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Toyota Tundra 2010
Awesome moving truck! Thanks again.
Marisa B. - January 6, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2006
I needed to move a couch and bring it to a friend and didn't want to go through the hassle of going to rent a truck/uhaul. A friend recommended Turo and my experience with Kasim was great! He responded back super fast and had absolutely no issues. I would rent from him again.
Paula O. - March 3, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2018
Amazing truck it’s exactly what we needed. Eric was really nice too. Will rent again when we come back.
Kaea W. - April 23, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2018
Eric made it very easy to rent from him, and the truck worked out amazingly!
Jonathan E. - April 30, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2018
Awesome service. Will always check with Eric before I think of going to enterprise/hertz/Avis when renting a car for a couple days.
Nick P. - March 13, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2018
Sick rental. First time using turo, awesome first time experience. 10/10 would recommend.
Rudolph A. - April 7, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2018
I had a horrible experience with my first Turo rental and even deleted the app and all it’s content vowing to never again subject myself to such a poor standard of safety and lack of consideration again. But I really needed a truck and had little notice beforehand so I went on turo 😬 and crossed my fingers and got this badass truck from a lot that was packed with nothing but dope cars and trucks to rent from Eric’s lot. I actually was running late on my rental and wen I messaged explaining my situation Eric didn’t hesitate to extend my rental another hour and a half without charging me a late fee☺️. If you r in the South Bay Area I’m telling you to go through this mans site. You won’t regret it! All the way around it was a great trip and thank you again Eric
Kimbra G. - January 7, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2018
Everything was great. I just wish the truck was cleaned.
Bob L. - February 23, 2019
Cho Wing
Toyota Tundra 2010
Great truck for moving stuff, easy for pick up and drop off.
Cho Wing C. - February 21, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2018
Would definitely rent again from Eric
Vanessa S. - March 26, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2018
Signing up for the app was a hassle and I didn’t get the discount for my first time use but the actual truck, pick up location and customer service was A+.
Robin K. - April 1, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2010
The vehicle drove well, and was clean inside. I would rent it again.
Sean S. - March 27, 2019
Toyota Tundra 2010
Kasim's Tundra was great! It felt like a brand new truck! Pick up and Drop off were very simple. When I need a truck again I'll be sure to rent this one!
Garrett P. - December 5, 2017
Toyota Tundra 2010
The truck was perfect for my needs and drop off/pick up was a breeze. I’d rent from Kasim again if I needed a truck.
Rachelle A. - May 14, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2006
Communicated very well. Punctual. Responded quickly. Truck very good on gas. Would rent again.
Brandon B. - January 15, 2018
Toyota Tundra 2018
great pickup location, multiple cars and operates as a small rental fleet, car delivered dean and ready to go, better than typical corporate rentall
Dan F. - July 4, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2018
Picked the car up early no problem dropped off early no problem will rent again
Victor F. - December 5, 2018
Toyota Tundra 2010
Good truck for moving and errands. Thanks.
Helga G. - December 11, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2006
Kasim’s truck was clean, ran well, and was perfect for hauling a couch home. After filling up, the fuel gauge takes several minutes to slowly float back up to full, so don’t panic if you fill up and then it doesn’t show it, just wait a few minutes and it’ll get there!
Sarah W. - April 21, 2018
Toyota Tundra 2018
Great user to rent a vehicle from, treat and care their vehicles like they're yours and the process will always be smooth.
Arley R. - April 17, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2018
The truck was so new and clean. They were very responsive and quick when check in out and in. Thanks guys!
Connie D. - May 15, 2018
Toyota Tundra 2018
Eric , went out of his way , to fulfill the customer service. Nice clean truck, highly recommended
Douglas D. - May 28, 2018
Toyota Tundra 2010
Great ride for moving.. plus no hassle to get the truck.
Maria F. - February 26, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2006
Jason’s truck was great. Clean, ran well, and was easy to pick up and drop off.
Luke W. - March 18, 2018
Toyota Tundra 2018
This truck was awesome! Eric was super easy to communicate with and flexible with time. Great experience 😁
Kate M. - July 2, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2006
Great clean truck. In excellent condition. No complaints.
Alexander V. - June 28, 2018
Toyota Tundra 2018
Great setup Eric’s got going on. They have a cleaning booth on site so the truck was spotless and ready to go when I got there. Also appreciated that they were lenient on the times as I brought the truck back a bit late but it was never even mentioned. Would recommend!
Chris S. - July 2, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2018
Awesome truck. We were able to leave our car in the lot overnight which made things easy. All seemed too easy to be real. Thanks!
Lauren K. - June 18, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2018
The vehicle I rented was spotless and in great condition. Pickup and drop-off were easy and when I needed to extend a few hours, it wasn't a problem. Overall a great experience, two thumbs up!
Andy H. - June 25, 2018
Toyota Tundra 2018
Good size truck, easy pick up and return.
Eugene S. - July 7, 2018
Toyota Tundra 2010
The truck was great I plan on using it again in the future !
Fabian T. - July 9, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2006
Great truck, no issues and flexible schedule, highly recommended.
Christian P. - July 20, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2006
Loved the truck, super easy to drive and Kasim was great and flexible with me! Thank you Kasim!
Elio M. - August 20, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2018
Very easy pick up and drop off. Great clean new truck. I even got caught in holiday traffic and extended the drop off time for a small fee.
Thomas D. - September 4, 2018
Toyota Tundra 2018
Eric was great! Communication and whole thing was flawless.
Tan N. - November 22, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2018
Like always great service 👍🏼👍🏼
Eusebio A. - December 8, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2006
Fantastic find! Thank you Kasim =)
Daniel H. - December 18, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2006
Super easy and convenient pick up and drop off. Truck was perfect for my moving needs and had no issues. Would definitely use again!
Vincent C. - December 10, 2017
Toyota Tacoma 2006
Kasim is a pro, very easy to work with. Thanks.
Roberts J. - January 12, 2019
Toyota Tacoma 2006
Excellent service and communication!
Isidro A. - December 9, 2017
Toyota Tacoma 2006
Great communication and easy to work with. Tacoma is in good condition and described. Everything was smooth from the start until to the end of the trip. Thanks!!
Takuya O. - January 3, 2018
Toyota Tundra 2010
Kasim is an A+ to work with. Thank you!!!
Daniel H. - January 6, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2006
Very nice car! Recommend to all!
Gabriel D. - May 16, 2018
Toyota Tacoma 2006
Excellent communication and great car!
Daniel H. - February 12, 2018
Toyota Tundra 2018
Eric is a fantastic guy! Thank you
Lawrence K. - July 7, 2018
Toyota Tundra 2010
Fast and easy! Thanks for the service.
Ashkan P. - July 3, 2018
Toyota Tundra 2018
Eric always takes care of me, very good service
Benson P. - July 22, 2018
Toyota Tundra 2018
Eric was extreme easy to work with and is very professionally.
Roger L. - September 6, 2018

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