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Tesla Model X2016
9 trips
$ 208
per day
The car
Tesla Model X
9 trips
6 seats
4 doors
Txt with questions 434-218-3373 You will NOT find a model X for rent this low - let alone a fully loaded one that is in pristine condition.

Want to impress your kids or neighbors or anyone nearby - turn on the light show - this video is of this actual car.


Take everything you think you know about vehicles ; wipe that thought and step into the most technologically advanced car on this planet. Many famous stars own the model x, and they do for a reason. Nothing else comes close!

Rent a car that can do 90% of the driving for you! This is the full auto pilot enabled Tesla Model X

This car will turn heads everywhere and when you open the falcon doors anyone in 100 yards will be staring at you and your group. Anyone who has rented have said the pictures don't come close to doing it justice. MSRP comes in just shy of $120,000 and it is low miles with new car smell and not a mark on it. Nearly perfect.

SINGLE DAY REQUESTS OVER 50 MILES AWAY RULES - You will have an additional $100 charge for every 50 miles past the initial 50. Feel free to submit the initial request which will open up a chat with us and we can quote you the actual amount . We have to factor in the time and transportation to get a ride there and back twice. Our zip code is 22942. This does not apply to you at all if you are within 50 miles.

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NEW - powder coated gloss black wheels and pearl calipers with factory Tesla logos. Cover picture is accurate for the wheels.

Meet My Model X 90D AWD with Tesla's newest suite of Nvidia Supercomputer along with cameras and sensors for what will one day be eligible for full autonomous driving. Each month new features are added that get us closer.

Here are some features I enjoy - there are more than what I can list here due to Turo character limit.

NEW: Auto perpendicular park

NEW : Auto Parallel park now active

NEW : Auto low & high beam lights

NEW : Autopilot active on side roads up to 5 mph over posted speed limit and up to 90 mph on interstates ( auto drives with no input from driver ) I recently drove across 3 states and the car drove 95% of the trip!

This model X has the ultra white vegan leather option with carbon fiber trim upgrade. The seats are softer and more stain resistant than normal leather and no animals had to die in the making of them.

Largest glass windshield of any production vehicle in the world, providing amazing views of the central Virginia landscape. Anyone who hasn't been inside immediately says " it feels like a spaceship ".

Front and rear trunk with fold able rear seats for a ridiculous amount of storage if needed.

Heated Seats ( all 6 ) heated mirrors, heated wiper blades and my favorite, heated steering wheel. PS- front 2 seats are also cooled/ventilated as well if you so choose.

This is the 6 seat model - which provides a second row that has the same comfortable chairs with nearly identical adjustments as luxury front row seats. The ultimate in travel comfort. The rear row is a bench style 2 seat which can fold down for more storage by the push of a button.

Self presenting door opens as you approach and closes once you get in - also all doors including the falcon wing doors are able to be opened from the key fob.

Biowepon defense mode seals the cabin and creates pressure allowing no particles inside the vehicle. With it's gigantic medical grade HEPA filter the cabin has nearly surgical clean air in 60 seconds. If there is a foul smell it identifies seals and filters so the cabin never has to know.

Smart Air Suspension lowers automatically when you reach higher speeds for better aerodynamics and better fuel economy - you can also raise and lower the ride to your preference - along with adjusting steering wheel comfort.

Nationwide network of superchargers - and thousands of non Tesla free chargers as well including at least 8 in Charlottesville alone.

Ultra High Fidelity Speaker package with 17 speakers total capable of Dolby audio that surpasses most high end home theater systems. You can ask for nearly any song or artist to play in the world on command and within 3 seconds your music is playing.

Here are some notes from Tesla ....

Model X is the safest, fastest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history. With all-wheel drive and a 90 kWh battery providing 250 miles of range and free charging all over the country. Model X has ample seating for six adults and all of their gear. And it’s ludicrously fast, accelerating from zero to 60 miles per hour in as quick as 4.8 seconds (same as a Porsche 911)Model X is the SUV un-compromised.

I am a Tesla enthusiast; I'm very familiar with the company ; the S and X and all options. I don't work for them but I should. When you rent from me you'll either get a minimum of a 15 minute how to tutorial just enough to stay safe and understand charging etc. however a lot of people who rent Tesla's want one and it's like an extended test drive to learn more. If that's the case I am happy to spend as much time as you'd like going over all the features , and things coming soon as well.

I also have a referral code that will get you $1,000 off your new Tesla if you decide to buy one and use my code I'll give you 50% off one day of your rental with me!

You will be provided Tesla tutorial and walk through videos upon booking for your information and to ensure you spend the maximum time enjoying your rental. There are some differences but after an hour of driving everyone has said it's easier and better than anything they've experienced before. There is a reason that Tesla has a 97% satisfaction rate with owners - its very easy and intuitive to use all features.

All cars will include car chargers for both iPhone and android phones. If there is rain in the forecast we will provide an umbrella in your car for use during your rental.

All of our cars have optional items that can be rented along with your car for an optional additional charge.

- iPad Mini w/ cellular Verizon connection : we can preload with movies or your choice as well.
- Atat galaxy s6 smartphone with data and unlimited text / calls for your trip - international calls extra
- car seat , booster seat or stroller

If you are in need of any other items while renting ask us and we may be able to provide to enhance your rental.

AMAZING FOR WEDDINGS or other VIP events. if you need a professional driver for a special event I am available hourly for $200 up to 2 hrs and $60 per hour after including the time it takes me to get to you if more than an hour away. Text initially and then we can arrange a time to speak afterwards 📱 434-964-8699

If you're new to Uber or Lyft use my link to pickup the car if you need a ride I will of course be happy to pick you up anywhere as well.

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  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • All-wheel drive
  • Long-term car
  • Must be age 30+ to rent
  • Adaptive headlights
  • LED front and rear fog lights
  • All seats Heated - front 2 cooled
  • Heated Mirror, Wipers and Steering Wheel
  • Self Opening and Closing Doors
  • Falcon Wing Doors!
  • Biowepon defense mode
  • Air ride adjustable suspension
  • Traffic Aware Cruise Control
  • Auto Pilot - interstates @ <80mph
Parking details
Parking is ample on the street
Delivery details
Pickup - on location is always free - pickup can be arranged 99.9% of the time for any length of rental

Local Delivery- delivery in and around the Charlottesville area is currently set at $20 our ability to complete delivery is dependent upon notice we get and if we can get a ride back. If you are open to give us a ride back that nearly guarantees our ability to complete your rental. Let us know on your comments when booking.

Out of area delivery - we can delivery up to 3-4 hours surrounding zip code 22942. Price is dependent on distance away. Single day requests will not be accepted or approved at the rate shown - if you have interest in single day rental for away and are ok with paying a premium add on contact us via txt at 434-964-8699 and we will price out an option for you. We can also deliver to airports any location you would like.
No Pets, No food, No smoking or vaping.

driving in an erratic manner will cause you to receive a $250 heavy use fee. Car logs and reports this to me.

This car is immaculate and I would expect to get it back in like condition as I deliver to you.

I will provide the car to you with as much charge as possible. I prefer if you return to me with as much charge as possible also. I do not have a free supercharger near me so if you return it at %10 charge I have to run up my electric bill to recharge. I'll provide a free buffer or 10% lower than how I provide to you. After that I charge 0.25 cents per % lower than how I gave to you. I.E.: if I give to you at 80% you can give back as low as 70% for free. But let's say you have it back at 20%. That would be 70-20 = 50% of charge you will be billed for 50 x 0.25 = $12.50

Under no circumstances can the car be run through an automatic wash system ( touch or touch less ) if you need to wash it because it eta extra dirty during your rental you can bring to a location that hand washes it or the self wash locations that use the hand power wash and foam brush. Please use the power wash setting to spray the brush before placing on the vehicle as it can damage the finish I'd it has rocks or debris from a prior vehicle.
Can I use a passport or papers from DMV that my license is in the mail to rent your car ?
Please understand a current drivers license in hand and submitted to turo along with validated by me at pickup are required to rent. Papers from DMV , passports etc will not be acceptable. Please save yourself time and do not start this process if you don't have or aren't willing to share your ID.
Can I bring the car through a car wash ?
Under no circumstances can the car be run through an automatic wash system ( touch or touch less ) if you need to wash it because it is extra dirty during your rental you can bring to a location that hand washes it or the self wash locations that use the hand power wash and foam brush. Please use the power wash setting to spray the brush before placing on the vehicle as it can damage the finish I'd it has rocks or debris from a prior vehicle. The car will let us know if you take through an unapproved wash.
Car location
Zion Crossroads, VA 22942
Washington Reagan National Airport
Washington Dulles International Airport
Richmond International Airport
Lynchburg Regional Airport
Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport
Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport
Up to 25 miles
Free delivery for trips of 1 week or longer