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Ford F-150 2011
It's been a pleasure to drive a Ford F-150 around the Rockies! Also, Hyder and Christina are really nice and welcoming. Amazing trip.
Maria G. - August 23, 2017
Ford F-150 2012
Bikram was great, and so was his truck! Great rental experience!
Justin K. - October 11, 2018
Ford Ranger 2003
Yet another great truck rental from Kevin - I think this is the 3rd time Kevin's truck has helped me make an easy and affordable furniture haul. Kevin is always easy to reach and very kind. I am grateful.
Eran M. - July 3, 2017
Ford F-150 2016
One of the best car rental service out there
Hussam A. - October 16, 2018
Ford F-150 2006
Kick a** truck. If you're looking to rent a truck, this is it. Performed flawlessly. Very clean. It was easy communicating with Jonathan. He was very professional. Will definitely rent from him again.
Joseph E. - August 19, 2018
Ford F-150 2010
As always, Zachary was a great host. Couldn't rent a better truck.
James M. - October 27, 2017
Ford F-150 2013
Jeff, who is my friend now is real example why Turo is better then renting car from rental companies, he was super friendly, everything went smooth, I would highly recommend to rent a car from him. And driving his F-150 was great experience! I'm looking forward to rent the car from him again or just visit him to say hi :)
Lukáš D. - December 4, 2018
Ford F-150 2015
Will deff be using again! Never again will I use a car rental place
Steve B. - August 28, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
Great truck! This rental was perfect for the same haul that I needed. If I need another pick-up, I know where to go! Thanks Michael! 👍🏻👌🏻👏🏻
Roger R. - May 1, 2018
Ford F-150 2016
This truck is beautiful, I had an older model before so I was familiar, Rick really went out if he Way for me on pick up and delivery, if you looking for a great truck rental that has a lot of style and class Rick has the truck for you !!!
Miguel L. - June 24, 2017
T. Michael
Ford F-150 2007
Great place to rent a car. Sean was really nice to deal with.
T. Michael C. - December 15, 2017
Ford F-150 2006
Viktor was very accommodating for our last minute rental. The truck was fueled and ready for pickup as soon as we arrived. We were able to leave our car parked overnight in front of Viktor’s home. The truck was perfect for our needs. It has a long bed which fit everything we were carrying plus an extended cab to store some things out of the elements. It got about 15 mpg highway and drove well. I would not hesitate to recommend renting from Viktor. I do not look forward to moving large objects but it’s nice to have the right tools available to do so affordably.
Paul M. - November 13, 2018
Ford F-150 2016
As a first time Turo user, was a little nervous about using it. But couldn't have been easier. Melvin was easy to reach and communicated all the details to me. Car was left across from Terminal in easy to find location. Beautiful truck, drove great, just what we were looking for. Clearly he cares about it as it was really clean. We wound up leaving a day early so had to drop the truck off before the scheduled time. Reached out to Melvin to make sure that was okay (we paid for the entire time as it was our change, not his) and he handled the change no problem. Couldn't have been easier, and so much better than renting a car from one of the big company's. Will definitely use Turo again (and recommend Melvin to anyone wanting to rent a truck on Kauai.)
Brock M. - October 24, 2018
Ford F-150 2007
This was my first time ever to rent a car and since I was traveling alone I was extremely worried about how to get to a car rental agency to rent a car. I have a bad knee and was also concerned about walking very far. David made this so easy......he was right there as I walked out of the airport and on the return.......right there again! The pickup drove extremely well, was very clean, and well taken care of! Thanks, David, for making it so easy!
Diana B. - March 27, 2018
Ford F-150 2011
Best rental experience ever. Kraig's truck was well equipped. Kraig put 5-6 bottle of water, iPhone charging cableI and even included a pack of chewing gum. I love the cold vent seat from his truck, this made my trip stay cool all the time. If you want to rent a truck, this is right guy for you. I will look for Kraig if I need to rent the truck again. 👍👍👍
Cheuki A. - July 18, 2018
Ford F-150 2008
First time using Turo and I have to say this was the best car rental experience I have ever had. Becca was a great host. Truck was perfect for our vacation. Ran great and lockable bed cover made suitcase storage easy. Highly recommend...
Marc H. - August 28, 2018
Ford F-150 2010
Luigi was an amazing host, he is very nice and his truck was amazing. Great ride. Truck was clean and ran great. If you want to rent a car or truck go to Luigi, he is a great guy and deserves more than 5 stars. Thanks again Luigi will definitely rent from you again. Take care.
Italo D. - June 29, 2018
Ford Ranger 2006
Jose lemus did amazing job at working with me on short notice of need rent a car but he was very nice and very understanding
Jennifer N. - February 27, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
Great communication, easy pickup and drop off. Absolutely no problem at all, I will never use a generic car rental company again I will always use Turo and michael was a great first impression!
Donovan N. - June 29, 2018
Ford F-150 2010
Truck was parked in the closest spot to the exit. Any closer and it would've been on the baggage carousel. Truck drives beautifully and got 3 guys and all our gear to the mountain. We only got a tiny bit of snow, but no problem for this beast. Really comfortable and easy experience. Better service than any so-called car rental company. Bravo.
Andres C. - January 29, 2018
Ford Ranger 2007
Marcus was very accommodating, quick to respond and a great person to rent a car from! We really enjoyed this little truck and it added an extra layer of fun to our hiking day. It's really cool that he can unlock the car from anywhere also-- very convenient for all parties involved. Thank you again!
Robin C. - August 20, 2017
Ford Ranger 2009
Thank you Paul! I really appreciate the convenience and flexibility that renting Paul’s Ford Ranger afforded us. We got to see parts of surrounding Seattle that were absolutely gorgeous in fall. Pick up and return was so very easy and he was incredibly understanding. The truck was simple and easy to drive in the city as well as outside of it. I would suggest renting the ford ranger any day, especially since there are beautiful hikes near Seattle that are worth exploring in the ranger! Thank you so much Paul!
Remedy G. - November 13, 2018
Ford F-150 2006
This was a process made extremely easy for me by Johnathan. Truck was clean with plenty of gas. He even allowed me to park my car in that spot, to avoid me paying parking fees somewhere else. I will definitely be renting from him again, the next time I need a vehicle.
Jacob P. - November 13, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
Once again Lucero Trucks has exceeded my expectations. if you haven’t tried then you have to rent his 2013 ford raptor because it is absolutely amazing. I look forward to coming back to Sacramento and renting the new raptor that Rick has in his fleet as well.
Michael R. - November 22, 2018
Ford F-150 2009
Dylan was on time and punctual. He was very professional and kind and made the entire process easy. The truck itself is a work truck so it isn’t 100% spotless, but what car is? The truck ran incredibly with the 4x4 being tested in Vancouver and ran completely smoothly. Loved the space and the versatility. Would highly recommend
Benjamin S. - November 25, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
Allen was very accommodating and extremely nice to work with. His truck was in excellent condition, clean, and fuel efficient. We would definitely rent from Allen again at a future time. He also included a gift card as part of the deal which was a nice touch.
Steve S. - December 4, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
Carlos was great to work with and the truck is amazing. He responded fast and with perfect detail. The Raptor is clean and so much fun to drive. I’d rent again for sure!
Kacie M. - November 27, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
Carlos was great! I would definitely rent his truck next time I am in Vegas.
Daniel T. - December 8, 2018
Ford F-150 2016
The demise of the car rental circus may just happen in my lifetime! This is easy - pickup and drop off at airport parking garage. Saves time - about 2 hours time savings. Reduced Stress - No friggin bus to catch to & from "The Car Rental Center" ! This is practical and makes sense for the peoples of the world to take control of transportation. Let's have an APP for Air travel as well. Good bye, Avis, National, Etc., Etc.!!!
Daniel L. - August 3, 2017
Ford F-150 2014
First time Turo user. Ryan was great! Loved avoiding car rental line and getting car delivered right outside of baggage return and turning back in right outside airline check in!
Scott S. - September 16, 2017
Ford F-150 2007
I wanted a truck instead of a car because I like seeing farther ahead in traffic. As a bonus I was able to use the trailer hitch to move a boat a few hundred feet to work on it in the shade. Everything was great. It was delivered to me at the airport and on time. I had an early departure and was able to drop it off at a large parking structure which I rather liked. Overall I will use this system in the future for auto rental when needed over the traditional rent a car systems now in place. It was great working with Nicholas.
John C. - July 7, 2018
Ford F-150 2018
My experience renting Rick's truck was perfect. His truck looked and felt brand new. He was on time to drop it off at the airport, and was even flexible to meet us early at the airport at the last minute. What I liked most was that the expectations are clear on his rental page, and when he delivered the vehicle he wasn't overprotective of his truck. I felt like he trusted me right away and after a polite greetings he simply handed off the keys. This is a man running a great business and not someone trying to make ends meet with a car they cannot afford. I will definitely rent from him again.
Mike D. - September 3, 2018
Ford Ranger 2006
It was very handy to rent a Ranger truck on Sat noon. Never tried trucks before, but this one was awesome, not too big to park and maneuver, just enough to move some stuff. Remote over-the-phone digital key did not work with Android yet, but should be a super convenience feature for iPhone users.
Nick S. - July 9, 2017
Ford F-150 2013
John was great and the car was a dream. Perfect for our needs, and John made everything extremely easy and user friendly. Couldn't have been a better experience and so much more friendly and pleasant and faster than normal car rental. Highly recommend!
Aaron K. - April 9, 2018
Ford F-150 2016
Wow! It feels great to support our deployed military!!! What an amazing idea, and kudos to the guys at LUSO for providing this amazing service. Not only was this truck IMMACULATE, but it belongs to a member of our military that is currently deployed. Who knew I could give back to our country by simply renting a vehicle! I will never rent from any other car rental company. Once you experience LUSO's customer service with easy pick-up and drop-off (right at the San Diego airport) and realize that the money you spend on on of their rentals is going directly to support the car payment or financial well being of a deployed member of our U.S. military - you will never rent from anyone else again. Five Stars! Way to go guys!
Sarah R. - January 22, 2018
Joseph B,
Ford F-150 2011
Amazing truck for Idaho and Eastern Oregon. Nick was great. Pride in ownership. Just like clockwork, Turo shows off it is the best, fastest and most efficient neural network in the eRental marketplace. #turo #ford #F150 #carrental
Joseph B, M. - June 24, 2017
Ford F-150 2005
Working with Henry and driving his Ford F-150 was a pleasure! From the start, Henry was attentive and flexible when it came to picking up the truck, he even went out of his way to start the car before I got there so that the cabin would be nice and toasty versus Massachusetts' freezing negative degree weather. The car's handling was ideal for the icy roads and the integrated remote controlled system allowed us to get the engine started from inside our hotel room! Returning the car was a breeze and Henry's concern for our limited time was very appreciated. I genuinely recommend anyone towards renting Henry's F-150 or any car that he lists for rent, he was successful in providing the best Turo experience possible! Thank you again, Henry!
Francisco B. - January 13, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
Rick's Ford Raptor SVT is one of the best trucks you will drive! And Rick has been the best person to work with on Turo! He communicates fast, will show you how to use all the features the truck comes with, and overall great customer service. He also has 2 new Raptors, I got a sneak peak of his 2018 white Raptor and it is crazy! With carbon fiber throughout the cabin, panoramic roof, paddle shifters and a ton more features. I'm definitely renting that one soon as well!
Edgar A. - May 25, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
Carlos was super easy to work with and his SVT F150 Raptor was awesome and got many looks will definitely be renting this truck again!
Mike L. - October 11, 2018
Ford F-150 2009
Outstanding punctuality and sense of humor. Dylan was so relaxed and professional during meet ups. Would recommend him to everyone. Will rent from again. Truck was perfect and took care of so much my wife wanted to buy it on the first day!
Jimmy R. - October 11, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
Awesome truck to drive. Also Carlos was very easy to communicate with! Would rent from him again
Edwin Q. - September 12, 2018
Ford F-150 2016
Awesome Truck.. highly recommended. Stephen was on time and made the pick up and return seamless saving hours by avoiding shuttles and lines at rental car companies.
Kevin R. - September 18, 2018
Ford F-150 2017
All around a great rental. Truck was perfect. Clean and ready to go. Definitely will rent this truck again!!!
James D. - November 11, 2018
Ford F-150 2018
Awesome renters! Didn’t return the truck as clean as I should have but Mahalo again and would definitely do business in the future!
Rex R. - November 10, 2018
Ford F-150 2011
Fun truck to drive, definitely a head turner when you step on the gas! Took it up to Flagstaff for the weekend, the Raptor owned the hills on the way up and down. Stellar experience with the owner, great communication and professionalism on his part. Will rent from him again.
Clayton W. - November 12, 2018
Robert Shannon
Ford F-150 2009
Levi’s truck was fantastic. Drove smoothly and without issue. I would gladly rent it again!
Robert Shannon S. - November 12, 2018
Ford F-150 2018
The car was amazing, super easy and cool to drive. We took the car over to the west and North. The car is really new, A LOT of space and room. Christopher was really easy to communicate and make agreement with. I highly recommend everyone to rent this car from Chris🤙🏾🏝
Andreas H. - November 13, 2018
Ford F-150 2014
Truck was easy to find and truck is good. Check in and check out process is very long for car sharing.
Alexander K. - November 11, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
I needed a truck for last minute transportation of fire relief goods .. I booked super last minute ken was more than accomadating and even gave me extra miles for the relief efforts .... I will for sure be renting again !!!
Torrey W. - November 14, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
This was the easiest, no fuss, awesome rental ever. Jose’s trucked looked as well as drove dependably. Very accommodating for what we needed it for and easy pick up and drop off. Very great full for Jose being in the Turo Community. Looking forward to a rental again and keep on the favorites list.
Jorge S. - November 15, 2018
Ford F-150 2014
Fantastic experience! Danny is very professional, flexible, and a great communicator. You can’t ask for a better host. The truck was delivered to the door immaculately detailed, and drove exceptionally well. It is spec’d very elegantly and received many compliments during my time with it. One of the best value vehicles I’ve ever seen on Turo! I highly recommend renting from Daniel!
Evander J. - November 16, 2018
Ford Ranger 2008
I was able to rent out Robert's Ford Ranger pickup truck last minute. Response time is fast and pickup/drop off was a breeze. Robert's truck has more then enough room to haul some lumber and drywall with ease. Will be renting again in the future when needed.
Hubert S. - September 30, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
So nice to drive around in a big truck that doesn’t look like a little rental car
Erik D. - September 27, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
First off...Raptors are the baddest trucks on the planet. This one is super clean, got tons of compliments during my time with it. I wish it was mine. Second, Carlos made it super easy and communicated well. Highly recommend. If I don’t buy one (already contacted Ford), I’ll surely look out for this one again!
Michael C. - September 28, 2018
Ford F-150 2006
Always top notch service from Chad! I needed a truck to haul a few items and Chad's Ford F-150 was perfect for me. The 8 foot long bed made it easy to fit a couch and other items. This truck may be older, but it ran like new! It met all of my needs and at a great price. It was way cheaper and easier than renting from U-Haul.
Shawn H. - September 28, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
John G was extremely helpful and a pleasure to work with. I really appreciated his communication in teaching me the do's and don'ts with his 4x4 system. He clearly takes very good care of his F150 and it was in mint condition when we picked it up. I look forward to renting again and recommend this truck/John G. To anyone who wants to explore where 4x4 is required. Mahalo John G. !
John B. - October 2, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
Carlos was very easy to work with , great communication , his truck was awesome, will rent again next year if available . Thanks again
Mark W. - October 13, 2018
Ford F-150 2008
Great renter - easy pickup and drop off and the truck is clean, drives well and makes it easy to lug things around.
Rotimi O. - November 18, 2018
Ford F-150 2018
This isn’t just a truck to rent. It’s an experience of its own and all I can say is well worth it! The Raptor is more impressive in person and behind the wheel it’s a bad boy on the road. Rick is a genuinely nice guy, will be renting from him again soon!
Waseem A. - November 11, 2018
Ford F-150 2016
Vivian was extremely understanding of my situation and when out of her way to get the vehicle to me. She was more than helpful guiding me through the requesting process and made sure I had the vehicle in the most timely fashion. The truck was well maintained and very clean. I would gladly rent from Vivian again!
Frank N. - November 23, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
Truck is awesome. Jaime is super cool and easy to communicate with. Will definitely rent from him again
Dustin M. - November 23, 2018
Ford F-150 2017
5 stars! Wow, this is truly an Amazing truck, packed with features, very comfortable even luxe. William was very courteous and flexible, I would definitely rent again!
Heather T. - November 21, 2018
Ford F-150 2015
Best trip I’ve had on Turo as of yet. Fast response, clean car. Very happy with my rental.
Roman S. - November 20, 2018
Ford F-150 2010
Just another great experience renting Ricks truck
Bruce L. - November 20, 2018
Ford F-150 2008
Truck was great for a great price. It met my expectations and I will most likely be renting it again. Can’t beat the delivery convenience.
David S. - November 24, 2018
Ford F-150 2018
The truck was awesome and Alex was perfect to do business with. I'd rent from him again in a heartbeat.
Debbie D. - November 25, 2018
Ford F-150 2006
Ford F-150 pickup as described. I would rent again from Milford.
Dale M. - November 25, 2018
Ford F-150 2015
Robin and her husband were wonderful her vehicle ran perfect! And for a pick up truck it was really good on gas! I will definitely be renting again
Courtney M. - November 26, 2018
Ford F-150 2010
A pleasure to do business with and would recommend to anybody. The truck was well kept and very clean. Rented the truck for a few days and didn’t have a single issue.
Brady A. - November 26, 2018
Ford F-150 2016
Turo is the best way to rent, and Jason is the reason why. We were looking for an alternative to the traditional rental car and found this perfect pickup. It was roomy, dependable, fun to drive, and extremely safe, especially since we ended up literally driving through a blizzard where many people were in the ditch... but we made it home safely after a full week's vacation. Jason was very accommodating and quick to respond to our correspondence. We can't wait until our next chance to work worth him!
Hans R. - November 26, 2018
Ford F-150 2017
My second time renting from Daniel, good as always! He’s very polite with great communication and very accommodating. Everything was setup perfectly when I picked up the truck. Will definitely be renting from him again!
Brian B. - December 2, 2018
Ford F-150 2009
I plan a large festival and vehicle rentals are a necessary part of set up deadlines. Turo is not perfect. Cars are not perfect. People are not perfect. This host will manage any situation that comes up with integrity and he’s genuinely helpful. I know I can count on Levi and will continue to rent from him! 👍
Autumn W. - December 5, 2018
Ford F-150 2015
Everything exactly as expected. Easy pick up/return. Would rent again. Great truck.
David C. - December 5, 2018
Ford F-150 2008
The truck was exactly as described and perfect for hauling some leafs to to the dump and picking up a Christmas tree. John was extremely easy to work with a flexible. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend renting this truck from John and I look forward to doing so again in the future.
William W. - November 25, 2018
Ford F-150 2017
Nice truck to drive! Chris was so friendly and helpful! He explained a lot of things about canada and he also let me experienced to ride the tesla! Overall wonderful experience! Will use his car again next time I come to Calgary.
Calvin O. - November 25, 2018
Ford F-150 2017
Steven is an awesome host ! Great truck will definitely be renting again. Thank you !
Jade M. - November 26, 2018
Ford F-150 2015
Calixto is a pleasure to rent fun. Awesome person great truck. Highly recommended
Roody R. - December 2, 2018
Ford Ranger 2008
Enjoyed Alan’s truck very much. Super easy to drive & spacious for picking up items. Flexible pickup & drop off. Will def rent again.
Angelica B. - December 2, 2018
Ford F-150 2018
Great car, and easy to communicate with! Would rent again!
Sondre F. - December 3, 2018
Ford F-150 2006
Stephen is excellent to rent from. Great communication and flexibility. Truck was excellent and perfect to finish my moving. Will definitely rent from again, thanks Stephen!
Elaine T. - November 24, 2018
Ford F-150 2018
Beautiful truck, cool guy. will definitely be renting this in the future!
Christopher T. - November 29, 2018
Ford F-150 2018
I wanted to have a longer test drive with the Raptor before actually buying one, so I rented Logan’s car. The rental process on Turo was super smooth and Logan was great communicating and also flexible with the logistics. 5-star owner. The Raptor is ridiculously awesome and now I gotta get mine. Logan’s Raptor is fully loaded and in perfect conditions, I highly recommend renting it from him. Thanks!
Daniel D. - October 29, 2018
Ford F-150 2016
I rented R's truck to tow a full size trailer with cargo and it worked great. The truck is equipped with a row package including trailer brake control. The truck and R were great.
Steve C. - August 6, 2018
Ford F-150 2018
I am looking to buy a F-150 as my next car so I rented Nelson's truck for a few days. Loved the truck, and Nelson was great to deal with.
Mark E. - August 5, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
My family and I enjoyed Jeremy’s truck. We needed a comfortable bigger car and Jeremy had exactly what we needed. We enjoyed Sirius radio and the comfortable seats. When I told Jeremy we were going to the beach he went out of his way and offered a cooler in case we needed one. Definitely would rent his truck in the near future.
Yubi B. - August 27, 2018
Ford F-150 2006
I love this truck. It’s surprisingly easy to drive and only three blocks from our new place. Charles is super nice and professional and I will definitely rent his truck again. It’s too affordable and convenient to pass up.
Celia P. - August 30, 2018
Ford F-150 2008
Becca was great and made my first Turo rental a breeze! I rented the truck with four friends for a camping trip and it was perfect. The bed was large enough for all of our gear and the car was super clean inside. Exceeded all expectations.
Will G. - September 2, 2018
Ford F-150 2012
Renting jonathan’s Ford 150 was more than I ever expected. Jonathan met me at the airport baggage terminal. His vehicle was spotless, gassed up and ready to go. I could not believe how smooth and comfortable the Ford 150 drove. I drove back-and-forth to Rochester Minnesota several times with ease. When it came time to return the vehicle to Jonathan met me at a gas station just outside the airport. When we arrived at my terminal, he unloaded my bags and placed them in line for me to be ticketed. Oh Fallon Jonathan to be a wonderful person that is caring his customer. Although he has vehicle may be six years old it is in impeccable condition. I would highly recommend renting from Jonathan and one in the Twin Cities I will definitely read from him again.
Gene S. - September 1, 2018
Ford F-150 2018
Samy was super cool and easy to communicate with, this truck was super nice and super comfortable. The Apple CarPlay was very convenient and fun to use, overall super nice truck I would definitely rent again
Francisco G. - September 4, 2018
Ford F-150 2013
Great trip in a great car! Natasha was an excellent host and made it very easy. Would definitely rent this truck again
Charlie H. - June 14, 2018