Jeep Wrangler Rental in Austin, TX | Turo
Jeep Wrangler2015
Willys Wheeler
$ 53
per day
The car
Jeep Wrangler
Willys Wheeler
4 seats
2 doors
19 MPG
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Willys Wheeler 2015 Wrangler. All black wheels, off roaring tires, extra dark window tint, black matte front grill. 2 door, seats 4 or 2-3 people and a dog. Easily removable T-top over front seats, covered seats, cold a/c, USB plug in and CD player, Sirius XM.

If you've always wanted a Jeep then experience it while you are here on business or pleasure. Turo does not allow off-road use. If you have special requests or requirements please do not hesitate to contact me!

If you want to take the roof off, you're more than welcome to. When the hard top is on, the front 2 panels may be removed if requested, though the rear main piece is several hundred pounds and must remain in place. Please do not remove the panels yourself as they can be easily damaged.

- FULL HARDTOP/DOOR REMOVAL ($25) - If you want to experience a true Wrangler experience, I can fully take off the front of the hardtop and doors and safely store them. The hard top is several hundred pounds and can be easily damaged if you attempt to remove it yourself.

You are more than welcome to use toll roads with our vehicles PLUS you will receive a 15% discount on all tolls. All of our vehicles are equipped with an TxTag pass that is also equipped with an HOV lane mode. Tolls in Austin do not have toll booths - it's all done electronically and billed to us. After your booking we will submit a request to you to be reimbursed for those fees plus an $8 processing fee per trip.

------ RE-FUELING ------
Don't have time to re-fuel the vehicle when you return it? No problem, we'll take care of it. Please note that we do charge a small $8 re-fueling fee on top of the cost of fuel.

(1) Absolutely NO SMOKING (of anything), this includes marijuana. If the vehicles smells of any kind of smoke or marijuana, you will be fully responsible for all costs associated with having the vehicle decontaminated ($350+).
(2) Pets are allowed, but we ask that you keep them in a crate while in the car. We ask this to avoid issues with allergies. Any pet hair found in vehicles may incur additional fees.
(3) Turo App Required. For all of our bookings, we do require that you have access to the Turo app on a smartphone during your rental. This will be needed for communication as well as Trip Photos. You will especially need this when picking the vehicle up and when returning it.
(4) Please note that while this is set up for off-road adventures, Turo does not allow for that.


-I am not able to rent the car "on the side" without TURO (Turo) involvement. Personal insurance doesn't cover renting the car. It is nice and easy. Vehicle is photographed before trip and after...we aren't here to screw you..any issues are easily handled through TURO (Turo) just like your own car insurance.

*Pricing - This is a rental business. Price is a steal compared to other rental companies and Price is not negotiable.

*If you rent the car, make sure you request the correct Start Time. If your plans change you will not be able to leave until the start time of your reservation. The insurance doesn't kick in until the reservation start time.

TURO (Turo) is just like renting from a normal rental car company. If you choose to decline insurance remember how they all work and just be sure:

Decline Coverage” Package: The renter’s financial responsibility is essentially unlimited, and is bounded only by the actual cash value of the car, plus all Related Costs. This means that if the car is lost, stolen, or damaged so extensively that the expected cost of repairs exceeds 75% of the actual cash value, the renter is responsible to pay the entire actual cash value of the car, plus all Related Costs, minus any residual salvage value.

Many people incorrectly believe that they have full coverage through a personal insurance policy or credit card offering that will cover this exposure. Please carefully check the terms and conditions of those policies and consult with your credit card company before assuming that you are covered and selecting the “Decline Coverage” option -- it is highly unlikely that you would be covered by any credit card insurance when you rent cars through the TURO (Turo) marketplace.

Thanks and Happy Renting!!
  • Manual transmission
  • Convertible
  • All-wheel drive
  • Pet friendly
  • USB input
  • Sunroof
  • Sirius XM
Parking details
There is driveway parking behind a locked gate. You'll me given instructions on accessing the vehicle after confirmation.
Delivery details
For AUS deliveries, I will track your flight and wait in the cell phone lot. When you arrive, I will meet you curbside outside of baggage claim.
For local deliveries within 10 miles of my address, it's free pick up. Beyond that I will deliver with an agreed upon fee based on mileage and convenience, please check with me before booking or immediately after booking to avoid misunderstandings.
Dogs welcome, but please return the car clean.
NOOOOOOO off-roading ever, for any reason. This is not only against my rules but also Turo's.
No Alcohol
No smoking, if you do I will charge you $250.00 plus any damages, this is strictly enforced.
Can I remove the top and doors?
If think you might want to take the top off of the Jeep while you are renting, please let me know and I will show you how to do it. Please, please do NOT try to remove the doors without my instruction. Doing so will most likely result in very high damage costs.
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Car location
Austin, TX 78741
Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
Up to 10 miles