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Audi Q7 2014

TDI Prestige quattro
78 trips
26 MPG
4 doors
7 seats

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Audi Q7 SUV Quattro all wheel drive This is not your average econobox but rather a powerful German Luxury SUV. Original sale price of over $70k. My Audi is available for pick up or drop off 24 hours a day. • 23 mpg city and 30 mpg highway! ⛽️ • Powerful Turbo Diesel V6 with 428 lbs/ft of torque for instant get up and go 🏋🏻 • All wheel drive to handle the rain or snowy mountains 🌧⛄️🗻 • Full glass panoramic roof 🌅 • 14-way heated/cooled power seats. ♨️💺 • Spacious reclining second row seats, Fold flat third row seats (room for up to 7 passengers) • Motorized LED headlights ⚡️ • Side blind spot monitoring 👀 • Keyless push button start • Backup camera with parking sensors 🚸 • Front and rear USB chargers, iPhone & Android charging cables 📲 • Bose stereo & subwoofer with bluetooth cell phone connectivity 🔊 🎶 • Power liftgate 🚙 • Automatic toll set up • Audi MMI GPS and navigation 🗺 All insurance and maintenance is included! You only pay for fuel which is cheap because it’s a diesel. ** One review mentioned the brake pads were squeaking and the air conditioner would drip water if you ran it for long hours. The brake pads and rotors have been replaced and the air conditioning has been serviced and will not be an issue to anyone renting my Audi. Also I replaced the front skid plate that a renter ripped off in some deep snow. The Audi is now ready for any deep snow adventures! ** Check with your current car insurance policy as you may already have rental car coverage and be able to forgo any extra premium insurance through Turo. This Audi Q7 has all the room and power you'll need for your next Tahoe ski adventure, camping adventure, Yosemite, road trip to Vegas, a trip to Southern California, Canada, Mexico, the beach or simply to drive around the bay. Want to head up to Tahoe for the ski season? You must have an all wheel drive vehicle or snow chains/snow tires to legally drive up the snowy mountain in the winter. This Audi will easily climb right up the snowy mountain roads with its Quattro all wheel drive and all season tires. No need to mess around with any loud snow chains, Just grab all your stuff and bring your family or up to 6 friends for a great getaway trip. With the parking sensors and backup camera, you can carry 6-7 people and pile all your bags to the roof if needed. Drop the 3rd row seat flat and you will have enough room to carry multiple large suitcases, duffle bags, ski equipment, snowboards, camping gear, a cooler with ice for drinks/snacks, and still comfortably seat up to 5 people. The turbo-diesel engine is very smooth and has incredible torque (428lbs/torque. This is as much as a 1 ton pickup truck!) while still getting up to 30 mpg on the highway. Great visibility because you drive higher than almost anyone on the road. Lots of room to stretch out, even if you're only driving with 1 other person. Even for its huge size, this german engineered SUV is surprisingly easy and fun to drive. Front and rear parking sensors and a backup camera make parking a breeze. Stylish, powerful, and spacious this Audi is ready for your next adventure. Longer rentals up to 3 months are welcome. Check out my other cars on Turo! First time Turo renters, use this link to receive $25 off your first rental. 🚭 Absolutely no smoking. This includes your passengers. 🚭


Automatic transmission
Audio input
All-wheel drive
Long-term car
Pet friendly
USB input
Toll pass
Snow tires or chains
Heated seats
Motorized rear hatch
Rear seat climate controls
Full power panoramic sunroof
Front and rear parking sensors
Blind spot assist
Backup camera
Keyless push button ignition
Motorized LED headlights
Technology package
DVD player function


Within 5 minutes of booking your rental, you will automatically receive a link to my Google Docs rental guide with easy to follow directions about pickup/drop off and how to operate some of the Audi's features. Sorry, but I do not offer delivery at this time. You will pick up the Audi will a full tank of fuel. At the end of your trip, please refuel the Audi with diesel fuel (there is a diesel fuel station right nearby the pickup/drop off location), take it through any automatic car wash and spend about 15 minutes to throw away any trash, drink cups, receipt and quickly vacuum the floor-mats. There is a 24 hour Shell station with an automatic car wash with a coin operated vacuums about 1/2 mile away from the pickup/drop off location that cost $11. If you rented for 2 days or less OR you drove less than 500 miles, the car wash is not required. Follow these simple rules and you will avoid the $100 Turo cleaning fee. Pets are OK! Just make sure to vacuum up any pet hairs at the end of your trip. No smoking at any time, this includes your passengers.


  • I've never driven a Diesel car before. How is this compared to a regular gasoline vehicle?
    Good question. If you have never driven a modern high tech Audi diesel than you're in for a great driving experience! This SUV drives just like a regular gasoline car except it has TONS of low end power for effortless acceleration. With 420 ft/lbs of torque, this is more powerful than many 1 ton pick up trucks! It also get amazing MPG! Way higher than a gasoline engine. I have personally gotten over 30 mpg on the highway.
  • How many miles can I drive on my rental?
    Regular rentals have a 400 miles per day limit. UNLIMITED miles for rentals 1 week or longer.
  • Are there any special steps when refueling it with diesel fuel?
    There are no extra steps when refueling. Just only use Diesel fuel. Close to half of all gas stations carry diesel fuel. To check to see if the station has diesel just look for the GREEN Diesel fuel price sign and the GREEN diesel fuel pump handles. Fill the Audi up just like any regular gasoline car but only use the GREEN fuel pump handles and you're good to go! Its that simple! After driving a modern high tech diesel with its more powerful engine and better MPG, you will wonder why you have been driving a gasoline engine this whole time.
  • Can I bring my pets along?
    Absolutely! Bring all your furry friends along!! Just make sure to vacuum up any pet hairs from the carpet and seats prior to returning the car.
  • I want to go with my friends up to Tahoe or Yosimite. Will this car work well?
    Yes! This audi is smooth and comfortable for up to 7 people to travel to any destination. It has Quattro all wheel drive so no need for snow chains if there is snow on the ground. You can even pile your belongings to the roof in the rear hatch if needed because you have a back up camera and parking sensors. Drop the 3rd row seat and you can easily carry multiple suitcases/ski equipment/etc and have enough space for 3 passengers on the 2nd row seat.
  • Can I pair my bluetooth cellphone to the Audi when I pick up the car? Any guides on how to operate the features?
    Absolutely! Simply refer to the "Audi quick start guide" for directions. You will be able to listen to music from your phone, and hear driving directions through the Bose stereo if you are using you cell phone for directions.
  • Do you have any videos of how to operate some of the advanced Audi's features?
  • I need to pick up a car today. Is picking your Audi up in an hour too short of a notice?
    Absolutely not! If the schedule is not already reserved, you can book and pick up this Audi as soon as you make your reservation. I keep it ready to rent at all times, even on short notice.
  • Can I park my car on the street during the rental times?
    Yes. There is almost always open parking during the day. but after about 4pm, it can be harder to find a spot. Also, the first Thursday of each month has street cleaning.
  • Can I have a family member/friend drive during the rental?
    Yes, simply follow the steps to get additional drivers approved for during your rental times.
  • Can i use a car seat/booster during the rental?
    Of course! The Audi is like all modern vehicles since 2002 and has the LATCH system for easy install and adjustment. There are enough attachment points to secure up to 4(!) car seats while still leaving enough room for 3 adults, (ear plugs optional)
  • Do you have any snow chains/cables i can use during the rental if the local authorities require them? Such as traveling to Tahoe or Yosemite?
    Yes I have snow cables in excellent condition for all 4 tires in the rear hatch. The Audi has made it through some serious snow fall without any sort of cables/chains due to its fancy quattro all wheel drive. But if they are required by the local authorities, you will be covered.
  • Can I eat food/snacks in the Audi?
    Of course! If you spill anything just make sure to clean it up / dry it up before returning the Audi.
  • If I do have to put on snow chains/cables during the rental, are they hard to install? I have never put a set on a car/truck before.
    They are not difficult to install, they just take a minute for each tire. Like all snow chains/cables, they can only be used when there is snow on the road, and you can only travel up to 30 mph while you have them on. This is why driving a all wheel drive vehicle is so useful in the winter as you really do not need them unless your driving in extremely deep snow such as 1 foot or deeper. My Audi has been to Tahoe multiple times in the winter snow and so far no one has needed them on any rental, even in some very deep winter snow due to its fancy Quattro system and high ground clearance.


69 ratings

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Turo-May 16, 2019

Great rental experience. Would highly recommend!

Anamitra B.-Apr 27, 2019

Awesome experience, prompt communication, etc.

Claudia C.-Apr 17, 2019

Great vehicle for long distance traveling, we took it to LA and it was extremely comfortable, very good on fuel as TDI vehicles usually are. it was spacious as well, thank you Gregory for the lovely experience.

Niu D.-Mar 21, 2019

This was my first time using Turo and it couldn't have been easier thanks to Gregory. The picking up and dropping off was super easy and convenient but really weird at first. Taking pics of a random car parked on the street was a little weird because there were a couple people around, but oh well, it worked out in the end lol. The Audi was great and it was perfect for our trip to Tahoe. Although on the way we didnt even get checked for chains or 4x4 which was the reason we picked his Audi because it has everything we needed, but either way I was glad I rented it. The only bad thing I have to say, is that it was really dirty on the outside when picking up, and I spent about 10 mins after getting home to clean all the windows because they were pretty bad. So I didn't feel like i needed to wash it once I returned it, but I did anyways. There is also a very visible streak that will not go away on the driver side, that you will see during your entire trip. Also a word of advice, there is a car wash that he mentions that you should go to, well it seemed like everyone had the same idea for the same car wash because it took me 45 mins to wash it and there was only 5 cars in line, so I suggest that you go anywhere else to save time and piece of mind. I wouldn't mind spending a couple more bucks to avoid that car wash. But the app was super easy to use, the car was very nice and I would recommend anyone to rent from gregory in the future

Jason G.-Mar 19, 2019

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