Ford Ranger Rental in Chicago, IL | Turo
Ford Ranger2006
73 trips
$ 30
per day
The car
Ford Ranger
73 trips
2 seats
2 doors
Gas (Regular)
26 MPG
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2006 Ford Ranger

Located right between I-290 and I-55 in Chicago, this vehicle is easily accessible from O'Hare, ten minutes from Midway, & a quick trip from Downtown Chicago. Blocks away from the Pulaski Ave Pink Line Stop!

- Affordable
- Free Delivery on Trips 2 Weeks or Longer*
*Note: Due to my busy schedule, 24/7 availability window, and the unpredictability of Travel, ALL FREE DELIVERIES will be conducted by me calling you an Uber Ride which will transport you to the vehicle which will be parked in my lot. Returns will work the same way. You will park the car in the lot and I will call an Uber to return you to the Airport.
- Equipped with Heavy Duty Tow Hitch with 5,000 lb of Gross Towing Capacity
- Great Fuel Efficiency for Pickup
- Spacious interior (I'm 6'6" and ride comfortably)
- Large Bed for Transportation
- 2 9V ports for GPS/Chargers/Etc.
- Child Seat
-Note: ONE Child Seat is kept in the Lot at 2543 S. Springfield Ave. on a First-Come, First-Serve Basis. If you would like the Child Seat for your Reservation, please contact Mike in order to confirm availability, and to reserve it for your trip.

Rental Procedure:
- Car will be parked in a secure, gated lot behind the rental address Clean & Full.
- Within minutes of booking, I will send you information on how to pick up the vehicle.
- As a customer service gesture, you will be able to pick up the vehicle as EARLY as you'd like after the previous trip concludes - AT NO ADDITIONAL COST (Usually 3-12 hours of free rental time!)
- You can pick up the vehicle whenever is most convenient for you. You will have 24/7 access to the Pickup Lot.

Return Policy:
- Car is to be parked in the same gated lot behind rental address, returned in same condition (Full Tank & as Clean as it was on pickup)
- Message 'Turo Messenger' & upload 'Trip Photos' confirming a successful return.

Fines & Fees:
- All Tickets accrued during your reservation will be charged to you upon receipt.
- There is NO I-Pass / E-Z Pass or any other Automatic Toll Device in the vehicle. Please make cash payments at all Tolls. In the event a toll is missed, you can pay online using the Vehicle Registration Information found in the Glove Box. Failure to pay tolls will result in a $20-$50 fine per toll, and Turo will automatically bill your account upon receipt.
- Vehicles returned late will be charged a non pro-rated hourly fee.
- Vehicles returned over the allocated miles will be charged an additional fee.

Cleaning Fee:
- All Vehicles on Turo have a strict No Food, No Pets, and No Smoking Policy.
- *All Vehicles will be Clean upon pickup and are to be returned in the same condition; both Interior and Exterior.
- Vehicles returned dirty (Normal Usage: Excessive Dirt or Debris) will be taken to Georgie Boy's Hand Car Wash for a Complete Detail
- Cleaning Fee will be $30.00
- Vehicles returned with Evidence of Food Consumption, Pet Presence, or Smoking during the reservation will be taken to David's Auto for a Premium Detailing Service w/ Full Interior Shampoo & Cleanse and an Ozone Shock Treatment.
- Full Detailing Service is $129.99
- Ozone Shock Treatment is $109.99
Many people have very strong allergies to certain types of Food, Pet Hair, and Tobacco/Smoke Residue. In order to provide a Safe & Clean vehicle for all future guests to operate, the preceding services are required.

*Note: We understand that Rain, Snow, and other unpredictable elements occur. In the event that your vehicle is not 100% Clean upon pickup, you will not be charged a Fee, but we still kindly ask you to return it clean for the next renter!*
  • Automatic transmission
  • Long-term car
  • Child seat
Parking details
Cars will be parking in a Gated Lot behind 2543 S. Springfield Ave. upon Pickup.

Upon return, please return the car to a parking space in the same lot (2543 S. Springfield Ave.)

In the rare event that the lot is full, please park on one of the adjacent streets (Springfield Ave. or Avers Ave.) as close to the listed address as possible, ensuring the spot is legal.
Delivery details
All Deliveries (Airport & Home) will be conducted by you, the Renter, calling yourself an Uber or Lyft Ride to the location of the car, which will be approx:

2543 S. Springfield Ave.
Chicago IL, 60623

Returns will be conducted in a similar manner, only in reverse. Renters will return the car to the Pick-Up Address (2543 S. Springfield Ave.) and call themselves an Uber or Lyft Line back to their original delivery destination.

Renters will be INSTANTLY reimbursed after the vehicle has been successfully returned and a Review has been left.

Renters will be reimbursed the amount of an Uber Pool Fare which is $20. Renters are more than welcome to upgrade to a more Premium Ride (UberX, UberXL, UberSelect, etc), however, you will only be reimbursed for the first $20.

In order to be Reimbursed, renters MUST do the following:

1) Upload a Photo of EACH ride into the "Trip Photos" section of the Turo App. After your Uber / Lyft ride to the car location, you will be emailed a receipt of the ride. Please screenshot that page and upload into Trip Photos.

*Note: If the Image is not Large enough, access the Uber page through the website or save the image using a Photo Editing Application.
No Food
No Pets
No Smoking
Car location
Chicago, IL 60623
Chicago O’Hare International Airport
Chicago Midway International Airport
Up to 25 miles