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Subaru XV Crosstrek2013
67 trips
$ 62
per day
The car
Subaru XV Crosstrek
67 trips
What an awesome summer! The car was rented about 75% of the time with absolutely no issues!

Give me an idea what your up to. Going to a wedding? I will put in the nice carpets!
Need to use it to move? I will take out the headrests so the seats fold down flat and give you moving blankets.

Need a bike rack? No problem!
Need ratchet straps! No problem!

Pet-friendly, but please tell me in advance so I can clean well between rentals.

Wanna use my Ez-Pass Toll Transponder? Leave cash in car or PayPal me later.

Bring your USB charger for direct hook up to audio system.

An orange, all-wheel drive, AWESOME little SUV with a killer suspension, 8" ground clearence (that kicks butt in the snow) and has cool new gearless transmission (It can change seamlessly through an infinite number of effective gear ratios.)
Go have some fun, this thing rules!

Great space for adults and kids in absolutely perfect condition.
-All black interior
-Bluetooth enabled
-USB direct connects
-heated seats
-All airbags
-Only 50k miles
-Roomy interior
-Easy to haul bikes or canoes on top

Take it, my friends love to drive it!

Please note: it has come to my attention that many insurance companies will NOT cover you if you are renting a car. It says specifically on the Turo site that many people mistakenly believe that they are covered.

Also, Turo doesn't cover tires. Please be prepared to go halves with me if you pop a tire. I JUST had all 4 replaced.

If you're going to be late, contact me. Turo's policy is to charge $50 an hour late fee. I want you to be covered by insurance. I don't want you to pay that huge fee. $10 an hour is plenty. You are obviously on here to save money.

Warning about booking a last minute extension! Book more hours than less, I am flexible with booking at nearly ANY time of day. It's fine to book the car until midnight. Enjoy. But know this: say you rent the car at 8 AM and you say you're going to return it at 8PM, but then you meet up with friends and you want to keep it till midnight. Well the reservation ends at 8 PM and in order to get an extension to midnight (even though the day rate is 24 hours for $50) Turo views all extensions as a new reservation! You may get charged for another day?
JUST BOOK FOR MORE HOURS AND MESSAGE ME what times you actually think you'll bring it back. That way you are fully covered and there's no "new reservation" just to book the car for another 4 hours while you are still well within the original 24 hours.
(I cannot guarantee other owners will act like this. This is, in fact, a business and car owners shouldn't be scrutinized for acting as such. Please respect all car owners and Turo too. They are all awesome.)

That being said, I've never had any problems on here! People are absolutely wonderful, I love being accommodating and I think the service is incredible.

Thanks for helping me start my own design business!

WARNING: a renter just got into a small accident in my car. No biggie, right? Little bumper scrape? Well I learned:
- Basic insurance coverage carries a $3000 deductible
-after you get in an accident you find out you have to pay this within 24 hours
-you are encouraged to settle the claim independently of Turo.
-if you choose to go through Turo there is a $550 processing fee.
-Turo is prepared to charge your credit card for up to $3000 pending the investigation as to who's fault the accident is.

Please be careful on the road! Accidents suck!
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Bike rack
  • Ski rack
  • All-wheel drive
  • Long-term car
Car location
Somerville, MA 02145
Boston Logan International Airport
Free delivery for trips of 3 days or longer