Toyota Tacoma Rental in Los Angeles, CA | Turo
Toyota Tacoma2008
31 trips
$ 38
per day
The car
Toyota Tacoma
31 trips
2 seats
2 doors
Trusty pickup for your hauling needs. I've had people haul things for grandma, use it as a basic camper for their surf vacations, a quick trip to the mountains, whatever your needs, this truck should do the trick.

State of the art CD player.
Seats with with a cigarette burn.
cheap usb charging port from 7/11
Truck shell to protect you or your things from the elements and thieves.
Moving Blanket included
tie downs provided

  • Automatic transmission
  • Long-term car
  • Pet friendly
  • Seats
  • Tie Downs
  • Bed Shell
  • Radio
  • Trailer Hitch
Please bring it back the way you found it. Although I enjoy the "gifts" I don't enjoy having to donate or throw away items. Some useful items have been left in the past, air fresheners are nice. An old smelly shoe is not. A free 1 year camping pass is also appreciated. Enjoy the truck have a good time! Be gentle and drive safe.
I have some things from my trip that I've left in the car, is that ok?
Some nice people have left things for me in the truck. Though I'm grateful for their donations, its usually something I have to throw away or donate to goodwill. Please do your best to return the vehicle clean and without any "gifts".
A weird light that looks like a flat tire showed up on the console
That just means the tire needs air. This doesn't happen often but if it does, please put air in the tires for me. I'll reimburse you for the 25c it took to fill it up at the gas station.
Car location
Los Angeles, CA 90011
Los Angeles International Airport