Tesla Model X Rental in Chicago, IL | Turo
Tesla Model X2016
36 trips
$ 160
per day
The car
Tesla Model X
36 trips
6 seats
4 doors
My white Tesla Model X 60D is available for you to rent at the lowest daily rate for any Tesla on Turo! Enjoy unlimited Supercharging for free! 0-60 in 5 seconds. Powerful regenerative braking, Autopilot V1, ultrasonic sensors around the perimeter for safety and a laser radar in front for traffic aware cruise control. This makes sitting in traffic a breeze. Great handling in all terrain and even in low temperatures.
I think of renting on this site as offering a timeshare for your responsible enjoyment of the best vehicle on the planet. The stereo system is beautiful and you'll enjoy every minute of being in control of this beautiful spaceship.
This is our family car, but also a member of our family. There's so much space for passengers and cargo. You're free to road trip almost anywhere with Tesla's network of superchargers. Avery boasts the premium upgrades package with lots of special luxury features.

***repeat renters get 10% discount***
**I recommend going on a free test drive at any Tesla store prior to your reservation date.**
  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • All-wheel drive
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Toll pass
  • Heated seats
  • Sunroof
  • Must be age 30+ to rent
  • Slacker Streaming Radio
  • Auto Parking Assist
  • Vegan Leather Seats
  • Technical Support
Parking details
You may park on milwaukee ave or parkside ave.
Delivery details
You may park on Parkside Ave or Milwaukee ave during your reservation. Arriving on time is important. If I am not available to meet you for checkout, I will leave a dropbox near the vehicle. Take a picture of your license and send it to me, then I'll send you the code for the dropbox with the transponder key inside. When you get inside the vehicle, sign the trip checklist and send me a picture of that document. Return car in clean condition and place the transponder key back in the lockbox.
For pickup at O'Hare, message me your flight info and I'll meet you curbside on the furthest lane out.
Go through iPass lanes and don't worry about paying tolls. I will send a reimbursement request after the booking so you can pay me back for any tolls. Have fun! This car is a spaceship. Show off the falcon wing doors!

The front truck in the only thing that cannot be closed by software. Do not slam the front truck. Press your hand into the middle of the hood and lean your bodyweight to close the front truck.

There is no eating inside the car, no open beverages, please keep the interior clean and beautiful. No smoking inside or around the car. Do not scratch or bump the exterior. Do not force the doors open or closed, use the touchscreen doors menu to control the doors or the buttons located on every door.

Press hard in the middle of the silver bar buttons to open the front doors.
If you charge with the cable at home, press the button on the charger handle to release, wait a second, then when the charge light is white pull the charger handle out.

Call me with any questions and also you may call any Tesla store for assistance.
How do I charge? How long does it take to SuperCharge? Does it cost anything to Supercharge?
You may charge the electric car at any of Tesla's superchargers (Highland Park & Countryside) there is a map of chargers in the onboard computer. Also, I include an adapter to charge at any Chargepoint *Download the Chargepoint App* or public charging stations. The range is 200 miles, so you won't run out of charge unless you ignore warnings from the Tesla and go way out of range. You are also welcome to charge at my house in Jefferson Park. Supercharging takes about 40 minutes. Supercharging is free unless you leave the vehicle idle at the supercharger for more than 5 minutes after charging is complete. Then there is a 40 cent per minute fee that Tesla charges me and I will add onto your reservation.
What is the estimated range on a full charge?
200 Miles
Where can I charge?
Tesla's superchargers are the fastest free charging. Superchargers are on the navigation map in the center console. Download the Chargepoint app for public chargers. Level 2 chargers may take some hours to charge. Charging at 110v outlet is almost pointless at 1KW speed only plug in at 110v for your entertainment. If you have an electric dryer outlet or NEMA 14-50 electric oven outlet, adapters are included in the front.
May I go through a car wash?
I do not recommend going through a carwash since you would be responsible for any damages. If the car is returned very dirty, there will be a $12 request for car washing.
How do I get a better rental price?
First time renters of my Tesla still get the lowest priced Tesla Model X in the city of Chicago, but return renters also enjoy 10%-20% off the rental price. Send me a message with the date you want to rent again.
What happens if I return the car with a low charge?
You will receive the car with at least 80% charge. If you return the car with less than a 20% charge, I will request $8 for the cost of electricity.
May I park this on the street?
Remember that you are responsible for the vehicle during the entire rental period. It may be to your advantage to park in a secure garage.
Car location
Chicago, IL 60630
Chicago O’Hare International Airport
Up to 5 miles
Free delivery for trips of 2 weeks or longer