Jeep Wrangler Rental in Nashville, TN | Turo
Jeep Wrangler2005
4 trips
$ 75
per day
The car
Jeep Wrangler
4 trips
4 seats
2 doors
Gas (Regular)
15 MPG
Meet "Memphis", the middle-Tennessee weekend warrior. Your adventure, tan, and a smile await you! Perfect for little jaunts outside of Nashville to explore all that middle Tennessee has to offer. In great shape, drives great on the road and highway. PET FRIENDLY!! Who wants to take a Jeep for a weekend adventure without the furry ones?
Has cruise control, and a/c. I leave the top off of it almost entirely during the nicer parts of spring, summer, and fall so that's how I'll be renting it out. For an extra fee I can include my "adventure bins" complete with tent, cooking utensils, and almost everything you need for camping (including a shower in a bag, towels, and even a towel for your dog if you brought them with you!). When you inquire about the Jeep just mention in your comments to me that you want those, and I'll adjust the price ($40/day) to rent all of the stuff to make it an "all-inclusive" adventure for you!
Get ready for a fun Tennessee tan!

JEEP IS A MANUAL, NOT AUTOMATIC. Not for four-wheeling, or taking off-road. This is my ride when I'm in town, so I've got to take care of her!
  • Manual transmission
  • Convertible
  • All-wheel drive
  • Pet friendly
Parking details
When returning, park next to the curb as close to our house as possible. You can leave the key in the back of the Jeep (behind the tailgate).
Delivery details
For vehicle deliveries to the airport, I will meet you in the "ride share" pick-up area for the hand-off. For deliveries to your specific location I'm happy to meet you if you pay the fee. All about making this easy for you, and making your rental as enjoyable as possible!
No off-roading; I am lending you something that I get a lot of fun use out of, please respect her and take care of her. No smoking in her, please. Its impossible to smoke in this with the top down and not blow hot ashes back on the back seats and burn them.
Please keep all muddy/dirty camping clothes in a plastic bag to keep my interior clean. Should you rent my camping gear with this, I include some plastic trash bags in the bins that work perfectly.
No off-roading. While this is a 4wd vehicle, I'm not renting it to you to take off-road and beat up. If you're getting to an approved camping site then that's fine, but this is not a four-wheeler. Thanks in advance.
You may remove the back seat for additional space, or request that I do. If you do, please make sure it is re-installed.
If it looks like its going to rain, please try to find cover for the Jeep. I'll have a soft top on it to protect the interior and your contents, but I like to keep it from being totally soaked.
The winch is NOT for use by renters. I have it on there for my own adventures, which is why there is not a remote for it to be used by renters.
I expect the car to be returned to me in the same condition I give it to you in; if you take your dogs in there, then please, GO GET IT CLEANED. If I have to do it I will charge a cleaning fee of up to $100 depending on how bad it is (I like to keep my cars clean for all to enjoy, including you!)

Thanks, Happy Adventuring!
Are you flexible with extra mileage?
Flexible with extra mileage, just be honest with me in advance where you're wanting to head and I can even help curate your adventure for you. I have knowledge of a lot of great camping grounds and places that you can check out in this. I know that most people are renting this for fun in the sun and a little adventuring, so I'm amiable.
Does the Jeep have a top on it?
There is a safari top and a soft top that I have for it. I will be renting it out with one or the other, depending on the forecasted weather. I doubt I'll see many rentals of this in bad weather, but its fully set up with a sealed soft top if you need it to be complete with doors. I leave the doors off about 90% of the time.
Car location
Nashville, TN 37206
Nashville International Airport
Up to 10 miles
Free delivery for trips of 1 week or longer