Mercury Mariner Rental in Lihue, HI | Turo
Mercury Mariner2005
16 trips
$ 58
per day
The car
Mercury Mariner
16 trips
5 seats
5 doors
Gas (Regular)
24 MPG
Owner-provided insurance included.

All-wheel drive, clean, runs on about 20 miles per gallon, cute mini-SUV, silver, code lock for the driver's seat, French-made qualities, never worry about locking the keys in the car, fits a family of 5 with room for luggage, perfect for a couple with a thirst for adventure, or a single person on a business or leisurely trip. CD, iPod, iPhone capable, phone charger, and a sweet sound system.

All features in working condition, including AC, heater, sound system, radio, CD, navigation, cruise controls, over-drive protection, and etc. Best rented to very responsible individuals who care for environment and for professionals who enjoy a sporty ride around the island. Roof racks available for the surf riders and bikers.

I am a sporty professional who is a neat freak, cleanliness is a priority for me. Let this be the gauge of your decision making when renting the car from me. I mainly make the car available when I am not working, off island, or in an extended vacation. It's easy to get around Kaua'i without a car, so I also encourage you to seek bus routes and bus passes:

Rest easy knowing that I've purchased extra commercial insurance for the car during your ride through Turo. *
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • Bike rack
  • All-wheel drive
  • Long-term car
  • One adult size sleeping bag included.
  • 9'2" Wellman Surfboard $10/day rental
  • Slick bamboo skimboard $10/day rentable
  • Longboard skateboard upon request
  • Car charger and USB chord for iPhone 6
  • Car phone charger, USB capable
  • 10x10 pop, up tent $10/day rentable
  • Free sex wax
Parking details
Since there isn't a safe way to deliver my car to the curbside, the only access for your rentals on TURO cars is through the long-term parking lot, which may have a fee involved.
Delivery details
Car deliveries will vary based on individual circumstances, please communicate your needs with me prior to your rentals and we will see about accommodating them to mutually agree.
No pets
No open alcoholic beverages in the car
No smoking
No mud (please clean the mud before returning)
No more sand in the car
Cleaning fee will be assessed at $50-$100 depending on the condition of the car if you return it worse than the condition you received it.
Can you drive all around the island?
Nope. The road ends at the trail head of Hanakapiai Falls Hike in the North side, and it ends around the Polihale (House of the Dead) State Park in the West side of the island. You cannot drive around the island. You'll either have to swim, hike, ride a helicopter, or a boat around the island to enjoy the majestic cathedrals of Hanalei, scenes boasted in magazines and movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and Moana.
Why did the chicken cross the road?
The chicken always crosses the roads here on Kaua'i. So if you run into a scene where mama hen is ushering her chicks across the road, common custom on Kaua'i is to let them pass. We have a feral chicken population on the island and if you ever get hungry while driving my car, stop at a Huli Huli chicken stand for a bite to eat. You may just help us ethically control our feral chicken population.
Six Days Seven Nights?
Yes, that movie happened here. In fact, if you feel so bold and daring, drive my car down to the South East part of the island and visit what we locals call, Shipwreck Beach. Great surf spot for intermediate and professional surfers, but even greater when you want to recreate the thrilling scene from the movie Six Days and Seven Nights, when they jumped off of a 50' cliff. You'll spot the cliff easily to your left once you see the beach.
Is this the land of Jurassic World?
Why yes, yes it is. Wherever you travel, you'll notice the foliage of scenic views wherein our free-range dinosaurs once roamed. When you drive with the windows down through the tunnel of trees, you can still hear the distant and faint roars of creatures that once inhabited our silver screens.
Should you stop for a feral pig?
Actually no. If you happen to hit one, that's okay. You can either leave it on the side of the road for another farmer or hunter to pick it up, or you can take it back with you to your Air BnB for some serious grubs. (Sarcasm much, but seriously, it's normal to see dead wild boar on the side of the roads here.)
What water falls are worth seeing?
The only one I recommend is the Hanakapiai Falls. Look it up, do it, soak in the majestic sights and sounds. Read all of the county's safety warnings before heading out on any hikes. Tourists are fairly warned that the island's natural beauty can take away a life of anyone who is not informed or careful.
Car location
Lihue, HI 96766
Lihue Airport
Up to 10 miles
Free delivery for trips of 3 days or longer