Tesla Model X Rental in San Jose, CA | Turo
Tesla Model X2016
30 trips
$ 224
per day
The car
Tesla Model X
30 trips
6 seats
5 doors
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OUR BRAND NEW Metallic Titanium Tesla Model X w/FULL-SELF DRIVING Capability and ENHANCED AUTO PILOT 2.0 - NOW ACTIVE up to 80mph, AMAZING FOR TRAFFIC!!

DISCOUNTED PRICING for a limited time only!

Yes, this is the FIRST X Enhanced Auto Pilot 2.0 with Full Self-Driving Capability upgrades! Most Tesla showrooms don't even have this model for test drive yet.

SUPERCHARGING - FREE TRAVEL ANYWHERE (no gas, no charging costs!)
All Wheel Drive!
6 Seat Configuration
Tan Leather
ENHANCED AUTO PILOT 2.0 (Auto Steering, Lane Keeping and speed control. Auto Parking and SUMMON!)
LTE connectivity all the time with Internet Radio, Google maps with live traffic and Navigation),
GPS Enabled Air Suspension
Falcon Wing Doors + more!

This car is amazing to drive and a sheer pleasure. Safest and most exhilarating car I have ever owned!

Car will be given washed and clean. HAND WASH only prior to return or a $25 fee will be applied to the reservation.

My car has the 75kw battery pack and motor along with FREE supercharging allowing you to reach any destination with ease! The charging of the battery per charge is limited to 60kw (approx 200 miles per charge) but you can still go anywhere in a day, LA to SF, SF to Reno, SF to Vegas, No problem! with supercharging it will automatically create you long distance route and supercharge the car to the level needed to reach the next supercharger in your trip.

Car will have at least 50 miles of range (usually more) to allow to start your trip to anywhere! Going farther than 50 miles in your first day? There are 4 super chargers in all directions on the way to anywhere. YES included is supercharging for FREE in minutes.

With our delivery service we will pick you up curbside in our car. We ask the traveler to give us a ride home once he/she is picked up.

You can upgrade to valet service for SFO but must be scheduled in advance. You'll be able to pickup and dropoff direct at the SFO Turo lot.

  • Automatic transmission
  • Hybrid
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • All-wheel drive
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Snow tires or chains
  • Heated seats
  • Sunroof
  • Must be age 30+ to rent
Delivery details
Renter Agrees:

1. We require the renter provide us a ride home to San Jose for all curbside pickups. (the renter may drive us home in the Tesla or send an uber/lyft for us)
2. We require the renter upon return, provide us a ride back to the delivery location. (the renter may pick us up at home in the Tesla or send an uber/lyft for us)
3. For SFO: Renter may choose to upgrade to Turo Valet service. The cost to the renter is $25 plus the cost for us to uber/lyft to the airport valet lot and back in addition to the standard delivery fee.
Renter Agrees:

1. Smoking, pets, eating, are NOT allowed inside the car.
2. Renter is responsible for a minimum $200 cleaning fee, if there is any smoke smell, evidence of pets or other foul smell detected upon return.
3. Renter is financially responsible for any wear and tear during the rental period.
4. Return of car with same EV range, Charging fee $10/per “quarter tank” of charge if returned with less range.
5. Excess miles charged at $1.25/mi
6. HAND WASH only prior to return or a $25 fee will be applied to the reservation.
Car location
San Jose, CA 95135
San Francisco International Airport
Oakland International Airport
Mineta San Jose International Airport
Monterey Peninsula Airport
Stockton Metropolitan Airport
Modesto City-County Airport
Up to 25 miles
Free delivery for trips of 5 days or longer