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Ram 15002017
$ 145
per day
The car
Ram 1500
6 seats
4 doors
18 MPG
Brand new Special Edition 2017 RAM 1500 Rebel BLACK Edition. Comes with the brand new, just released this year, turn knob gear shifter. No one has this yet and is so highly sought after that it goes after market for $9k and up.... not including the install. This truck gets at least one compliment by a random person per day, but usually more and plenty of stares. People often stay at a green light, not realizing it turned red because they are staring at the truck. I am always asked how many inches is my lift kit, but there is no lift kit. This is the V8, 4x4, 4 Wheel Drive, the number one truck of the year for Off Roading and performance, yes, it beat the Ford Raptor. The fastest engine in the world, HEMI, V8 for the first time is installed and supercharged inside this special edition Ram Rebel Black Edition. The truck is fully loaded, it has wifi, it has remote start, keyless. entry, navigation, apps that include Pandora, Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, Yelp, it is bluetooth ready, it has a huge screen and the navigation system is flawless and the picture on the screen could not be more clear and easy to understand to veer left or keep right or which out of two exits off the same exit name to take. You will not make a wrong turn; it's impossible. It has a backup camera and rear parking sensors, of course. At the touch of a button, the truck can lower all the way down so that you can easily and without worry park in any parking structure, likewise with the push of a button, it can raise higher than standard truck height as though it has a 6' lift kit. It is 4 doors, all the same size, with so much leg room that an NBA guard could be comfortable in the backseat. This is the first V8 HEMI 5.7 Liter engine ever to be installed in a truck. It is a powerful, dominating, superior truck to any. You can go under the speed limit and still watch the cars switch lanes which were in front of you. People move out of the way for you, people think you are larger than life. There is a 50" LED bar mounted on the roof. This LED bar comes equipped with all RGB colors that can switch colors, go to any beat you set, flash, glow, switch from color to color, can be in tune with your music, and this is all done with the push of the switch installed to the left of the steering wheel and can be pressed for any setting. It is an eye catcher and a show stopper, people ask to take pictures with the truck all the time or I come out of the store to find a crowd taking a video or pictures of the truck. It has a huge front windshield HEMI decal in Monster Green, the HUGE tailgate letters RAM are neon safety cone orange, the back windshield has the coolest decals you'll ever see, and everybody asks me where I got them from. I was never a decal person, but on this truck it looks just absolutely amazing, it makes it look better than everyone else on the road. A guy driving a Lamborghini Huracan, leaned over to tell me through his open passenger window, "SICK ASS TRUCK. THAT IS BAD ASS." I constantly get props from Ferrari drivers, I noticed, more than any other car. They feel comfortable enough to compliment the truck because they are in a nice and respect worthy car. This truck is different and will blow your mind. On each side of the truck, at the lower door panels, there are extra large MOPAR decals, one side is bright neon yellow and the other side monster green. Along the side of those there is one emblem per side that says Limited Edition. The emblem on the side that has the neon yellow MOPAR decal is the perfect aesthetic touch, and is a neon royal blue, and on the other side with the monster green MOPAR decal, the emblem is a royal purple. The colors are amazing all together and grabs the attention of everyone. All my neighbors are so jealous and tell me so. They always say wow is that considered a monster truck or? I laugh inside, but I answer, "no no." It just has a one touch suspension system inside the car that allows me to lower and lift the truck at any point. Plus, the tires just came in that size to accommodate the suspension's lift component. The sound system is the 7 speaker Alpine system that you can hear me when I'm coming for at least 2 and a half blocks at the highest volume. The pedals are an upgrade and they are awesome. The exhaust is dual and the exhaust tips are huge and look bad ass. The driving experience is amazing because it is so luxurious and roomy, the seats are so comfortable and adjust 14 ways. There are two dashboard consoles that are the same size, there are 8 cup holders, yes, that is right, 8 cup holders inside the truck. There are non-slip phone holders that can support an iPad at a downward slant without movement. Under the seats in the back, there are hidden storage compartments that are over the top amazing as well as two, one on each side, lockable storage compartments within the floor panel. The cab is beautiful, shiny and black. It is a very fast truck because of the V8 engine. It can haul its big ass as fast as you want it to go. This is a special and limited edition truck, so it isn't just any pick up. Don't rent it just to go to Costco unless you want to go to Costco with swagger and style that will draw you a lot of attention. Enjoy the feeling of being a boss without any limitations on mileage. You will LOVE the truck. Remember, this edition came out just a few months ago and so nobody is going to have it on the road. It has all the upgrades, there are roof speakers, heated and cooling seats front and back, temperatures can be adjusted all differently, even in the back. It has automatic lighting inside the truck bed at night and you can lock, unlock, and start it from a distance. Whenever you're done doing whatever it is you gotta do with a truck, consider extending your rental and taking it off roading at the Pismo Beach Dunes. Remember, there are no limits on mileage. Just please remember to return it how it was delivered: Washed, clean, and looking like the most bad ass truck on the road.
  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • All-wheel drive
  • Long-term car
  • Bluetooth
  • Pet friendly
  • USB input
  • Heated seats
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