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Ford F-250 Super Duty2001
3 trips
$ 34
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The car
Ford F-250 Super Duty
3 trips
This is one beast of a truck! It is a 2001 Ford F-250 Extended cab long bed 4x4 diesel truck with a 4 inch lift kit and 35 inch tires. If you need to do any type of moving or hauling, this truck will move it! Has a trailed hitch, with controls for electronic trailer brakes. Ideal for trips to Tahoe in the wintertime, or summertime for that matter. This truck will do anything you need it to do. Also has bench seating for 6 people, so it makes a great vehicle for road trips!

It is a diesel, so pay extra close attention to the type of fuel you are filling it up with. Only use the GREEN handled gas pump. This is diesel. No other color is diesel. Nearest diesel gas station is the 76 Station located at Lombard and Divisadero. Please fill up before you bring the truck back. Thank you.

Pets ok, just not in the bed of the truck while driving.

Located in the Lombard St. garage. It is on the first floor, in one of the designated spots. You won't be able to miss it. The key card to get in and out of the garage is located in the visor on the passenger side. Use this to get in and out of the garage.


This truck is very simple to drive. It handles well and stops well. There are however some pointers that people who have not driven large vehicles before should know.

• The height clearance for this truck is a MINIMUM of 7 feet 2 inches. The antennae will hit the ceiling at this clearance, but that is fine.

• This truck is a diesel truck, there are only two real differences you will have to pay attention to due to the fact that this truck is a diesel.
o When starting the truck, turn the key to the “On” position and wait. There is a light on the dash, on the lower right side of the instrument panel that will say “Wait to Start.” Wait until this light turns off, it will only be about 15 seconds. Then continue to turn the key and start the engine.
o When filling the gas tank, ONLY use the GREEN handled fuel pump at the gas station. This is diesel fuel, no other fuel pumps are.

• Take turns extra WIDE!! (you will find out very quickly what it sounds and feels like to run over a fire hydrant if you don’t)

• U-Turns DO NOT exist! They are all 3-point turns. When making a U-turn make sure the car behind you knows you are going to have to reverse, so as not to run over that fire hydrant again.

• She’s not a racecar. Big truck, lots of power, but no acceleration. Don’t try to pass a car in a lane that ends unless you absolutely know you have enough space.

• The brakes work well, but give yourself more space than you think to stop. Heavier trucks need more distance to stop.

• Speaking of weight, the rear-end has very little weight on it. What this means is fishtailing can occur if you are accelerating too hard while turning. This might sound fun to some of you, but when you slide into a telephone pole and have to pay to have my truck fixed, it won’t be as fun.


Please be advised, this is not an easy truck to Parallel Park!! A spotter might be necessary.

When parking in the garage, or any parking spot that is a pull in, 90 degrees to the curb, park in REVERSE! I promise you, this will make the process 1000 times easier!

In order to do this: Start like you normally would, by pulling the truck nose first toward the spot you want to park in. Then when the nose of the truck gets close to the beginning of the spot, turn away from the spot and pull forward. This will get the rear-end of the truck almost in line with parking spot. From here, all you should have to do is reverse in to the spot. Be careful not to back in to any railings or fences. The truck is long, so stop before you think you have, and check to see if you have more room to back up.


• ABSOLUTELY NO OFF-ROADING!! This is very dangerous and insurance does not cover damage that happens while off-roading (I know from experience). Though the tires and truck may be designed for off-road use, DO NOT take this vehicle off-roading.
• Four-wheel drive should only be used in the “4x4 High” mode, and only in icy conditions. If you go into four-wheel drive mode, please read the manual in the glove box, before you do.
• People and animals are not allowed to ride in the bed of the truck. Only in the cab.


• There is a tow hitch ball under the back seat. There is a key on the keychain that will unlock the pin that is on the tow hitch on the bumper.
• FOLLOW the directions in the truck manual for towing and if you have a trailer with trailer brakes look for the manual to use the trailer brake controller inside the booklet for the truck manual.


• Distribute heavy loads in the truck bed evenly. This will help with braking and maneuvering.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • All-wheel drive
Car location
San Francisco, CA 94123