeps things in the truck such as diff car charger for iPhone vs Droid. He wants to make sure you are comfortable in said truck so he'll go over the truck with you to ensure your comfortable before you leave. Seth keeps in communication and gets back to you very quickly. I was sad to give the truck back lol. But it served it's purpose. I'll be renting his truck again in the spring time. Thanks again Seth! You are wonderful to work with
Karrie G. - January 11, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2016
First time using Turo - Great experience. Needed a truck while waiting for mine to arrive. Avoided the hassle of rental car companies. Charles was very accommodating and easy to work with. I extended my rental with no hassle whatsoever. Thanks again!
Tyler H. - February 12, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2018
Truck had some damage before from previous renter. But they were honest and took care of documenting it be and letting me know before I saw it. Promptly answered any questions and flexible when I needed another day. Awesome service with a awesome truck.
Mark C. - February 14, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2017
Alex was great to rent from. I sent him a request at the last minute (just 2 hours before I arrived in Honolulu) and he accepted it almost immediately. He was very communicative right from the start, and he was flexible with the pickup and drop off. Also, his Toyota Tacoma was the perfect truck for driving around Oahu. I would definitely recommend Alex!
Matthew G. - December 29, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2013
This was my first experience with Turo and despite having elite status in rental car companies, Joshua has made me a convert. The truck was as described and worked flawlessly. Communication was perfect. Pickup and return were beyond expeditious and convenient.
Daniel I. - January 6, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2016
Robbie's truck is awesome! That thing handles the snow like a car on pavement. Robbie was very easy to deal with and everything involving him and the truck was perfect. Thank you! See you
Kristofer D. - February 19, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2006
Clean truck. Ron was very thorough, the truck was spotless and ready to go when I arrived. Would definitely rent from Ron again if I need to in the future.
Samir B. - February 19, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2010
Great rental! Timothy was really nice and made it easy to pickup. The truck made moving some stuff to storage a breeze. Great price too!
Joseph D. - February 21, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2013
Edmund was very accommodating to my requests and his car was exactly as listed. We had no issues and would gladly rent from Edmund again in the future. Highly recommend.
DAVID A. - February 19, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2015
Duane was awesome, it was like borrowing from a friend. Good communication, no funny business, he even went out of his way and dropped off the car for me. Very accommodating. The truck is great for HILO also. Clean, works great, the Bluetooth works well and I get safe in it. The only thing that was hit or miss was the usb charger. Other than that couldn’t have been better.
Robby K. - February 22, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2014
I rented this truck because it was my last days on the island after 9 years of living here! Not only was Jason's truck super clean and maintained, it was an incredibly easy pick up and drop off location. I highly recommend him and am thankful for the opportunity he gave me... Thanks Jason!!!!!
Brittany S. - February 22, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2015
Leva did a great job. The truck was great, and she was extremely flexible with pickup and return. I would definitely rent this truck again!
Luke C. - February 26, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2011
Brad was super helpful, flexible, and accommodating. The truck was great and definitely fit in with the locale. Brad made this transaction seamless and easy- would definitely rent from him again!
Riley E. - February 26, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2006
Jeff was super easy to rent from and the truck is great!
Sarah B. - February 19, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2006
A seamless experience renting Jeff’s truck: instructions were clear, the vehicle was clean and exactly as advertised, and Jeff went above & beyond w/r/t/ communication and helpfulness. I will call on him again next time I require use of a truck.
David Z. - February 28, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2015
Renting Duane’s truck was perfect for our weekend trip in Hilo. Used it to visit volcanos national park and around Hilo and couldn’t have been happier. Thanks again Duane and will definitely look to rent again!
David K. - February 20, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2017
Great truck to rent. Fun to drive. 4 wheel drive is a must for snowboarding. 5 Fun people in the cab, snowboard gear in the bed! Communication was easy. Pickup and return super convenient. Truck was waiting for me even tho we came in an hour early. Will rent again if I come back.
Stephen K. - February 20, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2008
We were using this truck for our honeymoon! We drove nearly 750 miles and only spent $70 in gas! Great truck for carrying surfboards to the beach
Rick R. - February 20, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2019
Tae was awesome! Very flexible and prompt. The truck was perfect for what we needed. I’d definitely rent from him again if I need a pick-up.
Chris A. - March 4, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2006
Safe, clean, and efficient truck. We needed to move across Savannah and do some work at the marina and everything worked well.
Elizabeth D. - March 4, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2011
Great vehicle and a wonderful host. Will definitely rent again from Sam. Pickup was easy the truck was right at the airport for me with the keys. Thanks again
Michael V. - March 2, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2017
Working with Antonio was a breeze. Fantastic truck and even better host; would definitely rent from him again.
Jason T. - March 4, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2009
For a 2009 Toyota Tacoma it was really impressive how well kept and clean that car was, William is a great person with an amazing ride, totally recommend it
Alain L. - February 23, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2013
Great truck. Not too big and 4 wheel drive if you need it. Second time I have rented from Brian and I look forward to doing it again. Brian is great to deal with. I would recommend renting from him.
Nicholas F. - March 7, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2014
I had a really nice experience with Oran’s pick up. Oran is accessible and nice, and his truck is safe and fun to drive. I definitely advise you to trust Oran and his car.
Alexandre S. - March 8, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2017
The truck is super nice and big, arrived clean. It is also comfortable. I enjoyed having the truck to get to the Sacred places that are harder to access on the island. One thing to remember is that the gas for the truck is more than a usual rental. But the rental price for such a nice truck evens it out. Thanks Marisa !
Eliza S. - March 5, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2011
Stefan’s truck was absolutely perfect for my trip. The 4 Wheel Drive handled all the snow Mother Nature threw at us. The ease of having the covered bed for our ski gear and such was amazing as well. Would absolutely rent again on my next trip out, Stefan was a delight to deal with.
Nicholas R. - March 5, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2017
Had a great time renting Cody’s Tacoma truck for a winter excursion to Yellowstone. The truck was roomy, comfortable, clean, and handled the winter driving conditions superbly. Cody was extremely courteous and responsive.
Greg G. - March 6, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2009
William is great and his truck is always well maintained, clean, and in good working order. I look forward to renting from him again.
Mark G. - March 5, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2006
Francisco was super nice and the truck is great! Definitely will rent this again! :)
Christa F. - March 9, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2018
Great Truck and close to Waikiki, would definitely rent again.
Carson M. - March 3, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2017
Rented Dylans Tacoma for a couple of days while family was on island so we could have 4x4 to explore. Communication, pickup and drop off was easy and quick. Perfect island vehicle, convenient to throw wet/sandy beach stuff in the bed of the truck. Comfortably fit all 5 of us with room to store stuff in the bed. Will definitely rent again thanks for all the island advice Dylan!
Hannah G. - February 21, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2018
Awesome service. Will always check with Eric before I think of going to enterprise/hertz/Avis when renting a car for a couple days.
Nick P. - March 13, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2013
Joshua's truck was perfect for Hawaii. He was also very accommodating on our trip. Look forward to renting from him again.
Samuel P. - March 13, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2014
Rental couldn’t have been easier. Pickup across the street from Hilton Village, underground parking, and very friendly staff in surf shop which is open 8a-8p. The truck runs fantastic and is very clean. Mahalo!
Paul C. - March 7, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2013
Oliver's truck was perfect for cruising around Maui. We used Valet parking at one of the properties we stayed at and the valet had a hard time finding it b/c he was looking for a rental not a "local truck" LOL. Pick up an drop off were a breeze at the airport and I was pleasantly surprised to find a bluetooth radio! I highly recommend using Oliver's truck when staying in Maui.
David K. - March 7, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2015
Great guy, super accommodating. Could have asked for a better truck host as my first turo rental
Taylor F. - March 12, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2011
We had an amazing experience with Stefan’s Tacoma. The truck made it through every condition Mother Nature could throw at us. Stefan was extremely flexible and had great communication throughout the entire rental and even before hand. I would rent from Stefan again for sure!!!!
Michael H. - March 12, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2006
Paul’s truck was fantastic. His communication and professionalism is spot on. Will definitely rent again if available when I’m back in the area! Thanks again Paul
Ryan L. - March 13, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2014
Awesome truck! We had no issues at all and it got great gas mileage! Shamsul was great to work with! I highly recommend this Toyota to everyone!!
Shannon S. - March 15, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2007
This was my second time renting Josh’s Tacoma and it was just as great as before. Pickup and return was easy and communication was great. The truck also handles great in the snow! Thanks again Josh!
Lenard G. - March 13, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2019
Tae was easy to work with and the truck was immaculate. Great rental!
John W. - March 14, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2017
Had a great trip with Ryan’s Tundra. Truck was super reliable and nice. Ryan made pick up and drop off incredibly easy. This is how Turo is supposed to work! Great renter and easy transaction.
Austin S. - March 15, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2005
I had a great experience renting from Stephens hes truck was very clean and reliable on my trip to Tahoe.
Juan M. - March 14, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2013
Thanks Daren. You're truck is awesome.. definitely recommend to rent from daren, I will definitely rent from him again if I ever need a truck again.. mahalo! Sir
Sammy F. - March 18, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2015
Truck is as nice as it looks! Jerry was extremely accommodating. I will rent this vehicle again! We come to Phoenix 4-5 times a year for baseball and look forward to the next drive!!
Travis G. - March 18, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2014
I would definitely rent again from Owen. His cars are always clean and reliable.
Elizabeth M. - March 18, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2016
Jared is the go to guy if you need a great truck. Very understanding guy, super kind and flexible. Absolutely zero complaints from me and I would love to do business with him again. Don't waste your time on other trucks, rent one from Jared! :)
Eduard B. - March 18, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2018
Rayner was an awesome host! The truck was brand new from the dealer and meet all my needs. I look forward to renting the truck again!
Stephany C. - March 18, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2019
Great communication, car was brand new and exceeded expectations, would rent from again
Jeff C. - March 17, 2019