Ram 15002016
18 trips
$ 45
per day
Ram 1500
18 trips
Please window shop .

Minimum 2 days

Compare every thing and take your time to book.

4x4 is an option on all trucks.

Fully loaded is a option please compare.

Car owners on turo are adding after market rims so the truck looks better.

One popular option is unlimited miles and you have to look at the price to see if thats what you need.

I do not ask you to book with me just compare.

I just had the truck booked after christmas close to one month. Just saw a good deal at the time and booked.

My price will change.

I do this for a living and made a lot of new friend on turo.

3 days minimum

Delivery has gone up because we delivery at last minute. Car will be in your hand with in hours.

Even if you book in advance we will not give discount on delivery at all.

This is a business and we will get the truck to you with in hours

Pick up at my house is welcome.

Copy and paste you tube video


Delivery is $80 price went up because I can deliver to you last minute booking.

You will have the truck to you in hours.

Please window show.

1 miles

2 price

3 Take a good look at all there option of the car.

4 Look at the space front row and back row.

5 Look at all my picture first before you book.

6 In one of the picture of the second row with me stretching out my legs.

I am not asking you to book but just compare.

You do not have to have the car clean when return back to me.

Please do not chew gun and drop it on the floor its had for me to clean it.

Please do not stain anything inside the car.

I do not mine car coming back dirty on the outside and the inside.

I will wave cleaning fees.

I stop using the car wash because I need to give you guys a good deal.

So when you get this truck basic hand wash and a damp cloth in the inside.

Please have fun with the truck.

Places to go

Las Vegas
Los Angeles
San Diego
Universal Studio
Disney Land
Grand Canyon

Please do not take this truck outside of the united states.

If you have a have a insane road trip please let me know.

Insane road trips need to be disclose.

Sample insane road trips.

Travel over the united states on unlimited miles must rent the truck one month and must disclose where your taking the truck.

I must get oil change and have mechanic check out the truck.

Trips you can go on insane road trip.

Moab Utah

Mount Rush More

We require you to disclose where your taking the truck.

Do not take this truck on a insane 4x4 trail.

If the trail hella easy go head .

Reason to rent from me.

1 Not going to be very pick when the truck is returned.

2 If the truck is returned dirty its cool with me. No cleaning fee.


If there serious stains that can not come out. I will have to charge a cleaning fee to have it detailed. You will change clean fee about what I pay the car wash to clean it.

I will not make money off that and provide a receipt.

Little scratches or what ever is not that bad.

But if the next renter will complain will have to pull out a claim to have the damage repaired. Long scratches more that 12 inches yes a damage claim has to be pulled out.

  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • All-wheel drive
  • Long-term trips
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Toll pass
  • Sunroof
Car location
Hayward, CA 94544
San Francisco International Airport
Oakland International Airport
Mineta San Jose International Airport
Up to 50 miles