Tesla Model X Rental in San Francisco, CA | Turo
Tesla Model X2016
90 trips
$ 159
per day
The car
Tesla Model X
90 trips
6 seats
4 doors
Free valet parking in downtown SF! Unlimited free supercharging. This car is an absolute delight to drive. Perfect for touring the bay area, a trip up into the mountains, the beach, or even Big Sur. Easily fits six people.

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Get seamless pickup and drop-off from the airport, or pick up the car from its dedicated 24/7 valet parking spot in downtown SF, a few blocks from BART! If you're staying in the city, rental of the car includes unlimited in/out privileges with valet parking and free charging. That way you won't have to worry about finding parking while you're in the city!

About the Car

Thomas the Tesla is a gleaming, fully loaded, zero emissions, 4WD, all-electric space pod. Well, it won't take you to space yet. But, it's truly like driving the future. It's mind blowing to feel the instantaneous torque of the dual electric motors silently catapult you to 60 MPH in 4.8 seconds.

Range: 259 miles
0-60 MPH: 4.8 seconds
All-wheel drive
Massive "big sky" windshield that extends all the way above your head
Fully electric
Unlimited 4G LTE connection - stream songs, stations, and podcasts from the 17" center touchscreen
Voice control
Self-parking - both parallel and perpendicular spots
Auto headlights, auto high beams, adaptive during turns
Automated front doors, falcon wing (Delorean) doors, and trunk
Upgraded sound system
Integrated Google Maps navigation with turn-by-turn directions and map display integrated in dash
Free, unlimited Supercharging (charge up to 300 miles/hour for free, available along every major road and interstate)
Heated seats
Smart air suspension

Even more mind blowing is letting the Model X drive itself autonomously through traffic jams and down the interstate at 80 MPH. It steers itself beautifully, will bring itself to a full stop, start again when traffic moves, and keep itself firmly planted in your lane. It also changes lanes for you after checking traffic in the adjacent lane. Cover hundreds of miles without needing to steer, brake, or accelerate.

Since Thomas is brand new, please no smoking or pets.

I'm happy to walk you through all the features and introduce you to the car. However, it's surprisingly intuitive and easy to get used to. My fiancé is terrified of cruise control. She started letting the Tesla drive for her on Day 2! It's that good.
  • Automatic transmission
  • GPS
  • Audio input
  • All-wheel drive
  • Long-term car
  • Bluetooth
  • USB input
  • Toll pass
  • Heated seats
  • Sunroof
  • Must be age 30+ to rent
  • Parking assist
  • Leather seats
  • Rearview camera
Parking details
The car is parked in a 24/7 luxury valet garage.
Delivery details
San Francisco Airport (SFO) Delivery

Usually, we will use Turo Valet and you'll get seamless delivery of the car from Turo when you land at the airport! Simply drop off with the Turo valet staff at SFO Aloft Hotel when returning the MX.

FREE San Francisco valet parking access with FREE charging

For pickup, the car has 24/7 valet parking in downtown San Francisco. You'll simply use an authorization code to pick up the car from the valet at your convenience, and return it when you're done!

Please contact me if you'd like to use the valet parking at 8 10th Street, San Francisco, CA. It's a 24/7 staffed valet garage at the NEMA Luxury Tower. You may come and go with the car, and they will charge it for you while it's parked. This works great to get a full charge overnight if you're staying nearby Union Square or SOMA.

I suggest tipping your valet driver. They're good guys.
Please no pets or smoking. Return the Model X in the condition you got it in or better! This is a very expensive vehicle, and your assistance in keeping it in good condition is really appreciated.
Do I need to charge the Tesla before I return it?
No! Your "full tank" of 90kWh is included in the price of the rental. Just be sure not to return it with less than 10% battery. A $10 convenience fee will apply for the time it takes to recharge after your return. Feel free to charge it before you return it, and the fee will be waived.
What if I need to charge the Tesla?
When you pick up the car, it will be charged above 80% with approximately 240-260 miles of EPA-rated range. This varies dramatically based driving style and conditions. However, this will be sufficient for most people's needs. If you need to charge, simply use the Tesla's built-in navigation system to find the nearest Supercharger. Tesla now tells you how many spots are available. Simply park, plug in the car, and hang out or walk around. Superchargers are typically placed next to amenities like Whole Foods, cafes, coffee shops, etc. It's a nice change for a little picnic. The Superchargers are free to use and included with the car. You will get up to 300 miles of range per hour of charging, so you typically only need to charge for 20-40 minutes. Alternatively, there are charging adapters in the trunk. You may plug the car into any wall outlet, 240V ("dryer") outlet, or to any public charging station, such as Chargepoint. Charging will be at a much slower rate, but this works well for overnight parking.
Will the Tesla be charged when I get it?
Yes! You will have approximately 90kWh of electricity, which will get you up to 259 miles of range. Note that battery performance is better when the battery is charged to 90% rather than 100%, so it typically won't be completely full. Charge as needed. Otherwise, feel free to return the car depleted, so long as it isn't below 10%. No need to charge it before you return the car - the "full tank" of electricity is on me! Superchargers are also free. This will save you $10-25 a day in gas! A $10 convenience fee applies for the downtime while it charges after your return.
Car location
San Francisco, CA 94103
San Francisco International Airport
Oakland International Airport
Up to 15 miles
Free delivery for trips of 5 days or longer