Chevrolet Tahoe Rental in Commerce City, CO | Turo
Chevrolet Tahoe2013
19 trips
$ 100
per day
The car
Chevrolet Tahoe
19 trips
7 seats
5 doors
Gas (Regular)
19 MPG
This highly customized vehicle has...
- police suspension
- 130db train horn
- carbon fiber interior
- Android 6 stereo,
- leather 2nd and 3rd row
interior and exterior led running lights
- LED projector headlights
- towing mirrors
- custom floor mats
- 22" TV
- tablet with unlimited data, wifi hitspot, and chromecast to the tv
- digital camo wrap that gets more attention than a ferrari.
- interior is completly remodeled with escalade or custom trim
- slotted and drilled brakes
- 22" chrome wheels
- chrome skulls and carbon fiber everywhere
- optional 60" cargo rack(holds 2 huge suitcases or 1 big one and 6 medium ones)
- optional ski rack(4 snowboards or 4 sets of skis)
- optional bike rack(2 bikes)
- can mount both the carrier and rack at same time

Her name is Becky and she promises to make your vacation special.

There is an aux cord, USB Jack's, outlets, and the stereo, the tablet take mini SD cards.
The stereo also accepts up to 4 usb sticks and you can control it from the back seat by using an app on the tablet.

The tv has chromecast and most phones and computers can stream video to it. Theres games on the tablet and stereo and a sega genesis for retro fun.

I just drove 10,000 miles of Uber in heavy snow in the Breckinridge area and I am able to say that Becky outmatched all the local talent. I was always able to drive the speed limit (when not obstructed by inferior vehicles/drivers) even though I didn't see pavement the entire time. Precise and smooth handling on snowy uphill curves were a given. She took the 15mph hairpins at 30. I do not recommend you try this if you don't normally drive a vehicle this size in these conditions, but if you drive nicely and leave the 4x4 set to auto, you are almost guaranteed to have no troubles in any conditions.

Becky is no shrinking violet. Her interior is pretty well dirt proofed by the vinyl wrap, floor mats mud flaps, and leather seats, so you can just enjoy your travels instead of worrying if you are going to destroy her beauty.

I get new parts and gadgets weekly, so by the time you get behind the wheel, it's a sure thing that there will be new features for you to enjoy. Im currently replacing the doors panels with leather escalade panels and wrapping the rest of the interior in carbon fiber. After that... she's getting a brain ;)

Becky is a one of a kind continually evolving concept vehicle. I have never gotten so much joy out of a vehicle and I'm sure she will add to your vacation experience in a myriad of ways. Please understand how much love has gone into this vehicle and treat her with the respect she deserves.

She seats 6 comfortably. The back can hold 2 duffels or backpacks and a large suitcase can fit between the seats of the second row.

If you each have 2 large suitcases plus carry on, 4 people is probably it.
  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • Bike rack
  • Ski rack
  • All-wheel drive
  • Long-term car
  • Bluetooth
  • Pet friendly
  • USB input
  • Toll pass
  • Snow tires or chains
  • Directv
  • Tablet
  • Electrical outlets
  • Phone holder
  • Programmable accent lighting
  • 7gb wifi hotspot
  • Train Horn
  • Back up alarm
  • Carbon fiber
  • Leather Captains chairs
  • Towing mirrors
  • Dual 1/4" hitch
  • Sass
  • Jump starter
Parking details
There is always parking within a block of here and if you are cool with it, I'll come get you and you drop me off, and we can waive the delivery fee. Just contact me in advance and we can work out just about anything.
Delivery details
I'll pick you up at 6th floor of DIA or meet you anywhere reasonable. Message me if you want to work something out.

I'll give you a discount if you can pick me up and drop me off and I don't need to involve a second person in the delivery option.
I always deliver the car clean and detail her if I have time. Please return her clean. If you cannot, I will add a $40 cleaning fee as I generally burn $15 on the wash and an hour to do it. You dont need to make it perfect, but make it nice enough that I could go drive Uber after picking her up. ;)

If you vape in the car, I expect you to clean the inside of the windshield, as it leaves a film that is blinding at night.

If you need extra miles or any special considerations, let me know. Im willing to go the extra mile to make your trip awesome.

If you have leftover things you got in colorado that cant go home with you, just leave them in the car. I'll make sure they find a good home. Conversely, if you need me to go to the store for you in advance, just ask, and I'll be your concierge. I'm an expert in local brews, herbs, and foods.
What do we do if we cant wait to meet you for retirning the car?
Leave an appropriate amount of cash in the console, park it in the ramp, and leave the keys on top of the driver side front tire.
I don't want to fly with all sorts of gear, but I want to camp. Can you help?
If you need anything at all, just hit me up in advance and I'll try to source stuff for you locally at a reasonable rate so you don't have to fly with it. I'm certain I can provide most items at less cost than luggage would be.
Car location
Commerce City, CO 80022
Denver International Airport
Colorado Springs Airport
Fort Collins-Loveland Airport
Up to 20 miles
Free delivery for trips of 5 days or longer