Honda CR-V Rental in Denver, CO | Turo
Honda CR-V2012
130 trips
$ 38
per day
The car
Honda CR-V
130 trips
5 seats
4 doors
Gas (Regular)
26 MPG
Please read the full Delivery, Guidelines, and FAQ sections of this page prior to booking. When renting, you agree to all terms outlined here and at

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Thanks for checking out our Honda CR-V! We are excited to assist with your trip to Colorado. We offer FREE airport remote pickups and parking when flying into DEN.
  • Automatic transmission
  • Audio input
  • All-wheel drive
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Toll pass
  • Snow tires or chains
  • Sunroof
  • Rear camera
  • Remote
Delivery details
Pick up the vehicle at your convenience at the official shuttle lots of Denver International Airport:

1) Complete your booking and install the Turo app.
2) We message you details and next steps.
3) 24 hours before the trip starts, upload two Trip Photos of your ID and face. See
4) 1-24 hours before your pickup, we inspect and park the car.
5) When you land in Denver, check Turo messages for the exact parking location.
6) Follow the instructions in the Turo app to take photos of the starting condition of the car.
7) Doors automatically unlock as you arrive, with the key inside.
Unlike a traditional rental car service, Turo policy states that you must return the car as clean as it was delivered. We like to think of this as the "campsite rule" - leave the campsite as good or better as you found it, so the next camper may enjoy.

This doesn't mean you need to return the car spotless! Most of our renters avoid any and all cleaning fees by taking the time to use a vacuum to tidy up any dust, dirt, or debris left inside. While our main concern is with messes on the inside, excessive dirt on the outside will need to be taken care of with a quick gas station or self serve wash. In some cases due to weather or time, we may have to deliver the car to you with some dust on the exterior. In those cases we will provide options to forgo an exterior wash.

Absolutely no tobacco, marijuana, liquid, etc smoking or vaping in the vehicle. Violators will be pursued for up to the full extent of Turo's $250 smoking fine. We are forced to utilize professional ozone decontamination when this occurs.

In order to have access to our messages and be able to upload the required pickup/return photos, you will need to have the Turo app installed on your smartphone. All communications and trip extensions are done in the app or Turo website.

Due to unknown allergies of other renters, and the fact that pet hair is a pain to remove, please crate your pets.

If you're running behind and can't refill the tank, just let us know please. We will then request reimbursement for the cost of gas plus an $8 refill fee.

See FAQ entries for more details. All of our vehicles come equipped with a toll transponder on the windshield. No booths to stop at or change to gather. After the trip ends, we'll check what toll roads were used and request reimbursement.

Please visit for official documentation.
Why do I have to send you two photos of my ID and face?
Turo's liability insurance requires that we verify your drivers license before handing over the keys. You MUST complete the process described by Turo between 1-24 hours before the trip starts, or the reservation may be cancelled as a no-show:
How does free airport parking work?
Each car comes with a dedicated debit card. When you exit the parking lot at DIA, you'll use this card to provide payment. When this happens, we get a spending alert letting us know you have the car and are on your way.
What does "remote pickup" mean?
Instead of waiting in line at a counter, or on a late/forgetful owner at the curb, you pick up the car when you're ready. We will not be there to meet you in person. Instead, we provide the location of the car via Turo messages, and you pick it up from the shuttle lot like a local who's flying home!
What if I'm running late for my pickup? Can I pick the car up early?
Flight delays are common, and no problem. The car will remain in the secured airport lot ready and waiting for you. If you arrive early, you will need to first contact Turo support and request a new pickup time. Reservation change fees may apply. The car will not be accessible until shortly before the reserved trip start time.
Where do I find the shuttles to the parking lot?
Shuttles run every 5-7 minutes, 24 hours a day. Head to baggage claim on level 5 of the main terminal. Go out the doors next to the bag claim machines and cross to island 3. There will be blue and white shuttles that read Pikes Peak and Mt Elbert on the front.
Are snow tires available?
Snow tires are installed on the vehicle from November through mid-April each year.
What toll roads exist?
The Denver area has two types of toll roads: Toll-only and Express Lanes. Toll-only roads include E470 near the airport, and NW Parkway between Denver and Boulder. Express lanes are available in some portions of I-25, I-70, and US-36. These lanes have a fluctuating cost for toll use, or are free if the car contains 3 or more occupants. To use the HOV free option with the required number of passengers, change the transponder on the windshield from the yellow "TOLL" text to the red "HOV" text via the slider. Incorrect usage will be fined by the toll authority and passed on.
Can I pick up or return the car to a custom location?
Sorry, all vehicle pickups and returns are done at Denver International Airport.
What happens if I encounter minor damage like a windshield rock chip or flat tire?
Renters are responsible for small problems like tires and glass. For chips, we have a great glass guy who repairs most small issues for $30, payable after the fix. For tires, we have TireRack warranties on most models. While renters are responsible for costs, we work with you to make it as economical as possible.
Car location
Denver, CO 80249
Denver International Airport