Mazda CX-9 Rental in Honolulu, HI | Turo
Mazda CX-92008
Grand Touring
1 trip
$ 65
per day
The car
Mazda CX-9
Grand Touring
1 trip
8 seats
4 doors
Gas (Premium)
19 MPG
White, spacious SUV seats 8 comfortably (has 3rd row seat).
Leather seats, cold, cold air conditioning, and power seats, and windows. The car also comes with a nice Bose system, Bluetooth, AUX, sunroof, and many other features of comfort. Car drives EXCELLENT and has been very well maintained. You'll enjoy using this vehicle. Suitable for families, and small groups.
  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Heated seats
  • Sunroof
Parking details
Car will be parked in airport parking. Customer will be reimbursed parking fee. On a case by case basis, the car can be arranged to be delivered to customer's location. Same for drop off.
Delivery details
Car will be parked at the airport, and customer will be reimbursed for parking fees.
On a case by case basis, I can arrange to have car delivered to your location.
Thank you for choosing the Mazda CX9 for your Turo trip rental here on Oahu. This car is being rented as a used, casual, family style vehicle. I kindly ask that you keep that in mind. The following are some guidelines that will make your Turo rental more pleasant:
1) Please contact me at least 1 to 2 days upon arrival so that we may arrange pick up and drop off details. The pick up options are a) the car will be at the airport in a designated stall or b) I can arrange for the car to be delivered to your location. It will be on a situational, case-by case basis. Drop off will be the same.
2) I ask that you please respect the rules of the road and be mindful of NO PARKING, TOW ZONE areas, times, and the SPEED LIMIT. If you receive tickets you must pay them IMMEDIATELY!!! If not, you will incur additional court, and collection fees. If the car is towed. Please contact me ASAP, because I will need to go and get the car and a fee of $50 (in addition to the towing fee) will be charged to you.
3) Please call Turo's roadside assistance number at 1-866-735-2901 for towing, jump start service, tire changes, etc. If a mechanical issue happens that will intefere with the safety or driveability of the car, there may be a possibilty for me to give you a replacement vehicle (if available). If I am unable to do so, your Turo reservation will be immediately cancelled, and the rest of your rental/trip fee will be refunded.
4) The car will be given to you with a full tank of gas and must be returned with a full tank of gas. If the car is returned with less than a full tank, you will be charged the difference to fill the car up.
5) This vehicle is NOT to be used for any OFF-ROAD, or extremely MUDDY, GRAVEL-FILLED, SANDY, RED DIRT, or any other dangerous, and or difficult terrains. It is strictly for casual, and leisure driving.
6) Please be VERY mindful of how you track sand into the car. Too much sand is difficult to come out, and you will spend a lot of money on extra vaccuuming. I suggest clearly rinsing off thoroughly after visiting the beach. Almost EVERY major beach on Oahu has showers. It is also best to simply go to a reputable, local car wash to have the car cleaned professionally before returning the vehicle or you can utilize a gas station with a car wash, and vaccuum the car out yourself.
7) Please limit excessive eating, drinking, and leaving trash in the car. Oahu is very humid, and ROACHES will come out of the woodwork very quickly. Again, the car will be given to you clean, and should be returned in the same condition. A cleaning fee (depending on the damage) will be charged to you if the car is returned with excessive trash, sand, or dirty.
8) Please inquire if you need a booster seat. I DO NOT offer a car seat. If you need a car seat, please bring your own.
9) The Turo rental can only be picked up at the DESIGNATED time. It will not be released earlier due to contractual, and insurance stipulations. If the Turo rental is returned late, you will be charged an additonal fee of $50 per hour by Turo. It is best to try and book another day with Turo if you know that you will be late by more than 10 minutes. Please contact me if you think that you might need to return the car late.
10) PLEASE use ONLY 92 Octane gas in the car and leave the receipt(s) in the designated envelope in the glove compartment. If you do not use 92 Octane in the vehicle, you will be responsible for the damage that using the incorrect gas will cause.
11) NO PETS are allowed in the car. You will be charged an additional damage fee if pets are found to be transported in the vehicle.
12) Lastly, ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING is allowed in the vehicle at ANY TIME! This is a smokefree vehicle. You will be charged an additional cleaning fee by Turo if you smoke in the car.
Thank you for reading these guidelines.

Please email or text me when you book your Turo trip to let me know that you have read, and agree to these guidelines.

Please enjoy the MAZDA CX9 for your Turo trip.
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Car location
Honolulu, HI 96819
Honolulu International Airport