The car

Mazda CX-5 2014

19 trips
27 MPG
4 doors
5 seats

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Joined Jan 1970


Clean, reliable, 5-seater, all wheel drive small-SUV with a lot of space for luggage. Freshly cleaned and maintenance up to date! Important notes for renters *Refueling* Please refuel the car to the same level as it was on delivery. If car is returned without being refueled, I will refuel the car upon return and will require reimbursement via the Turo Reimbursement Request tool. An additional $20 will be added to the cost of the fuel; I will provide you with a receipt for the gas should you request. *Car wash* Cars rented through TURO must be returned in the exact same condition they were provided to you. This means that the car must be washed on the outside and cleaned on the inside. If the car is not washed, you will be billed a $45 charge. *No Smoking* TURO prohibits smoking in rented vehicles. Be courteous and don’t smoke, the person who rents the car after you might be allergic to smoke or simply don`t like it. lf the car is returned with the smell of smoke, a $250 sanitization fee will be billed. EZ pass is available for use for an administration fee of $20/rental to be added to toll cost.


Automatic transmission