Honda Element Rental in Orlando, FL | Turo
Honda Element2005
4 trips
$ 26
per day
The car
Honda Element
4 trips
4 seats
4 doors
21 MPG
*Clean Car*

What if I don't clean the car if I received it cleaned?
You will be assessed a $10 cleaning fee. If detailing required you will be charged $50.
What happens if I need more time or more days?
Please request an extension using the "modify trip" button on your reservation page.

How does delivery work?
The delivery fee is what you pay to have the vehicle delivered to your address. It includes delivery and pickup at the specified address.

How do tolls work?
There is a toll transponder on the car. Use it by simply taking a FL tollroad and take the SunPass/EZ-Pass lanes. -Any tolls incurred during your trip will be requested at the end of your trip via app. Simply take the on tollroads. - You will get a discount from the posted rates and save time especially during peak times :) -Do NOT bring your own mobile toll transponder/ pay coins/cash as you will be double-charged.

Airport valet $80 MCO (drop off-arrival, pickup-departure)
Pickup and bring you to the car $15 plus .75 per mile
NO SMOKING - $40 fee
  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Bike rack
Car location
Orlando, FL 32826
Orlando International Airport
Tampa International Airport
Daytona Beach International Airport
Orlando Sanford International Airport
Melbourne International Airport
Lakeland Linder Regional Airport