Toyota Tacoma Rental in Greenville, SC | Turo
Toyota Tacoma2005
$ 20
per day
The car
Toyota Tacoma
4 seats
4 doors
Gas (Regular)
22 MPG
This truck is a Tan 2005 Toyota Tacoma with a matching camper top over the bed. It is a 4 cylinder engine, so what it lacks in power it makes up for in fuel economy. It is great for those times when you just need a pick-up truck to help move, go camping, or that weekend getaway.

Please note this truck is a 5 speed stick shift, so if you've never driven a manual transmission this is not the place to start.
  • Manual transmission
  • Pet friendly
  • Snow tires or chains
Calm dogs are welcome to ride in the truck. Due to allergies, please no cats. If you do have a dog ride with you, please clean up after them (vacuuming up hair would be awesome).

No smoking please. I will be super bummed out if my truck comes back smelling like smoke.
Can I remove the camper top?
While I prefer that you do not remove the camper top, it can be done. I understand that people may want to use the truck to help with a local move or other type situation where the camper top can be limiting. If you want to remove the top, please let me know when you book the truck. You will be responsible for taking it on and off. Clearly you will need a safe place to store it while it is off and it takes about four people to easily lift it on and off of the truck (it is surprisingly heavy). So again the main thing is to let me know that you plan on taking it off, so I can show you how to do this. Also I will want to know just so that I can verify that it is securely in place when you return the truck. I don't want to drive away and have it slide off unknowingly.
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Car location
Greenville, SC 29601